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      ARMA Cloak Operative
      New York
      Height: 5’10
      Weight: 195 lbs
      Build: Lean and Muscular
      Hair Color: Brown (short)
      Eye Color: Blue
      Attire: Harker’s attire while working usually consists of a long, black leather coat, a black leather under vest, a white or black shirt, black tactical pants and black boots. The ARMA operative’s clothes are well worn, giving them a rugged, less uniform appearance.
      Tattoos: Ryan has a series of mystic tattoos and symbols scrolled across his upper body. These enchanted markings were branded on him by powerful ARMA magus. Their purpose is to conceal him from detection spells and to protect him from sorcery that might affect his mind.
      Ryan has always seen himself as the good guy. Despite regularly committing acts of violence against others, he lives by a code. Always place the mission first, never accept defeat, never quit, never leave a fallen comrade, and above all… protect the innocent. Harker believes all life has an intrinsic value. When he ends a life, it is never without good reason.
      Ryan is an intelligent guy, but he lacks a formal education. As such, sarcasm is a staple of his personality. The operative has more than a decade of warfighting experience. As a Soldier he has killed and witnessed firsthand the atrocities of war. He has mourned the loss of his brothers and cried for the senseless death of the innocent. Over time, he has become jaded by his past. Harker’s mood though usually positive, can vary from day to day.

      Harker is confident and clever. When interacting with others he can certainly be perceived as arrogant, but he is always keenly aware of his own limitations. Perhaps the agent’s greatest weakness would be a damsel in distress. Ryan’s intuition is usually able to detect a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, if a genuine innocent was used to bait him, he would still be inclined to save them; even if he knew full well it was a trap.

      There is a great deal of secrecy surrounding ARMA’s covert Cloak Division, most are now even aware of its existence. Over the past couple years, Ryan Harker has still managed to establish a reputation within the supernatural community as a kind of “boogie man.” Thus, when people ask for his name he will typically reply, “you can call me John.”
      After becoming an operative for ARMA’s covert Cloak Division, Harker gained nearly unlimited access to the organization’s armory. When he is working and often when he isn’t, Ryan is a walking armory of modern and arcane weaponry. Ryan has full access to ARMA’s reproducible armory. NOTE: He does NOT have access to the unique and dangerous artifacts ARMA safeguards.

      Harker typically favors a Sig Saur P226 TACOPS, 9mm pistol as the foundation of his loadout. Though he is not opposed to carrying any variety of weaponry, depending on the mission needs. Listed below is some of the equipment he usually carries:

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      (This is intended to be my first post in the "Clash of Titans" thread.)

      The Satyr Stadium was unlike anything else in New York. Harker had been in awe the first time he had visited the venue. The sheer size of the of the arena, the intricate spells woven into its structure, the security measures emplaced; it took a lot of clout to establish something of this magnitude in one of the most prominent cities in the world. Of course, the stadium was owned and operated as a “legitimate” business by the Bakkos criminal syndicate; which made its existence even more impressive. The Satyr Stadium represented a Bakkos foothold in the city, ground that Law Enforcement agencies would likely never take back.

      Harker strode calmly through the crowd on the pavilions second level. He was draped by a long, black leather coat. Its material swayed naturally with every casual step, but concealed beneath it was an arsenal of weapons designed to combat the supernatural. The ARMA operative’s attire was aged, giving his black undervest, pants, and tactical boots a rugged, less uniform appearance. Before the Resonance such an outfit might have drawn attention, but these days such an ensemble was not uncommon amongst magus, marauders, and the like.

      Ryan’s blue eyes surveyed the rotunda as he seated himself at a table near the bar. He had no interest in the fight. He was here for work, or that’s what he told himself at least. It had been some time since he had received any specific orders from ARMA leadership. Without a defined task, he was forced to find his own way to contribute to cause. This was a recon mission. The stadium was hosting a hi-profile event. Several of Bakkos’ key players were in attendance. ARMA intelligence also suggested the venue was a likely target for terrorist attack from multiple extremist groups. Harker was at the stadium to see how all the players interacted, and to see which groups might show to reconnoiter the event for their own purposes.

      Harker leaned back in his seat. A hand donned with a fingerless glove casually rubbed the brown scruff on his chin. He watched as two Bakkos gangsters descended from their VIP lounge to walk amongst the commoners beneath them. One was Matteo Carducci, Bakkos “baby boss” and owner of the Satyr Stadium. He was joined by Thomas Gallo, Bakkos fight champion and owner of another one of the syndicates “legitimate” business fronts. Both gangsters were dangerous men. ARMA was aware of their criminal activity. However, the organization the Bakkos established within the criminal underworld actually reduced crime in New York. So long as they continued to serve that purpose, and didn’t stray too far from the path, they would be safe from ARMA.

      Out of the corner of his eye Ryan saw a woman who appeared to be assessing the venues security. A ball cap hid her face, but the jacket and jeans she wore did little to hide her slender figure. She was an attractive woman. She tried to look inconspicuous, but she loitered near doors and entrances, seemingly to check if they were secure. She wasn’t Bakkos security. Her casual dress was far too relaxed for their “professional” standards. When Ryan finally caught a peek from under the brim of her hat, her face seemed familiar. After a moment he recognized her as an NYPD officer, maybe from the 10th precinct but he wasn’t certain. The Arma operative had seen her around more than once, back when he worked for the department.

      A man came through one of the pavilion doors quite suddenly, nearly knocking the poor girl down. Harker ginned lightly. Words were exchanged between the two and the man walked away. At first Harker thought nothing of it. There was nothing extraordinary about the man initially. However, as he pressed through the crowd he moved with a purpose. The man made a straight line for the bar, his eyes trained on the bartender standing behind it. Again, this by itself was nothing extraordinary. The man glided across a balcony full of cheering fans, without slowing down, and without so much as brushing into another person. To a trained observer like Harker, that was extraordinary.

      This appeared to catch the attention of the cop as well. Because after a moment she moved to join the man at the bar. Purple shirt, gray slacks, the man looked like he belonged in the VIP lounge. Ryan doubted the peace officer knew what the man was, or even the danger she might be in… but he did. The operative couldn’t identify the exact kind of creature that sat beside her, but he had hunted enough to know supernatural when he saw it.

      Harker glanced back at Carducci. The Bakkos baby was chatting up another girl at the bar. Based on their body language, he quickly determined the engagement was not work related. Sharp eyes did another sweep of the balcony. Finding nothing of note, Harker rose slowly to his feet and made his way to the bar as well.

      Ryan took the seat beside Raeden, opposite from Kai. As he gripped the barstool he became acutely aware of the woman’s gaze. She interested him, but he always got nervous when talking to beautiful women. He had seen the horrors of war, fought countless battles, faced unspeakable evils, and even now he was surrounded by a thousand threats that could kill him. Yet, in that moment, the little Asian woman sitting beside him, she was the scariest thing in the entire coliseum.

      “I’ll have what she’s having,” Ryan said as he sat down. He looked down at Raeden’s coffee and gave a lighthearted frown. “Working huh?” His ocean blue eyes met hers and he smiled. All the while he remained keenly aware of both were-creatures joining them at the bar.

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