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    Lenthi's heart pounded as she darted through the air. Wings flapped harder than she'd ever had them before. Those orange and green orbs set within her face constantly darted from left to right, looking for openings betwixt the mass of humans that walked on the sidewalk. The large medallion (or large in her case) weighed in her hands heavier the farther she flew. It was not looking good for the pixie as she shot through another humans legs. She tried to stay low to avoid the sight of her pursuers. Unfortunately she didn't know one was a shifter, and he had the nose of a hound and her scent.


    "Bloody fuckin' christ. Quite the situation you got yourself in today Lenthi love."


    Her small voice cried to herself as she struggled for breaths. It'd already been a fifteen minute chase. Any other day she'd be perfectly fine. Alas the medallion made her flight much worse. Not to mention she wasn't a hundred percent sure on why they cared so much about a fae relic. These men had stolen something that belonged to her people, and refused to give it back. So she took it. Now they chased her with iron and looked to give her the most pain she'd felt in a long time. Lenthi could hear their cries over the crowd. They were much closer than they were a few minutes prior.


    "Shit shit shit shit. Bloody fuckin' shit."


    She curved around a teenage boy and forced her wings to launch her forward with one more burst of energy and slammed into the meaty, shirt covered flesh of a human. The medallion and her fell like rocks. Lenthi tumbled head over ass whilst she cried out in surprise. With an inaudible thud she landed on the concrete and groaned. Medallion clattered much louder than she and it scared the ever living crap out of her the thought of it crushing her nearly killed her itself. Humans. No matter how big they were she always ended up running into them. All she wanted was to get back to the store, and hide the medallion. Maybe it had magical properties. She'd never even really thought about it until that moment. When her head collided with meat sack human. Sometimes she hated them, while others she adored them. They were destructive and idiotic one moment, and brave and intelligent another. A truly surprising race. Today though. Today she hated them. This man that she ran into. The men that chased her. Nothing went her way and she was beginning to lose her cool.


    "Watch where you're goin'!" She cried out and moved to stand. Her slender fingers wrapped around the edges of the medallion and with effort lifted it to her chest. Her arms coiled around it and pressed it to her body as she glared up at the man. Her wings moved to lift her to eye level but she realized she was much to tired and weak to do so. Which was when the sound of the four, or five men shoving through the crowd reached her ear and she shot that glare behind her to see their feet gaining on her. Close enough to see a bleeding scrape one of the men had on his shin through his torn pants. Perhaps he fell while chasing her. It caused her to smirk with dignity but she quickly realized she was in danger. Lenthi snapped to attention and darted between the mans legs and hid behind his calf.


    "Help! Please!"

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    Alistair sipped at the iced coffee as he walked down the street, not so much savoring as he was tolerating the smell of New York in the summer. After eight years, he wasn't certain if it was better or worse than it had been before the Nevus popped up, but it was certainly... an acquired taste. It had definitely been worse for a while, of course - back in the days when waste disposal had been a disorganized mess where it existed at all, New York had been barely habitable. Things were more or less back on track these days, minus the seemingly constant incidents he had to deal with, but probably crime in the city had always been like that to some degree.

    There was, at least, coffee. He could kiss that pink-haired lady for getting the good stuff back into the city. Her boss, not as much, but still! Coffee!

    He was lifting the battered, stainless steel cup (it had been through rather a lot with him) to his lips again when he caught a faint sense of magic, and as he turned toward the alleyway, something zipped through the air and bumped right into him before it fell to the ground. His hand went up to his chest, making sure it hadn't been something like a dart (yeah he'd been tranqed before), though the enchantments on his clothes should have stopped anything like a bullet. It was only a second before he looked down and caught sight of the pixie.

    [alistair]You okay?[/alistair] he asked, frowning a moment as he lowered his cup - the men chasing her came into view a moment later, and he saw the medallion too... so, was this a case of pixie steals thing, or people try to steal thing from pixie and pixie flees? Both made some sort of sense, but when they came tearing in and she hid behind his leg, the magus frowned slightly. He was sort of a sucker for this kind of thing...

    The rest of the crowd on the street moved away as the men shoved their way through, typical angry New-Yorker shouts adding to the background noise, but Alistair just looked back at the small gang, lifting his dented Contigo and taking another sip. [alistair]Morning, guys. What's the big rush?[/alistair] he asked, his tone almost lazy. If he had a nickel for all the times a group like this had been staring him down...

    "... gonna find that little bitch and I'm gonna stomp her into the - out of the way, trenchcoat!" The man stalked right up to Alistair and shot out a hand to shove him away, but even if Alistair wasn't sure which group was committing the crime here, he wasn't about to put up with any pixies getting crushed underfoot, or his own person getting shoved. When the man's hand hit his chest, he snapped his own hand up, grabbing the man by the meat of the thumb and sharply twisting his hand the direction it didn't want to go. Thank you, elementary jiu-jitsu. The man cried out in surprise, jerking back, and Alistair let him, watching with a faint smile as the man rubbed at the skin over his recently overstressed tendons. "Fucker! What, you this bitch's partner?"

    The men started to fan out, one of them growling in a way Alistair didn't think was exactly human, and the magus let out a sigh. [alistair]No, already have a girlfriend actually... Why don't you all calm down a bit and we find out what belongs to who, eh?[/alistair] He was reaching into his coat for his ID when one of them came at him with what looked like a blackjack, so Alistair drew his left foot up and drove it into the soft part of the man's stomach, taking his wind out. Another came at the same time, which made the situation a little more clear. You didn't screw around when you were outnumbered, even if you did have significant training. But then he also didn't like flaunting his magic too much out on a street against normal people... he started blowing things up, and people were going to get nervous.

    So when the third man came in, Alistair blocked his punch, then locked a hand around the man's lower arm and snapped off one of his easier spells with a thought - one that happened to give the assailant a few thousand volts to think about, not unlike a pre-Resonance Tazer. The man seized up, convulsing before he fell back, and Alistair turned to the next one - this the one who seemed to be growing less human by the moment. He held his hand up, palm out, and a few bright arcs of electricity crackled around his fingers. [alistair]Come on, guys, you sure you want this fight? Because I don't -[/alistair]

    The unmistakable sound of a hammer clicking back on a revolver took the mage's attention, and he turned, catching the dark shape of the weapon as it came out of another of the men's waistband. Now that wasn't something he played games with, either. So before the weapon could come up and train on him (or the pixie, but let's be real, he was the much bigger target), Alistair dropped his coffee, snarled something under his breath, and lightning struck out from his hand and into the man with the gun. The blast took the man off his feet and sent the revolver flying - Alistair had aimed away from the gun so as not to cook off a round, but it was hard to hold onto a gun when you were zapped like that. As the man hit the ground, Alistair turned to look at the others, the scene suddenly quiet except for the sound of his metal cup once again bouncing off concrete.

    [alistair]As I was saying, I don't think you want this fight. And if I just broke that Contigo I'm gonna be pretty fucking pissed, by the way.[/alistair] One of the men took a step, and Alistair leveled his hand at him, lifting a brow. [alistair]Uh uh. And also, what the fuck? You were gonna shoot me over a necklace? I was gonna keep the magic to a minimum here, but shit...[/alistair]

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    Well everything turned to shit in a hand basket way to quick for Lenthi to keep up with what was going on.  Never before would she enlist the help of a human.  Not that they were a bad race for helping.  Just the least dependable.  The men with the urge to 'stomp' her were of course specimen number one.  They were already having trouble with this one man, and there were several of them.  As comedic as it was to watch Lenthi almost felt bad for the poor bastards.  Nevertheless she continued to squeeze the medallion against her chest as she watched the happenings around her.  As he stopped one attack after another, and then zapped another man off his feet.  It was rather amusing for the fae to watch.  Quite the show while she gathered her strength to fly.

    Which was when she saw a man advancing from the trench coated hero's blind spot.  Deliberately slow as to not warn the magus.  Not that she wasn't a hundred percent sure he couldn't handle himself she guessed he could use a bit of help.  She stooped and placed her hand on the root of a small, unkempt tree root trampled in the concrete.  Slowly a root slithered it's way across the ground, growing in size, and breaking apart the concrete around it.  The root grew to about the size needed to trip someone and planted itself just above the mans stepping pattern.  As he tiptoed forward he didn't notice the plant.  Not until it was too late.  In a brief lapse of understanding of the world the man fell.  A dumbfound look on his face as he plummeted face first into the concrete.  Nose bloodied and groaning in complaint Lenthi let loose a loud 'Ha' and bounced forward a few steps, medallion still clutched tightly to her chest.

    "Yeah!"  She released one arm from the fae trinket, let out a jovial laugh, and aimed a finger at the man.  "Face, meet concrete!"

    Giddy with excitement the Pixie fluttered her wings and took a short leap into the air.  It was short lived as she landed back on her feet and turned to watch the happenings between magic man and his opponents.  Now that one of them was out with a broken nose.  Unfortunately she owed this man a debt and she could already feel the regret as it stole away into her stomach.  If only she could help.  Twould be a thought if she could grow to maybe five times her size.  Then she could actually do something.  Maybe.

    Lenthi's thought process was interrupted in seconds as a another sneaky man grasped her in his hand and quickly retreated away from the magus.  Lenthi squirmed this way and that to free a hand and hit at the mans monstrous fingers.  He didn't budge though and the small creature grew desperate.  Her arms flailing and curses pouring out of her like she was born with sea legs and called herself a sailor.  Expletives that mothers would've covered their child's ears and fled in the opposite direction, that would turn priests over in their graves.  Even the man that held her seemed surprised at the colorful language.  Which gave Lenthi the amount of time she needed to scoop up some of her special seeds from her special flowers out of her special pouch.  Where the man made the worst decision of his life and he lifted the Pixie and drew her a few inches from his face.


    npc* I'm gonna grind you up and have you for dinner tonight, little lady.

    She reached out and grasped a large amount of nose hair into her hand. In a blinks eye Lenthi yanked the hairs from their roots and the man let out a cry of pain released the small woman  and she not so gracefully fell to the ground again.  The medallion struck first this time though.  Given a moment of freedom she dug out another heaping handful of the seeds and ran to the nearby tree. 


    "I suggest holding your breath" She called out to her human companion.


    Quickly she planted them beneath the soil and lifted her arms out to feed mana in their direction  A cantrip began to slip from her throat, an ancient fae language.  Flower stalks sprouted from the ground, leaves spread from them, and the buds quickly flourished into large blue and purple pedals.  Soon enough people began to panic.  Fears flooded the streets as people began to hallucinate in the small area around them.  The man whom had his nose hair ripped out drew a revolver from his waistband and aimed it at his companions.  Terror within is eyes


    npc* Stay back!

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    There was a momentary standoff as they tried to decide how to deal with him. Alistair wouldn't call himself that famous, but there had been more than a few news pieces on ARMA, and the Order before that, and suffice that the man in theblack coat who threw lightning made for a fairly decent story. And even if none of them had made the connection, well... A guy who could throw electrical arcs with a gesture usually bore some level of caution when approaching.

    Now that his hackles were up, he had his senses sharpened, feeling the magnetic fields in the air as they interacted with his electrical current... which was how he had a good feeling that someone was trying to cold-cock him from behind, at least until the pixie intervened, and Alistair cracked a grin. [alistair]Nature-power for the win.[/alistair]

    Reacting to some signal though, the men remaining on their feet charged at once - they were a bit more coordinated than Alistair thought though, and the magus's smile vanished as he reacted to the threat. Pulling his punches was looking like a less and less valuable notion - which was why both of the men who came at him from the front ended up on the wrong end of a sudden blast of wind and highly compressed air that took them off their feet, hurling them several yards back and up into the air before they crashed back down onto the concrete. He was still keeping it nonlethal, but damn were they making that hard for him. Alistair wasn't the sort to suffer these sort of idiots gladly these days. The problem was, they weren't weak, and they were already getting back up as he turned to see the pixie cursing in some man's hand.

    [alistair]Hey! Put down the little lady, shithead![/alistair] She seemed to handle it herself though, drawing a grin from the magus, before he had to turn and slip a punch, which he responded to by slamming his own fist into the man's solar plexus, following it up with a kick to the inside of his leg that drove him to a knee, opening him up for an elbow to the side of the face that Alistair didn't miss the chance to deliver. The shouted warning caught his attention though, and the magus swore slightly, opting instead for a quick spell that his first mentor had taught him - seal the air around your head into a bubble, and poison gas got kept out, at least for a while.

    It was also a trick he'd seen in a Star Wars game. So there was that.

    The sudden, Alice-in-Wonderland sprouting of the flowers and their clearly bad-trip-inducing pollen took Alistair aback - less so the sudden appearance of the man's gun. He'd had about enough of these men drawing guns during a perfectly good fistfight, but he couldn't very well let anyone get shot... which was why he snapped a hand out, grabbing the barrel and shoving it skyward just before it went off - and he punched the man square in the nose. The particular pop and squish told him he'd broken it, but the man let go of the gun, and Alistair unloaded the weapon before he walked out of the HalluciCloud (TM?), casually taking the revolver apart and tossing the pieces away.

    [alistair]So I think I'll call the police and have them pick those guys up, but I also feel like maybe we should go somewhere else... You alright?[/alistair] he asked, frowning as he looked up into the tree where the pixie was. Granted, he was ARMA, he had some jurisdiction, but... Well stopping street toughs from harassing a pixie who probably stole from them might have been well outside it. Not that the idea bothered him terribly much just then.

    Assholes were assholes, after all. He tended to be opposed.

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    After chaos ensued the pixie scooped up her relic and flew to a tree branch.  The man with the gun was easily dispatched and she couldn't help but watch in awe.  Almost as if in slow motion he disassembled the human weapon and walked away.  It was like watching a movie.  Except real lives were in danger and death was a semi sure thing.  Unless you had Mr. Super Powers on your side.


    That ended a lot better than Lenthi had expected it.  Never had she thought she'd be put up with a Magus.  Not one as strong as the man whom was now defending her sorry ass from a group of thugs that thought they were tough shit.  Showed what happened when ya stepped up to Zeus's reincarnation.  Which meant Lenthi was going to put him on the list of people to not mess with, and any of his friends.  Of course he had friends.  Who wouldn't want one as strong as he.


    "Like the bobbies will do anything."  Lenthi grumbled and looked down at the man from the tree.  The medallion again clutched to her chest.  "Getting out of here sounds like a bloody brilliant plan though.  Catch."


    With little more warning she tossed the medallion at the man and launched from the tree to hover in front of his face.  She'd heard the little lady comment and her wounded pride showed.  One of things she hated was being called small.  Though she wouldn't make a big fuss out of it as it was.  She didn't exactly want to ruin her good chance of not getting zapped by the magus.  He was definitely a human bug zapper and she was the bug.  


    "Let's just uh, move this way."


    With that Lenthi fled in a random direction, people cleared the path with her new companion in tow.  They saw the happenings.  Didn't want the same fate as their poor victims.  She understood a hundred percent though.  


    "So, what do I call you?"  She asked, trying to stay within speech range of the man "Mr. Electric?  Captain Conductor?  Bolt?"

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    [alistair]Shit, I dunno, they brought guns to hunt down a necklace. I don't know what the hell they're going to do.[/alistair] Alistair evidently looked cooler than he felt - he wasn't exactly some action hero type but he did manage to muddle through a lot of these sorts of situations... disarming a man stupefied by hallucinogens wasn't the hardest thing in the world, especially not when you knew you had a magic shield to fall back on. Taking it apart was just knowing how guns worked. Alistair did know guns pretty well...

    [alistair]Woah![/alistair] he caught the medallion and managed not to fumble it, looking at the thing a moment before she appeared in front of him. The look at the little comment surprised him a bit, and he looked apologetic for a moment, though she seemed to get over it. [alistair]Yes, away would be best.[/alistair] He let her pick the direction and started right off after her, keeping the medallion out of sight.

    [alistair]Oh, I'm Alistair. Don't have a special name. Some people call me Dresden though. Book character, another wizard in a long coat. Inside joke. I work for ARMA.[/alistair] He looked around a bit, they seemed to have lost the crowd, anyway. Meanwhile he took his phone out and fired off a text message, which would have to do for alerting the authorities, his office would handle that.

    Once they'd moved a bit away, he looked back up to her. [alistair]What's your name? And, sorry about the 'little' comment.[/alistair] Worth trying an apology, he supposed. Once they came to a decently secluded place (A little park that had sprung up where a building used to stand, most of them that had been knocked down had just been left that way, but some had been cleaned out), he took a seat, and opened his hand again to look at the medallion again.

    [alistair]There's some magic in this... so why do you slash those guys back there want the thing so bad?[/alistair] he asked, though he offered it to her - he wasn't trying to steal it, and it didn't feel terribly dangerous as far as his senses could detect.

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    "Aeylenthi Tarania love.  Pixie, botanist, and expert potion maker extraordinaire... Most people just call me Lenthi though, since my name is bloody long.  I am not little.  I'm actually pretty tall for my kind."


    With that Lenthi dropped the subject.  The Pixie would not be poked at with little comments.  As much as she loved listening to them and having people throw them at her on a regular basis, it still made her mad to hear it.  Even though she tried to hide it.


    "Dresden.  I like the sound of that.  Very well.  I shall dub thee that and you better be bloody happy about it.  I usually come up with my own nicknames for people, though most aren't very pleasant."


    She followed him into the park then and rolled her shoulders, pressed her hands against her chest and sides, and even did a test on her neck.  She was a fragile thing after all and that large grease monkey had man handled her like she was his willy.  That was when the question about the Relic came from.  A medallion.  She wasn't a hundred percent sure on it's history, but she did know it held some power. 


    "That, love... is a Relic.  A fae Relic.  Those men had it, and I simply reacquired it for my kin.  As to why those goons were so hell bent on getting it back I couldn't care less.  You're people would call the runes around that medallion Celtic.  It's actually not that much different from the language back in my humble abode.  Though I don't know what it means yet.  It's old and worn, and those damned humans grubbed it up with their dirty hands and smelly skin."


    Lenthi sighed and took the object back from this Dresden character.  It was still pretty heavy and she forced herself to land on a nearby pile of rubble.  Her fingers played along the faded runes and she shrugged.


    "I do apologize by the by.  For pulling you into that bloody mess, and as I'm sure you know this means I am indebted to you.  Whatever you need of me I work at the Book of Kells.

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    Alistair nodded. The question of her littleness had an obvious response - 'little' was all about frame of reference, and hers and his were frankly very different, but he decided just to keep his mouth shut on that one. It didn't seem like it was the sort of thing that could lead anywhere productive. So he decided to just nod. [alistair]Duly noted - well it's nice to meet you, Lenthi.[/alistair] he said, smiling a moment.

    [alistair]Dresden works for me. Like I said, you wouldn't be the only one.[/alistair] he agreed, chuckling. Pretty much half the people he knew called him that by this point, anyway. The mage looked down at her and the medallion for a moment, considering the runes. He knew what they were, more or less, he was a mage after all, but he decided to let her do the explaining. Might be something about it he hadn't guessed. She didn't seem to know much specific about the item though.

    [alistair]So you just didn't want them keeping their mitts on anything that belongs to your people?[/alistair] he asked - he was still trying to figure out why she'd wanted it, but from the way she talked about it, that seemed like the best bet for her motive. He supposed he could understand it. Certainly he'd put himself in danger before to keep things out of the hands of the wrong people. Though, usually it was because he thought it would cause some kind of hell if those people screwed up - or, in certain more worrying cases, if they used it correctly.

    When she talked about being in his debt he looked a little uncomfortable. [alistair]I appreciate it, but don't worry too much. You might say I'm used to dealing with people like that, for one reason or another... Hold on, Kells?[/alistair] He lifted a brow, then laughed.

    [alistair]Well that's a funny coincidence. I know Rorye pretty well. If nothing else, we might have met one of these days even if you hadn't bumped into me. So, you don't know what the amulet does, then? Those guys must have thought it did something fairly important. I'm not going to take it, mind, so don't worry. I just can't help feeling like it must have been pretty important for the guns to come out.[/alistair]

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