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      LMSW, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Phys Trainer, teaches self-defense; retired Navy Special Ops
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      Mack...? Current whereabouts and fate unknown.
      New York, NY
      Kai is taller than average but not exceptionally so; barely dusting over six feet. Despite his gently imposing stature, he always appears warm and confident with a quick smile and a playful glitter to his eyes. Preferably, he wears dark tees, a black Navy pea coat, a black knit cap, simple jeans and black boots. When he's working, he wears a casual suit with no tie that gravitates toward fall palette neutral colors. He is the epitome of a casual, confident soul and works very hard to appear as such.

      Hair is dark brown, when long it curls slightly, when short it's often vertical due to its thickness. He can be either clean shaven or with a slight scruff depending on his mood and lunar time. Eyes are deep green, rimmed in hazel and hooded underneath unusually expressive eyebrows. Upper and lower jaw have strangely pronounced canines- an oddity that was present even before the Resonance.

      Moving gracefully at his height he is also extraordinarily fit, purposefully keeping his weight down to maximize speed and agility. He has a multitude of scars without rhyme or reason: several bullet holes on his right arm and shoulder, a clip in his eyebrow and on the bow of his top lip, a slightly nicked left ear, a stab wound on his left kidney and a plethora of small scars around his hands and knuckles. He also has a slight divot in his right collarbone. He has no fingerprints.
      To the casual observer, Kai seems a calm and collected fashionable Brit whose slight Welsh accent is often mistaken for an English one. In truth, he struggles fiercely with control. Kai was born, bred, raised, trained and damaged in the former American Special Operations. He was an exceedingly faithful lion on a leash; unquestioning, meticulous and thorough in his execution of assignments. Orderly. Controlled. He paid a tremendous price. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, clinical PTSD and Dependent Personality Disorder now litter his consciousness. Kai lacks empathy, a serious symptom of his PTSD. Now, he battles a painful polarity over his need for order and service, and the emotionally charged sensuality to hostility in his L-infected new body. Every day is a conscious fight to find his humanity. The antagonism of his personality is staggering, constantly searching for for calm equilibrium.

      On one end of the spectrum, Kai is a master of finite control over himself and his faults. He is able to effectively and gently blend into his surroundings, always cordial and warm in public. He has taken his specialized skills and is attempting to use them for a purpose other than destructive order; becoming educated in clinical psychology and psychiatry. Kai’s interest has been honed to assist in the struggle of the new society to live in a post-Resonance world; particularly effective in counseling the altered, victims of abuse, addicts and violent offenders. His chosen profession has a greater purpose for him; he is trying to reacquaint himself with a human, civilian world and relearn empathy. He is learning to copy normal behavior, and be at peace with his new body.

      On the other end, Lycanthropy burns his blood- to those that study him a bit more closely there is a chilling darkness under the surface that hovers in his presence. Angry he wasn't strong enough to avoid infection, he has developed a terrible self-hatred of his fate and is very quick to snap at anyone he deems a threat. If they are inconsequential, physical violence suffices. If they can hurt him socially in some way, he will deal for the time being and take care of them later on his own terms. As a human, he felt nothing to kill- discharged for that very fact. His new body however craves attention, touch and violence on his strict terms. The urge to kill now excites him, and the emotion is terrifying. The fear of losing control is constant and crushing.

      Stress over this duality continues to escalate his already psychological points of concern. When alone, Kai will often scrub his fingernails, fingertips and skin until they bleed. He detests bright colors and strong manufactured scents; literally losing the ability to speak due to the over-stimulation of both diseases. The human irritation and infected personalities seem to collide. If stimulated as a human, Kai becomes agitated and dangerously impulsive to physical violence- escalating the closer he gets to the full moon. He satiates this by either training until he can no longer stand, or removing himself early to his monthly safe space out of the city.

      He is sensitive to questions about his past; he simply doesn’t wish to divulge what he did in the name of peace. On the outside, he is a well-adjusted, upstanding member of Post-Resonance society. On the inside, his world is dark, confused, impulsive, feral and emotionally vulnerable; but at his very core he is what he seemed destined to be, a relentless and aggressive hunter.
      Kai lives on the top level of an apartment complex in Inwood decorated exclusively in whites and pale grays. His home reflects his need for quiet order. Walls are white with few decorations or personal items; furnishings are mostly white in a modern and simple style. Bedroom is completely white, not an item out of alignment or order. He enjoys minimalism; everything is elegant, simple, and has a purpose. Every once in a while he will bring in a bright bouquet of flowers, tolerating them as long as he can stand before giving them to the elderly lady across the hall; to which he also buys groceries and keeps an eye on her.

      One of his favorite “normal” possessions is a home theater system, his collection of vintage symphony, classical and art music recordings a distraction that seems to tame the compulsive beast. Bach is able to catch his attention, whereas Chopin seems to calm him. Kai will spend his Saturdays scouring local vintage stores for more recordings he doesn’t have; something he doesn’t yet recognize as a hobby, only a stimuli that seems to make him feel more normal.

      He drives a silver 2009 G-Class Mercedes Utility Vehicle. The truck is always meticulous and well kept, even in the winter months. Inside is his monthly survival pack for his trips into the Appalachians during his shift.

      Most of his service weapons are still in his possession; taking them out once a week to clean. All of his weapons are stored carefully in a floorboard safe under his kitchen table in specialized sleek cases
      -BOW- Mathews Switchback customized to his measurements with adequate arrows and a custom quiver that attaches to his shoulder holster.
      -SNIPER RIFLE- Modified Barrett 82A1 with limited ammunition and specialized optics.
      -2 HANDGUNS- Para USA P-14-45 and carries an extra clip each when he carries. Custom inner pants and shoulder holsters.
      -2 BLADES- Rockstead UN-ZDP Japanese Fixed 5-1/2" Blade, Tetsukon Silk Wrapped Handle with specialized sheaths for his forearm and ankle.

      He has one plant, a beautiful African Violet he calls "Sophia". He found it tipped over and in atrocious shape when he moved in and has taken care of it ever since, nursing it into an impressive specimen with the help of Mrs. Kolcheck; the elderly lady across the hall. Kai has no idea why he calls it Sophia, only that the name stirs a distinct warm tickle in his brain.

      LMSW Office in Inwood, leases a Physical and Occupational Therapy treatment studio several nights a week in the same building for his classes. Kai becomes viciously feral, sexually possessive and protective several days before the full moon. Senses begin to enhance and his emotional state wildly fluctuates; blood, pheromones and strong scents increase the irritability. He always runs his self-defense classes in three week cycles to avoid the week surrounding his shift. Since his students are mostly women, he chooses to remove himself from their proximity until he recovers; retreating monthly to his safe space in the Pennsylvanian Appalachians until it passes.

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