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    More than 10 years after the Resonance Event.... our fractured world has found its new "normal" stride.
    Survival is no longer the name of the game - now its all about power - who has it - who can keep it.

    Political Structure

    The purpose of this page is to keep it updated with the political powers of the world, and recent developments. It is closely connected to the EVENTS TIMELINE.


    North America

    Map of North America


    Due to the '2010-2011 apocalyptic event of the Resonance some laws and habits have changed:


    • Non-smoking laws are basically back to square one with private establishments enforcing their own law on premises.
    • A lot of computerized filing systems were compromised and the cataclysmic event has generated a paranoia making many business revert back to a combination of paper and electronic filing systems. Consequently, more people carry cash now since electronic debit and credit systems are no longer dependable.
    • The relationship between the three regions of the Tri-Americas is tense. The political goal is to re-unite the country but each region's political view vary so greatly that no terms of agreement can be met.




    As of 2017 rudimentary government structure has been restored in each of the three regions of the Tri-Americas and a leader of each has been appointed by a congress (5 year terms). In reality they are only figure heads, the real power being held by their supporting factions but it is a required illusion if each of the separate nations intend to move forward. Of course, we must realize that these presidents are not fools. They are completely aware of where the power lies but it makes their position no less important and they intend to shape their nations to their best abilities. (More information on each of the presidents and political views will be found in their profiles below).



    Mr. Dean Stanley

    The EAA PRESIDENT resides in Washington, D.C., in the White House.



    Ms. Leighton Holt

    The FWA PRESIDENT resides in San Diego, California.



    Mr. Jackson Davenport

    The SC PRESIDENT resides in Atlanta, Georgia.





    Since the Resonance the traditional control over the governments was placed solely in the hands of the Order of the First Light. Publicly this was a role that served as a protector of the EAA from the threats of Magic, Monsters, and Demons. Privately, they pulled the strings of government, often able to sway them as well as the media in their strongholds. Their grip remained solid until 2013, when the presence of the Vanguard loosened it's fingers. Now with the faction becoming fractured their hold continues to slip away.


    For a time in 2013 the power of law enforcement had been stripped from the police and held exclusively by the Order of Light and to an extent Pharos. This did not last. Later that year power to the police had been restored but the Order and Pharos possessed jurisdiction over any instances of supernatural occurrences.


    In 2016 a rebellion within the Order produced ARMA who took the place of the Order in New York. This allowed the Vanguard to gain a stronger foothold in New York city and the EAA while Pharos remained steadfast and pretty much unchanged. Recently however, ARMA too has been in turmoil which is giving more and more strength to the law enforcement organizations.



    While the N.W.D.D.'s seat of power remains in the northern part of the FEDERATION, they are slowly spreading south and eastward. The conglomerate, instead of simply buying up and absorbing corporations and businesses like some mindless capitalist amoeba, they represent and promote hope. The Initiative is a concept developed by some of the best minds of the West, and they are vying to one day take control of the entire F.W.A., already spreading their philosophy into the EAA .


    The N.W.D.D. may even possess such lofty goals as re-uniting the states under one sovereign ruler, but the idea is so fragile that none even dare whisper of it...yet.





    Years after the Resonance, the FEDERATION is a very different place. Visitors will immediately take note of the many stylized logos that adorn both garments, automobiles, and all manners of property. Advertising has gone awry throughout the west. Logos decorate the sides of buildings or painted across entire parking lots. They may vary but most belong to the same conglomerate — the New World Defense Division. Dominated by this totalitarian/corporatist faction, citizenship in the west is no longer a right for those born on it's soil, but a privilege.


    Since the collapse of the United States, it has been determined by the Federation of Western America that certain privileges given to American Citizens should be void due to the case of a permanent national emergency, namely the Resonance.



    Deprived Rights of Non-Citizens

    • No right of assembly without a permit.
    • No right to carry firearms.
    • No right to vote.
    • No right to hold public office.
    • No right to profits deemed as excess and not beneficial to the FEDERATION.



    With the collapse of the National Security Agency imminent, those in the most powerful administrative positions banded together along with several of the strongest corporations to produce a conglomerate to stabilize, preserve and protect the Federation of Western America. This oligarch became known as the New World Defense Division (N.W.D.D.) and not only did it become a foundation of the Western economy, but also evolved into an ideal. The corporation quickly evolved into an organization not unlike the concept of the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. but with far loftier goals. They work to secure the ideals of the Federation.



    The headquarters of the N.W.D.D.., this city has become the unofficial capital of the Federation.



    Three years after the Resonance Event, the Federation has evolved into a loosely tied conglomeration of city-states. Seattle, the headquarters of the NWDD. Las Vegas maintains and the state of California, specifically Los Angeles and San Francisco have been in constant opposition to the government strategies imposed by the NWDD.


    LOS ANGELES (more information can be found here.)

    The city-state of Los Angeles stretches from Los Angeles to Santa Ana. L.A. continues to be one of the most important metropolitan areas in the world, primarily because it remains a relatively safe place to go. Many power players have come together to mark the territories of the various factions and sub-factions found in Southern California. The LAPD is a force to be reckoned with, enforcing the decrees of the Council with an iron first and a motto of “shoot first, ask questions never.” Unknown to the outside world, vampires tend to rule the city at night, while generally respecting those under the protection of the gangs.


    California is in a constant state of political upheaval. While the majority of the northern states of the Federation have formed a fairly secure coalition government they and those to south are in resistance to the policies presented. The 'Golden State' struggles to become independent and separate but lack the capital to do so.





    The stronghold of the Vanguard; considering themselves to be the reincarnation of the old American Empire, much of the ideals of a free republic stands except civil rights to not extend to all. Non-Humans who do not comply with the policies of the Vanguard are not welcome. They will find themselves segregated and even persecuted. 


    The Vanguard which basically dominate the local law enforcers only require probable cause to request a blood or DNA sample and refusal usually leads to an arrest and prosecution. Realistically these demands are reserved for those situations where the tainted blood of an individual is strongly suspected.


    But the government is starting to struggle to keep its foothold. Of the three sectors in the Americas, their hold is now the most fragile. The northward expansion of the Veil territory from South America has started violence along the borders that the Coalition has not been able to sustain due to its small numbers and wide territories. In addition much of its territory to the east including Florida was absorbed into the Eastern American Alliance. It is only a matter of time before it is absorbed either by one of the other governments in America... or god forbid... the Veil territories.


    The Wild Lands

    Vast portions of the world possess apocalyptic left overs simply termed 'Wild Lands'. There is little human habitation simply due to the dangers of magic, infections by the super viruses (particularly in the middle of the North American Continent), and creatures of legend and myth that will prey on most who cross their path. Most human populations on earth have retreated to cities, whether they are part of a large conglomerate or any other new government. 


    Anarchic Cities

    These are cities that swear no allegiance to any organized government. They are very much like wild west towns, with their own local structure of government. People live under the rule of warlords or in the security of tightly banded communities and sub-factions. NONE of these are a threat to the more organized government structure of the world, but they can be a nuisance. These are the strongholds among the vast expanses of dangerous Wild Lands.



    After the RESONANCE Canada's population was decimated by the 'Zombie Apocalypse' that ensued and most survivors fled south. Much of the Native population (the Indigenous People or First Nations) returned to the old ways, guided by the returning 'spirits' of their elders. Magic is very much alive in these tribes, many of the warriors and shamans possessing powers stemming from the 'old ways'. This does not mean that they ALL have stepped back into the past. Some extremists have completely returned to the 'old ways' but the majority maintain 'modern lifestyles' as they live off the land and live in a traditional manner.


    The only remainders of Canadian Society exists on the west coast, where parts of British Columbia have been absorbed by the Federation and in the east, where parts of Quebec and Ontario are now a part of the Eastern Alliance.


    South America


    in 2016, for over twenty four hours the entire populace of South America, every living thing was rendered unconscious, as if placed in stasis. When they awoke, the continent had been changed. Parts of the landscape had been transformed. Nearly two thirds of the population was gone! Taken or rather transferred to another realm by the Resonance. What has left behind were mainly Elves and Faerie. Part of an Elfin and Fae worlds had been impressed on South America. The Fanya Niasa now have a strong foothold in South America and with the recent rise of violence on OutWorlders, their population, and borders, have grown.

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    Germany has remained pretty much intact through the Resonance. They were one of the more fortunate countries in the world. They possess a strong economy and many within the crumbled European Union fled to their borders.


    They are not without change, however. The Black Forest in overrun by the 'altered'. It is where the majority of the countries 'changes' occurred and is a constant source of worry and focus.



    Sweden, Norway and Finland remain intact, but have began to revert back to their old pagan ways. Norway has strong ties with the N.W.D.D. and the powerful corporate conglomerate as a strong foothold within Scandinavia as a whole.


    With the emergence of the old gods returning to flesh, the rekindled memories of what they once were is slowly beginning to return to them and along with that a fraction of the power they once wielded. It is said that, Woedin walks the realm of Midgard once more and the halls of Asgard and Vanaheim live on — fragrant fresh mead and smoked meat again lingering in the air. The Tree of Life grows green again, but it yet remains hidden from the sight of those minds blind to magic — it's power not yet strong enough to penetrate the lingering beliefs of a confused world. Those, however, who believe in the old gods, who offer them fealty will be rewarded in the years to come and when enough have returned to the old ways, the Bifrost Bridge will burn bright again!


    Australia (and New Zealand)

    The Australian continent endured it's own zombie apocalypse much like North American. Much of their population was decimated but as of 2014 many of their major centers could officially boast a come-back. Still, for the most part they remain economically isolated.



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