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    Alec collapsed into a bar seat around 8 PM and signaled the barkeep. He'd spent the day chasing idiots around the city because they'd stolen some piece of crap or another that ARMA wanted... or more accurately didn't want anyone else to have.


    Usually, the bearded mage kept track of all the things people did that put him on their trail, but he was exhausted, preoccupied, and it was that most accursed day of the week-Monday. [Walker] Blue Label, neat. [/Walker]


    Brown eyes sped around the bar, a bit late for threat detection, but worthwhile nonetheless. Hipsters in the corner drinking what looked like those old Pabst cans. How did hipsters even exist anymore? They were a pox on the land for years, and some annoyed vampire hadn't killed them all yet?


    There were women clustered together, drinking down fruity frozen drinks and cackling like a bunch of clucking chickens. Alec grumbled under his breath. [Npc]Your blue label. [/npc] A thankful grunt from the mage. Money slid across the bar absent mindedly. [Walker] Let's start a tab here. 'Sider that collateral. [/Walker]


    Why bother being sober when you can get drunk off good, clean-burning alcohol? Especially when you don't have to open one of your own bottles to do it.


    Watchful eyes continued to sweep the room as a deep breath sampled the flavor of the scotch before it even touched his lips.


    It smelled rancid, like moonshine.

    [Walker]What in hell's blazes are you trying to pull here? This ain't whiskey! You might be able to trick thsee here whimpering shits with their "craft" beers and drinks so fruity they can't taste the alcohol, but I have NEVER met a man so twisted he tried to doctor blue label. [/Walker]


    By this point, veins were popping out of Alec's forehead and neck. [Walker]It just. AIN'T. RIGHT! [/walker] Alec had just grabbed the bartender over the counter and pulled him straight over the bar.

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    The air was thick and wet.


    It was a rare occasion that Remington Hargrove left her den of techno-awesomeness and headed out into the real world.  She truly appreciated and excelled at the art of being a hermit and getting paid to be one.  Still, there were times that she really enjoyed getting out.


    God forbid meet someone.


    Rem hadn't dressed any other way that usual.  She wore jeans that were well fitted especially in the rear and were torn here and there from actual work.  Rem spent a lot of time on on her knees for various reasons when it came to her computers and inventions.  That and with her tools and the fact that sometimes she threw them... well things got a bit beaten up.  Over the jeans was a simple blue tank top with a low scoop top and a simple black belt that hung low over her hips.  Her pale skin seemed almost ethereal in the light of the bar once she stepped in the chains on her heeled boots rattling slightly as she walked over to the bar.


    There was drinking.  There was drinking alone.  Then there was drinking in public and making people notice you by being totally plastered.  Her dark hair fell down loose to her hips in it's dark waves intermingled with blue highlights.  She sat down at the bar and looked over at the barkeep. 


    "Something strong.  Make it worth my time." she stated.  She really didn't want something weak and people saw a thin woman and they immediately wanted to give her something colorful and sweet.  But Rem could put away booze with the best of them and she wasn't about to let him snub her into the 'female' category.


    The man put a shot glass in front of her and filled it up with a dark golden colored liquor.  She rose her glass to the man sitting close to her with the beard and tossed it back.  Closing her eyes as it lit a fire all the way down to her gut.  


    "Another." she said opening her eyes and sliding her glass back to the keep.  Only that was when things went to hell in a hand basket.  Beard man went off on the bartender.  Something about the booze he was drinking wasn't what he wanted.  Her brow rose as she watched the scene unfold.  Rem wasn't much of one for getting involved with other people's issues and if the man wanted to throttle the bartender then at least they could feast on free booze until someone called the cops.


    At least she had connections....


    But, Rem wanted to drink.  And drink now.  So while the man went and grabbed the bartender screaming in his face Rem boosted herself up on the bar and swung her legs over.  She hopped down behind the bar and looked through the bottles.  Surely, there had to be something back here that was worth this guys salt.  She could totally get behind someone being pissed off for doctoring the good stuff.  Apparently, the man had a hell of a pallet.  She ducked down while he dealt with the bartender and grabbed a bottle, still sealed, from under the counter and slammed it down on the bar.  


    "Try this one then.  I'm sure, it's free of charge since this guy would probably rather keep his balls than worry about your bar tab tonight.  Word gets out he doctors his premium then this place will be tinder."

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    Alec was holding the bartender by the collar of his ridiculous shirt. [Walker] You feel very bad about splicing your drinks. [/Walker] Alec's voice layered upon itself as he spoke, his own eyes staring directly into the other man's. Steadily, the mage felt his consciousness enveloping that of the other man.


    [Walker] You will extend a full discount on your wares to me and anyone for whom I order a drink. This clause is perennial. [/Walker]


    There was the soft crunch, the snap of what little power the mundie had to resist one of the most powerful mentalists this side of the Atlantic. It wasn't something audible, nor was it tangible, but Alec could feel it all the same.


    The poor man, who had simply been following SOP as set out by the bar's owner found his feet once again on solid ground. Alec turned away from his victim and spotted the girl who'd raised her glass in his direction before. Now she held a bottle of liquor easily worth the contents of Alec's wallet. [Walker] Go ahead and put that back, ma'am. He won't be doing anything stupid any time soon. As a matter of fact, Bar bitch! [/Walker]Alec snapped his fingers and the bartender turned his way. [Npc] Yes sir? What can I get for you, sir? [/npc]


    [Walker] Get me a bottle of blue label, and put miss... [/Walker] Brown hair swiveled towards the oddly pale girl. [Walker] You got a name, Miss? Or just a penchant for thievin? Whatever. Yer on my tab tonight. Just don't put the man out of business. Would be a shame to waste this potential.[/walker]



    [Walker] So, bottle o' blue, and whatever this lil' miss is drinking. [/walker]


    Alec sat back down, muscles finally relaxing. [Walker] Damn shine has its place. It ain't in whiskey. [/Walker]

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    As Rem went through the booze Beardman was having a conversation with the bartender.  However, something told her it wasn't just a conversation.  Something else was going on.  Rem was human.  Or rather she was an altered human.  She had her own skill set and she had a feeling that this guy had something going on too.  It was just a hunch.  She didn't get out much and she had no idea what this guys abilities might be but the way he was talking.. it was a gut thing.




    Is he looking for a fist to the balls?


    Now she knew he was probably trying really hard to be all polite and shit but she didn't take kindly to being called Ma'am.  That was for old bitches that went grocery shopping and needed doors held open for them.  Rem liked to think herself as far from the ma'am status in life as possible.


    "I'll put it back if you never call me ma'am again." she grumbled tossing the bottle back under the counter.  She grabbed the bottle she was getting her booze from and poured herself another glass.  She was planning to pay for it anyway.


    Beardman asked for her name and then tossed the question aside before she could answer it.  Dick. she thought to herself as she hoisted herself back over the counter and into her seat.  Apparently, she was on his tab tonight.


    "Cheers to that." He could call her ma'am as long as he paid for her booze.  The bartender looked over at her waiting to see what she wanted.


    "More of the same, dude, more of the same." she slid her glass over in his direction.  Her striking blue gaze slid over to Beardman.


    "The name is Rem, since you asked.  And what's yours?  I need to say thanks for the booze." she said honestly.  Though, he would probably end up being Beardman for forever.  Rem had a thing for nicknames and most of the people in her life never got to go by their real names when they were around her.  It was just one of the many quirks that came with being someone in Rem's life.


    "Thanks, by the way.  So what Jedi mind trick did you use on the bastard?" she asked waiting for her glass to be filled again.

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    "Rem," what an odd name. Alec chuckled a bit. [Walker]Name's Alec. Meant no disrespect by callin' ya ma'am. Ain't much left of formality and class these days. Just doing my part, way I see it. [/Walker]


    Alec could be "normally" eloquent when he wanted to, but it was a late night, and he was tired of trying to sound like a yankee.


    [Walker]Fuckin' long day. Normally wouldn't make a fuss 'bout something like that. [/Walker] It was true. Alec was the kind of guy who would have paid his bill, left the drink alone, and gone home to his own collection of pristine bottles. Still, sometimes it was worth a fight.


    [Walker] Don't worry about it. The bartender and I came to a little understanding. He's going to make sure tonight's drinks are free of charge. His way of apologizing for unsavory behavior. [/walker]


    A new shot glass arrived in front of the mage. He repeated the ritual. Deep breath through the nose; mouth slightly open. [Walker] Now THAT's Blue Label. Ever had it? [/Walker]


    Bliss in a glass. That's what good whiskey is. It's pure bliss.


    [Walker]Jedis ain't got nothin' on what I did. At best, they harnessed the power of posthypnotic suggestion, which can be easily ignored. Let's just say our friend behind the bar thoroughly believes in what he's doing right now... and he really needs to get some help. Ugh. Some of the shit in that mind is fucked up. [/walker]


    The man had some twisted thoughts floating around. Many of them about customers, axes, and garbage bags. Alec shuddered at the thought. No wonder he was mixing things into the drinks. It was probably just a matter of time before one of those was a more potent poison than the drink's base.

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    Things had gotten a bit better for Aingeal. Her abilities weren't really off the wall anymore which slightly concerned her, but at the same time she felt a huge sigh of relief that everywhere she turned she didn't see another ghost. Seeing dead people every second of every day had started to take an unnerving toll on her sanity and her heart. Over the last few months it seemed like she could control it more, like she could shut it off at will if she wanted to and for the most part that was 24/7. Unless of course she heard about someone who had gotten murdered and wanted to help them find piece or if a child had gone missing and the parents wanted to put their loved one to rest. Other than that she tended to keep her ghost seeing abilities dialed down.


    On the other hand her not seeing that many ghosts meant that she didn't have to consume as much alcohol as she did before. It had almost begun to feel like she was an alcoholic. Drinking every weekend just to make the unwanted ghostly visits to stop. Not so much anymore and that made her happy, but lets be honest, sometimes a girl just needs to go out and have a drink. She had gotten another waitressing job at a restaurant downtown and she loved it there, but it wasn't something that she wanted to do for the rest of her life. 


    It was slightly late in the evening and she hadn't decided where she wanted to go and randomly found herself walking into the bar. Her intention was just to have a few drinks to get a nice buzz then probably head home and pass out. If there was one thing that she missed about drinking so much it was the fact it seemed to help her get a good nights sleep. Then aspirin and water helped her with the nasty hangovers the next day. She hadn't really dressed like most of the other women in the bar, looking for a good lay. She had pulled out a pair of jeans and a black tank top as she hurried out her apartment door. So after walking into the bar for a split second she felt like she should have worn a skirt, but shrugged and headed to the bar.


    She sat down on one of the stools and then took a quick glance around the bar. No one she seemed to recognize was there and her head turned back toward the bartender. She raised her hand and as the bartender came over she said, [aingeal]I'd like a rum and coke please. Light on the ice.[/aingeal] She waited for the bartender to complete her order and after it was sat down in front of her she picked it up and took a few sips.

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    The squabble between Mr. This-Isn't-Blue-Label and the bartender didn't go unnoticed by Keeley, or the other patrons, of the place though nobody stepped up. That some of them had been drinking doctored alcohol while paying the full price was displeasing to them. Keeley on the other hand didn't care really. She was drinking one of those "drinks so fruity they can't taste the alcohol" to quote the yelling man, and was just fine with her choice. She recognized him, but couldn't place exactly from where. The woman that had been helping herself to the alcohol was taken notice of for only a moment as she resumed her place on the proper side of the bar for patrons. Meanwhile, Keeley remained at a nearby two chair table and sipped her drink; booted feet propped up on the unoccupied chair where her coat also hung. She had made sure to go home, shower, and change clothes — a short, sexy little red dress that just barely passed mid-thigh — before coming out tonight only so she didn't smell like dead people. That usually didn't attract company.


    Listening to the conversation between Ms. Hop-the-Bar and Mr. This-Isn't-Blue-Label offhandedly until the comment about Jedi's and post-hypnotic suggestion reached her ears. Rolling her eyes, Keeley snorted in derision.


    [keeley]Doubt a Jedi would use his ability to harass a poor bartender who was just doing his job. Going to pay his rent and buy his food when he gets fired?[/keeley] Her tone held judgment though her lips held a slight curve of amusement. She didn't find what had been done to the bartender funny, but the boasting about it. There was still something oddly familiar about the man that she couldn't place.


    Taking a drink from her glass as she glanced in the direction of the new patron that entered; unaware of the proceedings that had just taken place. People watching at the bar was always a good way to spend the night. At least it was better than drinking alone until she blacked out.

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    Rem rose her brow.


    "You're right, kindness died out a long time ago.  As did respect." she gave a shrug of her shoulder.  Having been abandoned, adopted, and abandoned again Rem had completely lost faith in humanity as a whole.  She was old enough the second time she was dropped on a door step that it had been burned cruely into her brain.  


    She wasn't the nicest sort and often had a potty mouth but that was just who she was.  


    "It's cool, fuss away.  If the rat bastard has balls enough to fuck with your liquor then he deserves a total mind fuck."  Rem believed that people deserved things when they went out of their way to be dicks.  They deserved to get what they got.  That didn't mean they all needed to die or anything but it wouldn't hurt if karma came and bit them in the ass with vampire teeth.


    "No, never, should I?"


    Apparently, it was good enough to do a Jedi Mind trick on the bastard so Rem slid her glass over towards him so he could fill it if he felt the desire.  If not she could fill it herself.  Apparently, the bartender was allowing them to drink on the house tonight.  After the disturbance he caused himself.  Rem cocked a grin as he talked about the mind of the man serving drinks.


    "I think everyone is partially fucked in the mind.  That guy just happens to be a Grade-A creepo I guess." she said brushing her long hair behind her ears.


    There were other patrons in the bar and she wondered what they all thought of Beardman's shows.  She watched them all for a moment before returning her attention to him.


    "So what do you do, that made your day a suckfest?"  Rem asked trying to continue a conversation.  She might as well get some quality people time before she dove back into her inner hermit and stayed inside for a few weeks.

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    Alec grumbled a low "fuck you, people." as he drank his whiskey.


    Some chick walked in the door, another seemed a little annoyed by his confrontation with the bartender. 


    [Keeley]Going to pay his rent and buy his food when he gets fired?[/keeley] Alec scoffed.


    [walker]You kiddin? This shit deserves whatever's comin' to him. You just don't fuck with someone's drink. Besides, if'n he were doing his job, I wouldn't have had to do that to 'im. [/walker]


    Alec mused silently to himself. Brown eyes flicked about the room once more. [walker] Oh, and since you brought up the Jedis, let me spill a bit of nerd knowledge for you. Jedis would use it for a whole lot dumber shit than this. [/walker]


    Another drink from his glass. [walker] Let's start with the famous one. Yes, "these aren't the droids you're looking for." Ever consider what that did to those poor guards? No. You were probably too busy cheering that evil had been vanquished. What about something completely identical? "Credits are no good here." So Qui Gon tries to use the mind trick, and it doesn't work. That was a LOT of money on the table. Still not enough? You probably get my point. Seem like you've got enough brain cells. [/walker]


    He was pissed. Fucking social right crusaders or whatever they were. Why couldn't they just appreciate a little self-interest and go take a dirt nap? 


    [walker]Y'know, my pa always used to tell me, a man who can stomach bad whiskey's no man at all. He weren't kiddin, neither. Bad shine can kill a man. Wouldn't be surprised if that there jackass didn't start puttin' cyanide in drinks now and then.[/walker] 


    It hit him right around then. [walker] But then, I guess, you'd have more business, no? You're that morgue girl that's always around. Yeah, I DO know you! [/walker]


    He almost added something about her being a "fuckin hippie," but decided against it. Being drunk was no excuse to be a TOTAL jackass.


    Alec poured a shot for Remington, and nodded. [walker]Creepo's puttin it real mild. Heh. I like that. "Suckfest." I was off chasin sumthin slipprier than a pig in shit.[/walker]


    Fuckin mundies never understood this crap. Most of em still shit their pants at the sight of a were. IT'S BEEN EIGHT YEARS! Grow a fuckin pair if you want to live in this world. 


    Angry beardman... was angry. Damn kids should probably get off his lawn.

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    Nerd knowledge.




    Remington wasn't the sort that didn't know a lot of things.  She just didn't have time to watch and remember every TV show or movie that she ever saw.  Still, she figured that she would let the guy that could mind fuck someone talk.  You didn't generally want to piss someone off that could make you piss yourself and drink it off the floor.




    Yet cool, and had possiblities.


    He began to explain the idiocy of the Jedi.  What they tried to use their abilities for.  When it worked and when it didn't.


    "I never claimed they were intelligent.  I just figured that it was a nicer turn of phrase than Mind Fucking someone.  But hey, to each his own." she grinned tossing her drink down her throat and feeling it burn all the way down.


    There was nothing better than a good burn that sucked down your throat and fell heavily in your gut.  A slow burn that felt good.


    The guy seemed to have figured out who the other woman at the bar was, and Rem allowed him to turn his attention to the other woman.  She wasn't here looking for anything more than a drink.  So if he had a friend, then he was more than welcome to be friendly with her.


    "So you chase the baddies of the world?  Or are you one of those that hate the things that go bump in the night?" she asked him curiously as she thanked him for the shot by holding it up to him like a cheer and then downing it.




    "Holy.. holy shit that is.. some good shit." she said taking a deep breath and looking at the empty glass in her hand.  That was some heavy hitting stuff.  
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    Dark hazel orbs glanced around the room momentarily, darting between the mortician and the woman at the bar. 


    [walker]"Intelligent isn't the right word here. Jedi are morally brainwashed."[/walker] The mage sipped his drink solemnly. He knew firsthand the effects of brainwashing, and knew from his close friend the resultant anguish that could ensue. [walker] "Mindfucking isn't accurate either. I just tweaked his moral compass so it points more correctly... and tapped into his desire to live. [/walker]


    Silence again permeated the building. [walker]"I'm a mentalist for Arma."[/walker] Alec admitted, sipping his drink again. [walker]"I hate the things that go bump in the day."[/walker] He added solemnly. That was, after all, the reason ARMA had split from the OFL. The real monsters were not those who had been changed into the unthinking hordes, those who were slaves to an infectious animal malady, nor even those who had an insatiable bloodthirst. [walker]"I go after those who have willingly abandoned their humanity."[/walker] Deep voice had gone near silent. 


    Remington's shout brought the mage out of his reverie. [walker]It's not the best, but for mass-production, Johnny Walker's really the only distillery I trust for an aged whiskey.[/walker] He finished the glass and set it down on the table. [walker]I have a few bottles of limited runs from before the event. Those days were truly great.[/walker] Alec was old enough to remember the time before the sky had opened, and to still remember the way life had really been--alcohol included.


    [walker]Enough about that though.[/walker] Alec poured himself another drink and plastered a smile on his face. [walker]Today is it's own day.[/walker]

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