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    Dec 29, 2022 -YES - ITS BEEN A WHILE

    Guidelines/ Rules of Resonance (REQUIRED)

    Welcome! Happy you are here and hope you find a mature and enriching environment for your muse.

    Site is rated mature (3-3-3) and 18+ only. Our average player is 25+, so we cater to an older crowd with less online time. We tend not to have an active cbox and may take more than a day to approve characters but please don't mistake this for inactivity. Careers/families take precedence. If there is no one in the chat to answer questions just post them in the forum "QUESTIONS". With a registered name you can also use the Help forum or limited PMs.  Take some time reading over these rules -- they are important for a pleasurable writing experience on this site.

    Note: This site functions best in Chrome and Firefox. It has the most "ghosts" in IE but still works fine!



    1. No word count - people tend to post match here but even that is not required. Quality over quantity.
    2. Be respectful while using the board, cbox, and PMs; INCLUDES not bugging people to post.
    3. Posts must be 3rd person past tense.
    4. 18+ writers only... dont lie about it.. if a writer is flagged as seeming under 18 by more than 3 of our regular writers we will ask you to leave. There are a ton of great sites for all age groups - find one that fits you!! This one is purposefully geared for adults with families/careers :)
    5. 18+ Real Play-Bys - limited realistic artwork for non-human ch. (ex: lizard race) w/staff approval. 
    6. No animated avatars/signatures - use 150x400px for avatar best fit

    Adult Content:

    1. Adult Content (AC) is for mature adults only. Don't harass others about AC use. Access will be removed for behavior staff feels demonstrates a lack of maturity regardless of age.
    2. Certain subjects not allowed even in AC: Rape/abortion/S&M/BDSM. There are other sites for these things.
    3. This is not a smut site. AC should be natural flows from actual plots/stories, not the only thing you write.

    Character Creation:

    1. 3 characters upon joining. After 1 mth, as many as you like! Just helps staff manage workload in the event you poof on us.
    2. Your ch. can't be immediate family to big faction co-stars. This unfairly gives power by association.
    3. God Moding/Autos/Over Powered are forbidden. This site is not "power" focused. The story is FAR more important than power. Overpowered characters will be asked to balance with strong detriments. (staff will help you balance!) Also, no fandom please.
    4. If you're thinking about Sci-fi/High Tech, please, read this first. No "alien" technology.
    5. While abilities are only limited by your imagination, the following are forbidden:
      • Mimicking of powers/Amplification of powers/Negation of abilities (so no taking or giving mana or powers)
      • Instant kills
      • Easy control/violation of others
      • True mind reading/controlling/omnipotence (knowing the future)
      • Mass reality bending
      • Time travel
      • Instant healing of self/others or instant regeneration
      • No dimensional/inter-dimensional travel, nor pulling things from/pushing to other dimensions as this would destabilize the premise that beings are now stranded on the world unable to leave.
    6. No child characters. Includes: adult mind in child body, child mind in adult body or adult turned into child. This is an adult site and it's awkward/uncomfortable to bring children in as anything but NPC. All chs must be physically/mentally 18 years of age for their race.
    7. For first character, we require a writing sample. Please give at least 3-4 paragraphs - a copy of a post from somewhere else is a great sample! For subsequent characters you can enter "see X profile for sample".
    8. Because the Event was a bit over 10 years ago and child characters are not allowed, there are no half-breeds with humans, infected, metahumans or humans with abilities. Half breeds would only be from other worlds where they were already half breeds.

    Inactivity and Play bys/Face Claims:

    1. Activity Check=log in within 2mths. If you do not AND you do not post an away message, your character will be deactivated (not deleted) and your playby released. You can always reactivate but you may need a new playby. Also players who log in but never post with ANY of their characters will have all characters inactivated after 4 months if no away message is given. Its not fair to hold playbys or "appear" active if you aren't really writing :) The site is still open for your reading pleasure!
    2. Inactive profiles that have not been logged into for more than 2 years will be deleted from the server - we used to keep them so in the event people returned their profiles could be reactivated but it takes up space and slows down the database (at one point we had over 4000 old profiles!!!!) Sorry but you will just need to make a new character. 
    3. If it is your turn in a group thread with 3+ people and you delay more than 7 days without an away message, the group is permitted to skip you to not hold up the storyline. This does NOT mean you are out, you can post any time to catch up but recognize you will be skipped. If you need to be away its polite to let the group know and invite them to skip you while you are away - if you don't invite them to they can still skip you after 7 days so threads do not become stagnant - again you can join back in at any time!

    Warnings and Banning:

    1. Ok here is the thing, Resonance is managed by adults for adults. We don't like to warn or ban, don't make us do it. It is rare but happens from time to time.

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