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    Dec 29, 2022 -YES - ITS BEEN A WHILE

    PHAROS: Atticus Gale



    GENDER Male

    PLAY-BY Dolph Lundgren

    RACE Metahuman (Zephyr)

    JOB Agent • Grade 6

    LOCATION New York City





    Atticus appears late twenties to thirtyish, tall (6'6") and powerfully built. One would assume him to be a bodybuilder, which to maintain a facade doesn't deny. He seems a solid 280 lbs, but in reality, due to his increased muscle and bone density weighs 325 lbs. A weight he carries with elegant grace, his movements supple and light, like those of a dancer. Light 'Nordic' skin holds a good tan in the Summer months, further enhancing the pale gold of his hair and like most of those from his northern homeland his eyes are vivid blue.

    When using his 'Altered Abilities' Atticus tends to become surrounded by swirling currents of air, visible due to a slight luminescence, thus they are more visible in darker conditions. When using his specialized vision to peer into the unseen elemental world (primarily that of air) his eyes are engulfed in a blue glow. When he flies or performs other supernatural stunts, ghostly white wings on his back may appear, though the effect is not consistent.

    At work he tends to wear stylish suits and outside or in the field he often adopts are more relaxed look in the form of an old weathered leather jacket and jeans.



    Atticus can best be described as a crusader. He has always gone out of his way to make a difference and this combined with his obsessive tendencies makes him a relentless adversary to any who stand between him and his cause. A large and powerfully built man his outward appearance hardly screams 'scientist' but upon speaking with the man one is taken back by the eloquence and vision of his words. Aware of his propensity for dramatics and seriousness he makes a conscious effort to be light-hearted and amiable to supress the brooding nature bubbling beneath the surface. He is no alone. Many these days harbour thoughts of dissatisfaction but his are multiplied by the fact that the Resonance set back the clock of his life, perhaps indefinitely. He doesn't know. Before the Resonance the twilight of his life was upon him and after, thrust back to his youth. Only he wasn't really 'young' anymore. He had to re-invent himself and in the process come to terms with what he had become.

    What Toril Njordhagen had become has put 'Atticus Gale' at constant war with himself. The very nature of his 'Resonated Being' conflicts with the very essence of Humanity. It is a constant struggle, to stay focused. To remain Human. The call of wind is strong. It whispers to him in his dreams, urging him out the window. To be free, and there are times he obliges, to be pulled back by reason and a sense of purpose, but tethers of 'Toril Njordhagen' are fraying and one day the kite string will break.

    LIKES: Science, Genetic Research, Rock Climbing (and Flying), Old Movies & Memorabilia, especially the horror and kung-fu genres, Training, Historical Romances.

    DISLIKES: Imbalance, Poor Metaphors, Dogs, Seductive Women ('Vamps'), Religious Fanaticism.



    Atticus lives on Shelter Island (East Long Island), in a large two story house nestled in the woods at 25 Cherry Lane. Built in 1878, it is a home he has owned since he was Toril Njordhagen, purchased back in 1965. He tries to move with the times, to maintain modern decor of the period but there are a few sentimental keep sakes and such that have carried over from his former life. There are in fact some heirlooms from his parents spanning back to the early 1900's. Naturally there are no family pictures on display, the home is curiously devoid of such history.

    When staying in Manhattan, he uses his apartment in Ballantine Place, #905, located in Omenwich Square.

    When Atticus is not at work, his home, apartment or some other exotic destination he is in his 'secret facility' containing an ancient relic he calls the 'Menhir'. A building originally designed to house a business along the lines of 'chemical engineering' it is located in the Baywood area of Long Island off of Harrison Avenue. Primarily an industrial region nearly at the center of the island.

    Sea Ray Sport Cruiser Boat (black, grey and white, name: 'Wraith') - He keeps this at the docks at Orient Point where he drives to from Shelter Island. He then takes the boat to Plum Island.

    VEHICLE: 2016 Lexus LX 570 (SUV) - Silver.



    Atticus is an aspect of the wind itself, a Celestial Deity or Daemon with all the characteristics of an Elemental Zephyr that has bore many names, but as a Norwegian, he personally is most fond of Njord and Boreas. He would be considered an 'aspect' in that he is the physical embodiment of a god on Earth; a semi-conscious relationship where-by this 'persona' of the wind periodically influences his thoughts but this other consciousness is not an entity, it is the memories of all those aspects of the wind itself. For what really is a god? These are the collective experiences of revered deities clothed in Human perception. They influence, but they themselves do not possess personalities or even a true sense of self. They are immortalized manifestations of thought, in his case, incapsulated in the form of a Wind Elemental, a Zephyr, an alter-form he ever remains at odds with. This is because the use of it's abilities takes a toll. More so than physical exertion, the more Atticus relies on his abilities of manipulating the air, the more he loses his grasp on his physical nature and who he is.

    The aspects of the 'daemon', the 'gods', flow through his throughs like dreams. They speak when history prompts it — the presence of artifacts; touching upon ancient architecture.


    Atticus has increased muscle and bone density. His strength enters the realm of 'super-human' strength and without weight training it would be equal to that of a grizzly bear. Constant exercising has allowed him to surpass even that, while maintaining a more agile muscular build. To put this into perspective, the world record deadlift for a Human is 1128lbs, but Atticus is able to lift 3150lbs (3300lbs with the use of straps). This strength would allow him to perform such feats as balancing an elevator car on his back or flipping over a truck. Not only is he strong, however, but faster and more coordinated. He can out sprint the fastest Human and possesses reflexive speed in the 'super-human' realm.

    Over the years since Resonance he learned that his meta-human characteristics were an Embodiment of a god, but not just any god... the Aspect of Wind itself, in all it's forms.

    As a god, or rather 'demigod', he heals fast, able to even regenerate lost limbs over time. He remains ever young and will not succumb to time. Unfortunately for the person he is will, in time, cease to exist. The more he embraces his otherworldly nature the further 'Atticus Gale' slips away and the 'god' takes his place.


    Scientifically speaking Atticus defines this ability as a form of psychokinesis specifically tuned to move and manipulate (even produce) the air (on a molecular level) as well as his own molecular structure. It's much more than that, and over the years he has learned to accept the 'magic' of it all.

    In his physical form he can use his power to generate winds to a maximum of gale force (102 kmph can uproot trees) and manipulate the atmospheric pressure around him allowing him to cool or warm the air within a small radius of a few blocks which does not allow him to significantly manipulate the weather, but rather generate anomalous conditions.

    While in the air if the current weather conditions are such that they can lend to his abilities, he is able to produce a minute area of rain and with enough effort intensify wind speeds to that of hurricane force (118 kmph, Beaufort level 12) or even generate a tornado.

    This ability is very versatile. He is so precise in his control of air he can etch out drawings in sand or blow a sheet of paper to a specific location. He produce powerful streams of air, generate vacuums by removing air, super oxygenating the air, etc. He basically has power over all aspects of air including being able to pull oxygen out of water, creating air pockets in a smoke filled building, dissipating fumes and gases.


    At will he can become non-corporeal by transforming the matter of his body and all non-magnetic materials contacting his skin within an inch of his body into a mass of kinetic energy that has the same properties as 'air'. The mass of his body remains relatively the same, but it is comprised of swirling air currents, that even at rest will swirl sand and toss leaves. While in this form he can manipulate air currents to move light objects and move at the speed of a gust of wind. Naturally he is completely invisible, but in complete darkness any fast movements of the kinetic energy he uses will make his body perceivable to the human eye by producing a faint glowing aura (appearing as a ghost) and while he is of course impervious to physical damage he is naturally susceptible to fire and electrical attacks.

    The duration of this wind form when in motion would be equal to roughly a 5 minutes. It can be likened to Atticus holding his breath (he can hold his breath a long time) and if he stays in his wind form too long he can pass out and remain trapped in the form for hours, even days, but more than often he simply snaps back to his corporeal form. Usually his transformations occur in seconds, allowing him to blink in and out a number of times before tiring.

    If he does not use any of his own kinetic energy to move, drifting upon natural air flow he can maintain the form for up to 15 to 20 minutes. Even remaining stationary, however, can require the use of kinetic energy. Most places have subtle air currents that will move him about.

    It is difficult to quantify the amount of times he can transform. It all depends on length of time and number of transformations. Basically, every time he changes can be likened to the physical drain one feels after sprinting about twenty-five meters and every minute he remains in wind form has the equivalent drain of a someone running two kilometers. His excellent physical condition comes into to play but even he will eventually tire.

    Anything passing through him distorts his form and may shorten the duration of the transformation but more importantly it breaks apart the semblance of his being. Getting 'lost' is always a danger. If Atticus' form is too distorted he can swirl about for days, unconscious, drifting like a dream. Fire is also a danger. Air is the fuel and thus an Air Elemental can be damaged and destroyed and so too can Atticus.


    Only active with traveling at hight speeds this kinetic ability provides him with a form of invulnerability to protect him from damages that would occur to fragile skin while flying at high speeds. The barrier would be equal to the protection offered by a hardened friction suit. The aura is designed to offer protection to flying debris. It does, however, offer him extra protection when attacking, allowing him to drive his fist through concrete with minimal damage to his flesh and adding to the natural defense of his dense bones to prevent breakage.


    He can also generate a psychokinetic push and in lighter bursts to enhance a strike or allowing him to fly. Flight is a combination of making his own body light and manipulating the air around him and so Atticus is able to reduce all fiction and accelerate to a speed well in excess of 800 mph. He can even in a descent break the sound barrier should he push his ability to the limit. At high speeds, however, Atticus is still subject to inertia and gravity forces. It is due to this capability that his body makes use of his 'invulnerability' to endure the strain on his body. One must remember, however, that because his power of flight is based upon reducing his own mass while retaining density (a feat only accomplished via magic, a fact that Atticus still cannot quantify) he can only carry maximum of an extra twenty five pounds and be able to maintain speed and maneuverability. The most he is able to carry while in flight is two hundred pounds and to accomplish this is extremely taxing, relying on a combination of transferring his 'lightness' and maintain winds to hold up the extra weight. With this added weight, he obviously cannot achieve high speeds. Slowing the descent of heavier objects, relies on a transference of his 'lightness' and producing enough wind velocity to push against an object. It is not known how much weight he can prevent from plummeting to the ground.


    Atticus is able to merge his senses with the air around him, not unlike an altered sense of touch. This gives him an awareness of form and movement within the area surrounding him, a vague picture of his surroundings. It, however, takes seconds or even minutes to get these 'impressions'. In a place with lots of movement the use of this ability could be maddening. He would detect any movement of the air; he would be bombarded with information that could potentially disorient him or worse. This ability is best used in enclosed areas with minimal traffic. The speed of this 'sensory air' is restricted to natural air flow that he manipulates himself. The quicker he wants the information the more noticeable the air displacement will be. If he wants to know something in 'seconds' the wind distortion will be strong enough to blow papers off a table. Very noticeable. The range of this power is virtually unlimited but Atticus can only comprehend so much information. Range depends on location and environmental factors. There are a lot of variables to consider and so this is not a power that he is able to rely upon as a 'major ability'. It is a minor power used sparingly as it can at times be as much of a disadvantage as an advantage. It is mentally draining to use and the power cannot be maintained for very long (5 minutes on average) without it taking a toll on his physicality and other abilities.


    In his wind form he sees the world by the energy of matter, each different element producing a different colour, allowing him to see regardless of the presence of light. Atticus refers to this ability as 'Molecular Kinetic Enhanced Vision' and with it he can perceive air currents and is able to use it while in his physical form as well (but the ability causes his eyes to glow with a blue aura). This ability allows him to see even in pitch blackness, although details are not as sharp as his normal vision. This is the way he see's the world while in his wind form, and thus while non-corporeal cannot read characters on a page or make sense of all the details of a picture or painting. This vision is attuned to differentiating physical differences of objects and not colours, at least such things are often not intelligible. This is because, while Atticus defines this ability 'scientifically' it is simply him, as an Elemental of the Air, peering into the world from which is kind was born — the Elemental Realm. Even when not fully peering into it, Atticus still see's faint remnants of air currents, making him quite sensitive to the movements of all things around him.


    Due to the longevity of this character he retains an 'immunity' that once existed for the nature of his race which has since been altered. He is immune to the 'super-viruses' due to the nature of his embodiment meaning basically that he CANNOT undergo a viral metamorphosis. The viruses, however, do make him sick as a dog. Too much exposure could kill him, so regardless of the fact he will not change he still has to be very wary of being infected. Even if he receives an Anti-Viral within 12 hours the added boost to his system will most likely not alleviate all the symptoms.

    Immunity also makes his blood unsavory and non-nutritional to 'blood drinking' creatures. He CANNOT be used as a convenient blood doll.



    Atticus has amassed a great deal of skills over the course of his long life. Through his training as a doctor, and his time working for a consultant for the C.I.A., he is well educated.

    Aside from almost becoming a medical doctor, he specializes in the genetic sciences, specifically molecular genetics. He concentrated on the field of virology after the Resonance.

    Related to his work with the CIA, he is able to pilot a variety of aircraft and is knowledgable in the use of firearms. He also experienced in wilderness survival, tracking and hunting if ever there was a need. He knowledgeable in the flora and fauna of northern Europe and North America, capable of identifying common and uncommon animals as well as utilizing the medicinal properties of plants.

    He is also well versed in many languages. His first language is of course, Norwegian, but aside being fluent in English, he can also speak Swedish, Danish, Russian, Ukrainian, French, and Finnish. He can also speak some Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish and a little Arabic. He can as well translate Latin. From his work translating a particular relic (the Megalith) for several years he has also built up a general knowledge of various languages and their origins, thus he is able to identify a great many of them.

    Atticus has always been a natural athlete and is familiar with a variety of sports, from Hockey, to Soccer, to Rugby. He is a master of Northern Wind style Wushu (a form of Wing Chun), but combines it with muay-tai and kick boxing to produce a style best suited for his size, speed and power. Along with his hand-to-hand, Atticus is familiar with the Chinese straight sword, staff and spear. He has experience with them as 'performance weaponry' but has used them in actual combat after the Resonance.

    A natural artist, he's always possessed the talent to bring vision to life through various mediums but the talent always took a back seat to his other passions.



    He was born Toril Njordhagen in the autumn of 1940 and grew up in the conurbation of Stavengar, Norway. Strong, agile and gifted with drive and intelligence, Toril excelled scholastically as well as athletically. He played a number of sports, excelling in football (soccer) and rugby, although the latter was not as popular back in those days. He also competed in track and field, specializing in the 200m and 400m sprints. He swam competitively as well, in the 200m and 400m backstroke and freestyle at a world level in 1957-1960 (17 to 20 years old). It was during this time in that his father, an engineer, relocated to British Columbia, Canada, for work and an 18 year old Toril, not yet ready to leave the nest went with the flock.

    Toril began his university eduction in BC, and went the route of sciences with aspirations of becoming a medical doctor. During this time he kept up with his athletics and swimming, all of which ending up taking a back seat to a new passion in martial arts. At eighteen, he was considered a late starter but Toril had already been trained in boxing by a Norwegian coach that had hoped to capitalize on the young man's size. By chance he had happened upon a non-profit wushu club that trained him in a style of 'Wing chun' called 'Northern Wind'. In time, he ended up going to China (1964 in his 24th year) to meet the master of his master and become indoctrinated in the school as a 'senior student' of the art. Not being Chinese, he would never be accepted as a 'master' but he didn't care much for the recognition or titles, Toril would eventually leave the school and combine the teachings with other styles of fighting to better compliment his size and strength.

    Simultaneous with his study of Wushu, Toril pursued a medical degree, but once his doctorate in medicine was in sight, decided to change paths and went the route of molecular genetics in 1966. Back then it was still not known how DNA influenced the behavior of cells. In the following years, scientists like Dr. Njordhagen tried to understand how DNA controlled the process of protein production. Through the years he participated in many cutting edge projects building up a reputation that eventually allowed him to form his own corporation, called Genomorph Laboratories. He and a few other partners in the middle years built up the Seattle corporation from nothing and eventually it spanned to Chicago, New York and overseas back in his home country. His life would have been the setting of a success story with the exception for the tragic death of his wife (1975), whose passing drove him into seclusion and the service of the CIA. After that he became a silent partner in his company and few who worked for him would even know what he looked like. His few friends and partners never ceased to remind him of how unhealthy his lifestyle was and yet it would be this anonymity that would save him.

    It was during this point in his life that, Toril had turned to an old colleague by the name of Vacily Rezanov, an operative for the C.I.A. who was once KGB and a member of the Soviet Army. He had worked with him in the past in the capacity of a geneticist, but went further. As a consultant, he was immersed in the world of black operations, his medical knowledge being called upon when Rezanov required a specialist.

    In 2010 when the world changed, a 70 year old Toril was on a jet airliner over the Atlantic, traveling from Europe back to the States. Midway across the ocean it occurred, the event that he, that no one would ever forget. It changed him forever. A burning fever forcing him to the lavatory, the room spun, lights flickered, followed by announcement that passengers shoulder return to their seats and fasten their belts. Next came the turbulence, and Toril who was too disoriented to leave the washroom braced himself for what may have been the end and it fact it was. The plane was going down, but in those final moments amidst the horrified screams, he began to change and the next thing he knew, he was in the night sky watching the airliner descend into the undulating black below. He remembered thinking that he was experiencing death. He was a ghost or so he thought. His body had dematerialized, turned to the elemental form of a 'Zephyr' and escaped the crashing plane. Trapped in his new state he drifted on the winds for many days until he was whole once more on U.S. soil.

    Not only was he alive, but he was young again!

    In the weeks to come, Toril realized that in order to survive he would have to reinvent himself and that's just what he did. He chose the name Atticus Gale, a play on his new found ability along with his always admired character of Atticus Finch from 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. Using the last of his power as Toril Njordhagen set himself up with a job at Genomorph Labs and began his life anew in a world that people had yet to even comprehend.

    More recently, as of May 1st, 2017 Atticus resigned from the NWDD after being ousted by the Director Primus. Unable to reconcile the act, he left and soon after was approached by an agent of PHAROS. He was chosen to join the New York branch where he began working as an agent after going through the orientation and basic training.




    Currently residing in New York. Prior to May 1st, 2017 he worked for I.C.O.R., a subsidiary corporation to Genomorph Labs and part of the NWDD Research Division. Located on the corner of East 26th Street and Mt Caramel Place, in Manhattan. (next to Phipps Housing). He now works for Pharos but still has controlling stocks in the Genomorph Labs company, giving him limited access to the New Word Defense Division Research Sector.

    He primarily works at the 'Pharos Facility' for the Treatment and Study of the Altered under Science Director Asia Savin which is located on Plum Island, just east of Shelter Island where he resides. He also works down Ward Foundation Building at Cooper Union in Manhattan.

    Atticus is aware that Gabriele Salvatierra is a Vampire and part of an organization called the Sheut but doesn't have the full scope of it's grandeur. He has studied Vampires and the effects of the Vampire (nocturnaeximius-virus), Lycanthrope Virus (lycaneximius-virus) and Zombie Virus (morteximius-virus).

    Over the course of time between the summer of 2017 and the November of 2018 Atticus Gale and Slate Morrison had been tangling with a mysterious European sect known as the Black Rose Society. While performing a favour for the NWDD the two crossed swords with this group and ended up running for their lives only to have little choice but to eventually go head-to-head with the organization. The Black Rose Society was itself split into two sides, neither strong enough to defeat the other, one drowning the other. It was the anchor that Slate and Atticus had to fight and inevitably destroy. They won their freedom at the price of strengthening the society.

    Most recently, over the course of 2018, his experiences with the Nevus had drastically reshaped his research. New studies into telluric or ley-lines is yielding very interesting results. That there is a connection between the magical veins of the planet and the Nevus itself.

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