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More than 10 years after the Resonance Event.... our fractured world has found its new "normal" stride.
Survival is no longer the name of the game - now its all about power - who has it - who can keep it.


You are cordially invited to the event of the season. Bakkhos is hosting a winter masquerade.
Did you get your exclusive invite? or are you fighting for the few seats left open to the public?


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    [align=center] Rules | Setting | Wanted Ads | Link Back 5/29 - What's this? Another town has been added with a more fantasy feel. Fantasy races are now also allowed to apply! And of course, all of your favorite fandoms![/align]
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  7. Live your dreams. Dream City, a modern fantasy world that you can only visit when you are in the deepest of sleep. Normally a land where you can explore the innermost parts of your dreams, is being taken over by darkness and your worst nightmares. Prophetic, Sweet, Nightmare and Special Agent Felicity Aisling fight alongside you to save the city and restore balance. Acquire special powers and abilities to help you fight the evil that is taking over. But don’t forget to take a break, explore the different parts of the city and the surrounding areas with your new companions. Dream City RPG allows members to explore their dreams to the fullest extent. Dreamers can join forces and help save the city with their new found powers, abilities, and friends. And don't worry! If you want to roleplay other ideas or fandoms, there is an OOC section just for that! Home | History | The Guardians | OOC
  8. “Pretending to be a wolf is something only one of us should do.” The wicked side eye was accompanied by a rather amused smirk. If he only knew. “I think it would be quite amusing to pretend to be a Capo,” she whispered quietly before taking a drink of her rum. His discard of the mask wasn’t missed; curious as to why he’d done it. Kagami? Kagami was someone she knew about, had never talked to, and didn’t give a shit whether she did or not. The woman had no use to her at the moment, if ever. First the girl at the door, now Kagami. Seems the wolf got around. She was already tired of the party, not sure if anyone really understood how absolutely exhausting it was for her to maintain appearances. The façade would be held for as long as necessary, but it zapped the energy from her. The Viceroy wanted to find a quiet space and watch everyone, not be the center of attention. By herself she could call the shots, being attached to someone made it nearly impossible to do what she wanted without affecting him as well. She was a zoo exhibit, one that couldn’t remove themselves from the audience. It was a terrible place for her to be. She had the patience for it, even then it was still limited. The Sheut wanted to go somewhere quiet; green canopies of trees and silence. Her thoughts had been wandering back almost fifteen years as of late. A simpler time, when the difference between right and wrong was stark and she never forgot who were the good guys. A moment in her life when she'd outgrown the bitterness of her childhood and embraced the success of the present, before everything when to absolute hell. She wanted to go back to it, had thought about it over the silence of her flights down to Megildur. Watching the canopies of green on those long trips gave her the itch to leave New York behind. Eyes floated quietly back to the woman he’d acknowledged on the way in. That would have to be investigated later. She didn’t see any of her people at the moment that she could speak to; merely a whisper from her would send her resources into full investigation mode. The curiosity was gnawing at her but it would have to wait. A slow, aloof sigh was brought in and released, presence quiet and formidable. If anyone thought they were going to make small talk or pump her for information, they were wrong. She would be observant and as visually polite as she felt necessary, for Gallo's sake. It was going to be a long night.
  9. Home | Getting Started | Discord Server | Affiliation Guidelines | Advertisements Fodlan Chronicles is a role-playing forums board based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Focusing on the Garreg Mach Monastery's Officers Academy, Fodlan Chronicles is made up of original characters and follows an original storyline, making it suitable for those who have not experienced the game but are fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre. http://www.fodlan.com/
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  11. Be rich. Be famous. Be royal. Join the glitz and glamour of the real life site set in Monaco. Don't know anything about Monaco? Don't worry we've got you covered with all you need to know in our ‘About Monaco’ section! Come make your own headlines and be rich. Be famous. Or be royal. + Index + Laws + About Monaco + Claims + Requests + Link Back +
  13. INDEX | RULES | PLOT | FACES | SPECIES | WANTEDS | MAGIC | QUICK INFO | ADS [+] 18+ JCINK Premium [+] LGBT and diversity friendly and encouraging [+] No word count, relaxed activity [+] Geared towards adults in school, with jobs, with children, and other real world obligations [+] Character driven, chapter plots change every 4-6 months, new chapters influenced by character actions
  14. PLOT | FACE CLAIM | IMPORTANT LINKS | REQUESTS | ADVERTISE | DISCORD THE SOCIETY What was supposed to be a field trip to occupy the teens of West Ham ended abruptly when a mudslide prevented the buses from pushing forward — but what they found when they returned home was not what they expected. Their families had vanished, and soon it became apparent that they weren’t coming back — the kids would have to survive on their own. With a group of teenagers trying to function as a society, the struggle to find order is only surpassed by the desire to go home — and the hope that they’ll make it out alive. "If you hear this, please come find us."
  15. ♣ HOME ♣ LINK BACK ♣ Black Clover RP is a site created for those who have a love for the Black Clover Anime/Manga. At the site you will be able to create your own character, join a magic knight squad, become a rogue of the kingdom, Join the church of clover, or just be a normal magical citizen. Every month we always have events to keep players busy on top of missions and dungeon you are able to partake in! We also have a site plot that is continuously advancing, so you will be able to help the Kingdom however you see fit. Currently our plot has us exploring the Witch Forest, and learning about some mysterious creatures that are lurking around. Soon, we are going to release the Magic Knight Exams to find promising talent to help us explore the first! We are a small community, but hope to build up a good player base to where we can open up other kingdoms for you to explore. So join us today! ^_^
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  17. HOME | RULES | HOW TO APPLY | DISCORD Imagine being the only Ministry-funded wizarding school in the entire country. Yep, that's right. All the "rejects" who couldn't get into, or afford, prestigious private schools end up at Tallygarunga. It's always been that way, and we're proud of it. Lately, the love-hate relationship between school and Ministry is getting rockier, and that's not all that is going downhill...
  18. MAIN - PLOT - APPLICATIONS - WANTED - ADVERTISE Haven City. Gritty urban sandbox game with character driven plots. No word-counts. Freeform app. Sandbox-style. Minimal rules. 18+.
  19. Tom was keenly aware of the touch on his wrist. He locked eyes with the delicate-seeming viper. A warm smile of gratitude spread across his face as they approached the bar. He was so grateful for her efforts to keep him calm that he almost missed her bristle outside the door. Almost. No doubt she heard what he said at the door. They’d have to have a chat about that…just as soon as he knew what to say about it. "Gaspari thinks he can ask twenty questions, then Gaspari's gonna get bit.” Tom managed to catch Matteo’s eyes as he approached so that he’d be able to make introductions properly between himself and Kagami. Formality was important to her, and he didn’t want to put Matteo in an awkward spot by sneaking up on them. On the way over, Tom noticed that Matteo had the same wolf mask as him. Tom, following Eris’s lead, also removed his mask and held it in the hand of the same arm Eris was on. “Pretending to be a wolf is something only one of us should do.” Tom knelt down and whispered to Eris, clearly indicating Matteo. Truth be told, he wasn’t sure if Kagami would interpret the same mask being worn by two people, one a subordinate to the other, would be a faux-pas or not. He set the mask on a table in passing as they approached. A man sitting at the table looked at the newly appearing mask and looked up at him. Tom nodded quickly and continued leading Eris toward where Matteo was entertaining Kagami.
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    just realized we already have affiliation with you Is the link accurate still - its located at the bottom of our site on all pages.
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    Yes we still do affiliations. I will get yours up later today!
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    Hello there, I'm Care, the Media Maven of Roleplay Evolution. I would like to know if this affiliation is still going on as we have your link upon our affiliation Section along with a little blurb on our Affiliation section on the message board. You can find both here.. https://roleplayevolution.com/evo/pages/affiliations.html https://roleplayevolution.com/forums/index.php?board=236.0
  23. https://www.clanofkraken.com Are you a roleplayer who is also a writer hoping to one day publish a book? Are you a fanficcer who wants to also write their own original content? Do you like to read and just love talking about what you read? CLAN OF KRAKEN is a brand new forum community for adults that hopes to be a home for book nerds and aspiring authors! We're striving to be a fun, friendly, inclusive community where everyone gets to enjoy dorking out over their favorite stories, be they books, fanfiction, or plays or more. We want to support each other's projects and share amazing things we've found. We're currently under a soft open and looking for founding members that are excited about this project and want to help shape it's atmosphere and community! If you feel Clan of Kraken sounds like a great place to make your internet home, feel free to join us and invite your friends. Hope to see you there! <3
  24. DRAGON BALL: BROKEN DESTINY Before there were Super Dragon Balls. Before the multiverse. Before the cosmos was the backdrop for the adventures of Goku and gang, there was a single planet, swarming with adventure. Earth. And before Radditz and the Saiyans brought their brand of evil and announced the existence of the Dragon Balls to the universe, there were myriad of stories, enemies, zany mix ups, victories, losses, humor, and unexplored potential. Where the final battle wasn't the purpose of the story, but the journey was, that's where you'll find Dragon Ball: Broken Destiny. When the Evil King Piccolo tried to take over the world, Muten Roshi sealed him away in a bottle, preventing his evil reign. But what if he didn't? In a world where the Evil Containment Wave failed, and King Piccolo and Master Roshi were mortally wounded, Dragon Ball: Broken Destiny explores what happens in the cracks that became from a world whose story was told differently. What happens when Piccolo Jr. steals a young Gohan, and Radditz saves the day by aiding his brother? What happens when every lost Saiyan was united by a wish on Shenron, no longer lost, scattered, alone, or enslaved? What happens when Kami decides, for the betterment of the universe, that the Dragon Balls should no longer exist? What happens when he makes that decision anyway? The rails of destiny have been destroyed. We live in a time of Broken Destiny. Dragon Ball: Broken Destiny is a semi-literate Role Playing Game which focuses on the Earth and the factions which struggle to control it in the time 400 years after the failed sealing of Piccolo Daimao. You can play anything from your everyday average Earthling who wants to be the greatest martial artist, to a child of Piccolo Daimao, to a descendant of the great warrior race, the Saiyans or a technologically powerful android, or a demon. You can even play an Earth-stranded Tuffle. We’re a player focused, story focused site which aims to tell great adventure stories, have humorous scenes, and revel in the adventure, martial arts, capsule-punk, wuxia masterpiece that is Dragon Ball, before it became a space alien battle manga. Broken Destiny offers a unique, earth-centric perspective, prioritizing the small, local, player driven actions, rewarding your own personal journey to the west and meaningful character development. Leave the comic aliens at the door, come explore a rich, verdant Earth and the cracks that have appeared due to the alterations of history. If an Earth-centric, story focused, player focused Dragon Ball site set 400 years after the fall of Piccolo Daimao interests you? Check us out at: DRAGON BALL: BROKEN DESTINY ! Premise|Timeline|RPG Rulebook|Major Factions|Code of Conduct|Advertise & Affiliate|Discord.
  25. “We are so far beyond second thoughts by now.” Neck bristled, canines prickled at his words, his proximity or the realization of something that had been in the back of her mind; something that didn’t have words or thoughts yet slid in between the plates of her armor. It lingered deep, dark eyes watching him keenly as he straightened and laughed… most certainly no clue what was moving through the Viceroy’s mind at the moment. The sensation was short lived, metaphorical wall back up as they moved past those outside the club. Her façade was tight and brilliantly delivered, even when her escort took pause. Instinct took over, immediately sliding into business mode. The aloof and intensely confident arrogance snapped across her features as the man nodded to what she was dead certain was a Were. Calloway plant? Even though dismissed by Gallo, her ears didn’t miss the words he uttered to a bouncer at the entrance. A narrowing of her eyes was imperceptible. Either scenario was unacceptable; Calloway, or something else. The fact that the something else bothered her so much was strange. Angry almost, tinged with a sensation that she hadn’t felt for a very, very long time. It was an emotion that brought rage and most certainly ire of the most vindictive kind. Jealousy. She was livid it even could seep into her thoughts anymore. Eris London did not get jealous, of anyone. Façade never slipped, though dark eyes glanced at him with the soft quirk of the Sheut gauging his mood when she’d found him in the warehouse beating on idiots that deserved to be pulverized. She felt it, the hum in the air from the Were. Closing the proximity between them slightly, her index finger discretely found the delicate skin on the underside of his elegantly dressed wrist, making small circles with the barest of touch. She knew about distraction, about finding focus that could drown out the world; she was deliberately trying to give him something to center on. Once at the bar, she took the opportunity to slide off the viper. She’d been able to wear it as long as she could and it was now time for it to be an accessory, the full striking make-up of her eyes on complete display as she surveyed the crowd much like a predator securing their position, and warding off any curious conversations. She picked up the rum with a nod to the bartender and retook his arm, the mask in one hand and rum in the other would make it almost certain she wouldn’t have to shake hands with anyone. When they started moving toward Matteo and Kagami, it was quickly apparent she was actually going to have to talk to people. Fuck. "Gaspari thinks he can ask twenty questions, then Gaspari's gonna get bit," she murmured quietly before taking a delicate sip of her rum. Eyes "innocently" blinked up at him, then returned to surveying the crowd.
  26. Orbiting the tropical Kerelia, the strategically placed Sigma-class station is nestled between the edge of Federation controlled space, the Tholian Assembly, the Klingon Empire and the unknown. The Sovereign-class USS Mac arrives with a fresh-faced replacement crew, ready to tackle a host of new challenges out on the outskirts of the Beta Quadrant. But life this far from the civilization that they once knew can be hard. It can be unexpected, wonderful, and it can be dangerous. The year is 2380. The Dominion War is over, and once again we look toward the unexplored. Join us on the FRONTIER. FRONT EAR | USS MAC *** FRONTIER is a brand new, play-by-forum Star Trek RPG. Launched 29/02/2020, we offer a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new adventure. Our forum is host to two roleplay scenarios; Front Ear Station, our event-driven and laid-back jumping-off point, and the USS Mac, the exploratory arm of our operation. Our OOC community is lively and friendly and we believe that player engagement and creativity is one of the most important aspects of any roleplay. FRONTIER | DISCORD
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