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    Dec 29, 2022 -YES - ITS BEEN A WHILE

    How to Create A Resonance Character

    Before you get started:

    1. First, check that your Play By (PB) is not taken, by looking at this list.
    2. If your Play-by is available it is a good idea to put in a HELP ticket to reserve it while you are making your profile, that way no one else can grab it while you are building your character.
    3. Only real photographs are allowed as Avatars - no anime/cartoon/art images. REALISTIC styled artwork will be considered for non-human appearing characters (orcs, lizard skin etc) and is subject to staff approval. Note that characters that turn into monsters but have a human form will need a real play by.


    Making your character - help building a good one!

    Details, details, details! We are an intermediate to advanced writing site, character development and substance will help with acceptance. Profiles should be descriptive and not a few sentences, giving a clear picture of your character and how they fit into our world.

    1. Determine NAME: Real names. They can be unusual and unique, but no chat “handles” or offensive/silly names allowed - it helps you be recognized as unique if your first name does not match an existing characters but its NOT a requirement- you can check the CAST
    2. Determine RACE: Check here but remember if you have a good idea for a race we are open to looking at it for addition - post a help ticket to run it by us.
    3. Determine FACTION: Remember they can be Factionless.
    4. Determine Appearance and Key Belongings
    5. Determine your ABILITIES/POWERS: Check here, under magic if your character possesses magic. Be sure to balance abilities with deficiencies. It is not the point of this game to be the most powerful! Remember they can be anything from a normal human to something exotic as outlined in the Race pages. There are no outlines or spell lists to choose from, your creativity is welcome as long as it fits our canon and rules.
    6. Determine Personality, Skills and Personal Items your character might have. Please provide at least a paragraph describing personality and character wants/desires.
    7. Determine your character's History. Keep in mind that the initial Resonance was in 2010 and there was an additional 'Resonance Wave' on November 2nd, 2018 that altered another small percentage of the Human populace. Your character should not only have history that covers before the Resonance but also what they have been doing since the world was upheaved 10+ years ago.
    8. Role Play Sample (only if its your first character). At least 2-3 paragraphs. We love detail here, but it's also quality above quantity. Many use a good post from some other RP and that is perfectly fine! Any subsequent character will not need a sample - just put "see x profile" for the sample.
    9. Add an Avatar - 150 px wide and 400 px tall fits best
    10. Once you have completely updated your profile submit a Help ticket under the Character Approval department. Just say you are ready for review in the ticket, no need to copy paste an app in there - it's all in your profile!
    11. Wait for approval!

    RESTRICTIONS (please also find more information in the RESONANCE RULES)

    1. Any characters with abilities or skills that might be considered overpowered might take longer to review for acceptance because being the "most powerful" is not the point of this game and we work hard to keep a balance. Please be patient with us as we work with you.
    2. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ABILITIES MAKE SENSE. How and why does this power work? What is it's nature? What are its limitations?
    3. We do not allow characters that are children. See the RESONANCE RULES.
    4. Playable Angels/Nephilim etc are NOT ALLOWED. This is not to say we do not allow 'winged humanoids'.
    5. Playable Demons are NOT ALLOWED. Demons exist but only as NPC antagonists.
    6. Intelligent Dragons (or other massive, magical beasts) able to assume Human form are not allowed at this time. Some of these creatures exist in the site's backstory but the presence of playable highly intelligent creatures of titanic size, able to conceal themselves as Humans and wield powerful spells will only turn the site into a "Giant Monsters vs. Everyone else." story.

    Before the completion of your character it is expected that you have read all the information provided in this article and the rules. Any points that have not been understood should be clarified prior to the submitting of your completed character profile review. Just post a HELP ticket and we'll answer whatever questions you may have concerning our rules. This will prevent any re-writes that may result from misinterpretation.



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