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Moses Black

Day in the Park

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Friday, April 6, 2021

Time : Noon


"Man what a day", spoke Moses to himself as he stretched his body out. His long slender arms extended out toward the heavens as his chest shot up toward the sky. The rest of his body leaned back to give him some balance and support his weight. With his head now twelve feet off the ground Moses had a good view of the park. It was calm, peaceful, and filled with warming sun light. Ever since  his transformation into a Lamia Moses has always enjoyed the sun light. He was not cold blooded like many snakes, but the warm feeling of the sun on his scales gave him a sense of joy he lacked when he was still a normal man. So many things had changed since he transformed. There were so many things he had lost. 


"Enough of that', spoke Moses aloud as he cleared the thoughts from his mind. Now was not the time to be thinking about that. He did that enough all the time. Now as the time to enjoy the park, take in the sun, and feel alive once more. The city was completely different from the south. In his old hometown there were trees everywhere. Compared to New York it was practically a forest. Here in the big apple though, well it was a bleak landscape of concert and yellow taxi cabs, except here. In this one little area the world was renewed. Grass spread all around and tress bloomed like spring. It was Moses one place of sanctity in this city. The one place that felt close to home.  Central park, the big green of New York. 


"Alright lets get some exercise in", he spoke to himself as his body returned to its normal standings position. He then began to slither across the ground at elevated speeds. Viewing the world form this angle was frustrating and weird when he first started, but now, well now it was just another thing. He wondered if it was the same for the other meta-humans who lived in the city. Maybe not the same exact experience. A centaur did not have to look at the world from the ground, or slide on its belly, but the normalcy they had experience had also been shattered. 


As Moses glided across the grass his mind was filled with various sensations. However the Lamia was simply ignoring them. He did not care that a dog was urinating under a tree, or that the women staring at him from a nearby bench was deadly afraid. He did not care that the businessman walking by was three degrees lower than everyone else, nor did he care that the women in the bathroom was burning up from disease. Today was not they day his sensations would get the better of him, but the day he let the world simply bleed into a uniform grey. it was his day at the park, and the sun was radiating a glorious hue. 


"I wonder if I can buy a waffle come", spoke Moses to himself as his nose picked up on the smell. His tong flicked out his mouth and confirmed the sensation.  

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