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  • Rise of the Blood Moon : Stray Cats

    Sage Monroe

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    Whitney Museum of Art. Unlikely as it seems, it was a good place to begin a search for some information on an artist who was a better spy then artist at his time. Sage had chosen to do her research late into the evening, partially due to the proximity of a good place for a burger, and partially due to the museums base levels. The whole day had a weird feeling, it had reminded her of another place and time, another place and time when she had been slightly uncontrollable. Well, back when she had first been ‘infected’. That was such a bullshit word really. Infections can get cured, what had happened that night in the mountains had not been curable to her. It had made things in her life a hellofalot more complex. She set the tablet down and stepped up on the small stool to reach for a large carton and bring it down. Old records of times before things became technicolor meant digging.



    Digital ages were not eternal, there had been a time when no one owned a computer and cell phones were just never ever thought of. That was the day of parchments and paints, dyes and quills. With a sigh, she sorta wished she had been born then. This of course only lasted long enough for her to realize she would die without her tablet, she would miss Gucci, and that she did not get along well with horses. Reasonably she figured it was due to the change of her biology. See infections be damned, she turned into ‘something’. Sage had to become accustomed to the problematic issue real fast. She would wake up naked and be shivering and usually covered in bits and tufts of something’s innards. While the scholar in her understood, she had been infected and subsequently gotten the boot from the Van, the woman still occasionally struggled with the concept of being a mindless killing thing for a few nights. Moon led and up until a few years ago, screwed at those times.



    Blessings that the Sherpa had not tossed her away. Even more, so that they had done their best to try and help the nice lady that had an ugly side. Up there in the cold mountains, monsters are neighbors. There was a give and take to the existences. While she had lost access to many things, she had not completely lost her mind. That mind and the help of the few there who were independent of most factions, Sage could adapt a minor bit of toxins that sometimes- mind you -sometimes- slowed the progress enough for her to locate a lock down. A place to keep the people safe from becoming dinner, lunch, and breakfast. It did not always work, but it was the best she had for the time.






    She was aware of the time passing because her kind always was. What she had not expected was the sudden jerk deep inside that brought her gasping to her knees, the all too familiar wrenching inside of her bone structure as the sound that broke from her became a part scream, part feral.Sage scrambled half dragged over to the table where her tablet and briefcase were trying to reach while holding her abdomen for the handle and drag it down with a crash sending papers and notes sliding out as well as a small pen like thing.  “ Fuck…” she grappled for the rolling pen and dragged it over while her body began to shake violently..she knew she had mapped the phases out for the year, this was or cannot be happening.



    With a nasty wrench, she was flung backwards and she arched as the pain rocketed through her body, the hand that clutched the epi like pen was strained to the point of almost seeing veins popping along the slender arm as she drug it up and with a force of will jammed it into her chest moments before her mind spiraled into that black place where no thought existed but one.






    Above on the first-floor Janine the nice little lady who had brought her down earlier was looking at the monitors and suddenly screamed. One the outside camera was a blur of motion that was barely human, on the lower level was something altogether wrong. Something twisting and jerking on the floor where they kept the secure files. Janine pressed the button for security and began to try and close all entry ways with the same set of keys. The large metal doors had been installed both as a security measure and a way to create a safe spot should the beasts that walked the streets enter unwanted. Down below as Sage became lost to the cat…the large metal door dropped down cutting her from the rest of the building as a feline scream of rage echoed within the room.

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