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    The OFL has various classifications for its Magi as shown below. Classifications above the introductory rankings of Initiate and Acolyte have four "degrees", representing the ranking of a particular Magus within their class in the organization. The ranking of "First" in any group is reserved for the leader of a particular division. Magi ranking at Second Class may be tasked with the instruction of lower-ranking Magi (some at the prestigious Academy of Athens), or are paired up with a Fourth or Third class magus in order to share their experience (Mentorship).


    All degrees of Magus are available for a new character save for the First Class levels and Archs. This must be earned through Role play.



    Initiates and Neophytes are instructed by Preceptors. These are the 'Teachers of the Arts', those that will prepare those possessed of the 'Magus Talent' to hone their abilities and prepare for 'classification'. They are Second Class Magus of varying classifications, specifically specialized in preparation of the mind and instruction of the 'Arts'.


    Every 'city based division' of the Order has their own 'Academy' with Preceptors trained to maintain the continuity of 'spell-casting' through out the entire order. The prestigious 'Academy of Athens' is desired but often not a reality for many of the new recruits. Due to location and limitation of travel these days many novices are taught the ways of the Order in a local division.


    All Preceptors have attended the Academy of Athens and are thus qualified to instruct outside of the institution. These institutions are all given names in honour of founding members or after the city in which they are located.


    The Academy of New York

    New York's Academy is simply self titled and like all Academies it consists of 5 to 7 Preceptors and a Headmaster or Headmistress. The headmaster is a highly skilled, First Class Magus.



    Initiates are the lowest rank of Magi within the Order, the classification given to those individuals who have only just joined and are enrolled in classes at the Academy of Athens to help them control their powers and give them an understanding of the Order's functions and structure. Initiates are not given field work, nor are they instructed in the secrets and mysteries of magic.


    It is after graduation from the Initiate stage, and the expressed interest of the potential magus that they then receive the Oath of the Magus and progress in rank.



    Neophytes have graduated from their first classes at their local 'Academy' (sometimes referred to as Boot, as Magi undergo physical training as well as mental) and are qualified for low-level work at the various Order divisions, as well as some minor field work. They are not sent out on missions considered dangerous, or ones that might require combat.


    Note: The next three rankings are roughly equal, a Second Sword is the same rank as a Second Shield or Second Eye. Authority in a given situation is determined by the situation's nature and the seniority of the Magi in question. Should rank and seniority be equal however, Sword Magi generally take precedence, due to the independent nature of their duties and the fact that they operate the most often without direct Arch orders. Shields take the most precedence in combat, and Eyes carry the most authority within their own areas of expertise, particularly where their power might provide additional insight.



    Sword Magi

    Swords are the most varied group of Magi within the Order of Light, tasked with quelling infected infestations and seeking out Paragons (people of great importance to the Order or recruits) and ancient relics. The most versatile of the Order's classifications, Sword Magi are the Order's most visible group, seen throughout the Order's territory working alongside law-enforcement and serving a function similar to the old Federal Bureau of Investigation, but specializing in supernatural affairs. Swords are expected to be combat-capable (though their powers may not be entirely oriented in this area) and extremely intelligent, as they are often sent on missions either alone or with a partner for investigation purposes. Swords work very closely with the Eyes, as the latter group is responsible for the collection of the intelligence that the Swords work to verify or investigate.



    Shield Magi

    This is the brawn of the Order. The Shields draw from power sets similar to their sharp-edged investigative cousins, but all Shields specialize in combat magic of one type or another, and are far more likely than Swords to possess purely combat-oriented abilities. Shields are the true soldiers of the Order, serving a function that is much more paramilitary and less similar to law officers than Swords, with their closest pre-Resonance analogue being police SWAT teams. Unlike Swords, Shields generally do not operate alone, and are generally tasked with either the defense of an important area or the assault of a dangerous target, with the latter generally being undertaken in conjunction with Sword teams for intel and direction support.



    Eye Magi

    Eyes form the backbone of the Order's 'base personnel' and intelligence operations, and are vital to the Order's little-understood ability to remain informed on a huge array of topics and events. Nearly all Eyes are psychics or possess an innate talent for remote-viewing and other forms of scrying magic, enabling them to perform functions similar to military spy satellites and other technology - but sometimes with even greater abilities, such as the ability to see into the minds and intents of others. Several Eyes also possess the skill of prescience, the ability to see into the future and create prophecy. While imprecise, the capacity for this art is one of the most valued skills within the Order, and Eyes are highly valued and carefully protected by the Shields.


    Arch Magi

    These are the 'upper management' of the Order, use their influence within the organization to steer it's purpose. Archs are tasked with the management and direction of all Mages within their Branch, and are the only mages to have direct contact with the Council in the Vatican. Archs generally do not participate in field operations unless the circumstances become dire, but all Archs are drawn from the most powerful Magi in the Order, and each has an extremely potent ability known as a Spell of Legend that is unique to them alone. Archs are mostly drawn from the ranks of Shields and Swords, thanks to the field and leadership experience that these groups obtain.


    High Archs

    The High Archmages all reside at the Vatican. They are the council and think tank of the Order, to which all Order members answer to. Most of them are elderly in age, having been with the Order long before the Resonance occurred. They are the puppet masters, pulling the strings of every Order Chapter. This is the only high-ranking group within the Order that sometimes includes humans of no magical talent, since not every person with Order lineage regained their ancestral powers during the Event. These individuals are slowly being removed, however, in favor of those who have regained their powers - though not without protest.

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