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  • A Night Ruined...

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    June 25, 2018


    The sounds of Kamelot's Silverthorn CD filled the air in the penthouse apartment as it's owner stood on the balcony over looking New York City sipping a glass of red wine. The slight breeze made the humid night air almost bearable. The small vibrations from his cell phone brought the Sheut Ka gypsy back to the present. Sighing inwardly, he retrieves the phone from his suit coat and checks the caller ID. It was Brett, his body guard, and closest thing to a friend. Sliding a thumb across the screen he places the phone on speaker and answers.
    “ Yes, Brett?” he asks with a hint of resignation in his voice. He had plans to stay in tonight. The Hush Club could do stand one night without his, or Brett's presence. Apparently not. Brett's voice sounds strained when he speaks. “ Sir, we have a small situation. I got a call from Rico, and he said someone was at the club asking for you and being pretty belligerent about it. I have the car ready to go downstairs when you're ready. I told Rico to keep the guy there and keep an eye on him till we get there.” Nodding to himself, Mythos sighs again and hangs up the phone. Tonight was not the night to get on his bad side. As he makes his way to wards the door, Mythos picks up the Sig p229 and slides it into it's shoulder holster and pockets his keys. He punches a series of keys on the pad by the door and the lights dim, the music stops and a light chirp sounds as the alarm system comes online.
    When he exits the elevator in the lobby his phone vibrates again. Once he checks the caller ID again he swipes the screen and sends the call to voicemail. She'll understand, maybe. Exiting the building , Brett opens the door for him as he slides into the backseat. After closing the door Brett slides into the driver's seat and pulls away from the curb and into the flow of traffic.
    Twenty minutes later the Mercedes G63amg pulls up to front of the club and stops. Brett opens the door, and waits for Mythos to exit. Adjusting his coat as he exits the luxury SUV, Mythos scans the sidewalk in both directions and heads for the entrance of his club, followed closely by Brett.
    After entering the club , Mythos heads for the bar , making eye contact with Rico as he crosses the room. Rico nods once and motions to the guy at the far end sipping a glass of whiskey on the rocks. A slight course correction bring Mythos and Brett directly to the man they had been called about.
    “You looking for me?” Mythos speaks as he slides onto a barstool next to the man, and letting Brett take up position directly behind and within arms reach of the guy in case any trouble should start. Brett was very unassuming to those who simply looked at his outward appearance. Truth be told, Brett was ex- Navy Seal and had the scars to prove it.
    The guy nearly jumped off the stool as Mythos spoke. Immediately he began to sputter and stammer, unable to string together a coherent sentence much less be threatening about it. “ Uh, Uh, I.....Uhm...Fuck it.” The guy's body flinched a fraction of an inch towards Mythos, but Brett was already moving and had his hands on the guy before he got close. Smirking slightly Mythos, looked at the poor guy whose head was now firmly planted on the bar under the weight of Brett's forearm. “I think you and my friend here are going to have a small chat about etiquette in public. I had plans tonight, but you, you, interrupted them. Now I have to make a call and apologize to a very beautiful, woman. That's going to cost me a lot of money.”
    The look on the man's face was utter panic as the realization washed over him and Brett pulled him off the bar and lead him towards the back exit. “You Bastard! I'll be back....With friends!” He screamed as Brett now forcefully, removed him from the premises.
    Pulling a silver cigarette case from his pocket he opens it and removes one. Tapping it twice on the case he slips the cigarette between his lips and lights it with the zippo from the same pocket. After placing both the case and the zippo back in his pocket, Mythos takes a nice long draw and exhales to calm his nerves.
    That sly smirk of his slides into place as he makes his way to an open area of the floor and with presence worthy of a celebrity brings the room to a dead quiet before he speaks.
    “Ladies and gentlemen, please for give that sudden outburst. That poor deluded man thought to come in here and cause a disturbance, but thanks to the quick actions of myself and my security staff we avoided an incident that could have caused serious harm to anyone of you in this establishment. As an apology from me to you, your next round of drinks is on the house!”
    With those words, the place erupted in applause. Laughing along with the customers, Mythos made his way through the throng of people towards the stairs at the back of the room. A slight nod to the security staff at the bottom of the stairs lets them know he does not want to be disturbed and Only Brett is allowed upstairs......

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    [eris]Why the fuck should I care about Bakkhos?[/eris] she slid on her jacket after Ahanu handed it to her. [eris]Other than to blame fang shit on?[/eris]


    The woman was silent a moment, “you have about three hours before your ferry, you could check it out.”


    [eris]Toby should check it out. Last thing I want to do is drop in on a second rate titty bar meat factory when I can be having a nice dinner before the chauffer job from hell. They try to have a fuck fest again in my new seats I’ll kill them in the air.[/eris]


    “Might be a good idea, gain a few points before the conversation with Mr. Greene catches up to you.”


    Sigh was tight. She knew that. They needed Alistair, hell, SHE needed Alistair in this city. If her kind was to keep under the radar they had to stop partying in the streets and killing every hot piece of ass they found. Another rogue? Just what had brought those suspicions to her door? Toby was good, when he wasn’t at her side or watching her back, he was scouting the city for interesting rumblings. A potential vampire she was unaware of other than the little shits she was specifically told to stop tying to the east facing fence at dawn might be useful.


    MIGHT…sliding her pale lavender vintage Manolos on, her tiny height gained a few inches, but not much. Gabe had her back in Glamis, but her most recent chess move put her in deep shit with Adrian. He could kiss her ass for all she cared. She was the one cleaning up the streets on her own in the only place on the planet where civilization was bouncing back to life. Unless they wanted to help, they needed to get the fuck out of her way.


    Sigh tight, she nodded and Ahanu pulled the car into the hangar. Mouse had already ferried the Cessna into position and was running all the pre-flight checks. Lithe frame slid its pristine white suit and pale lavender cami into the back seat and they pulled away.


    Heavily charcoaled eyes went over the flight plan, flipping down the stainless steel cover as her statuesque assistant and bodyguard pulled up in front of the Hush Club. Brows quirked, annoyed into the rearview mirror. Door opened, and her sleek silhouette gracefully was liquid from the car, hands lightly in her pockets, tendrils of near black in a sleek ponytail at the base of her skull. Nose crinkle at the hand that went to open the door for her, entering just in time to see the wondrous speech to the crowd.


    Brow cocked. What the hell had Toby seen? Or, what rumors had been picked up by her little gopher?


    She noted the jovial crowd, her look… annoyed, a tiny form managing to look statuesque and indifferent before stepping over to the bar counter. She was loathe to be here, to touch things others were touching, and to try and find a needle in a haystack so she could get back to the compound. Ahanu’s familiar scent whispered next to her, back from parking the car.


    [eris]What am I looking for?[/eris]


    “Toby said some of the management staff.”


    Dark eyes flicked across the room. Looking for… nothing that was catching her attention, except a glass that was slid toward her from the bartender. Ah well, time to go in for the kill. Fierce expression turned toward the bartender.


    [eris]Does on the house mean in a filthy glass? I want to talk to who’s in charge.[/eris]




    About both really. The place was pristine, the drink smelled amazing, and she had no desire to talk to whoever was in charge. BUT, it may give her more of an idea what Toby was on point. He didn’t bring things to her attention often, he took care of it himself. He felt it was worth her eyes in person, which was the only reason she was here… in clothing too good for mortal eyeballs, in a crowd instead of a quiet dinner alone, looking for someone that may or may not be someone she needed talking or affiliating with Bakkhos and making her life another shit-storm to deal with.


    She really didn’t want to ruin her suit before the flight. One pair of shoes in a chopper accident was enough for the decade.

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    Sitting in the overstuffed leather chair, Mythos leaned back and glanced at this phone screen. One missed call from the beautiful English ballerina, and one from a buyer interested in some automatic weapons. Business can wait. Hot international dancers get pouty, and leave.” A low chuckles rumbles in his chest as he prepares to dial the phone, but is interrupted by the buzz on the intercom system. Boss, its Rico. Gotta woman down here wanting to speak with you.” Sighing audibly, Mythos clicks the mouse on an icon and brings up the security camera feed for the bar. Double clicking on the camera feed for the bar area, the image goes full screen. A sly smirk tugs the corner of the Gypsy's mouth as he sees the woman in white. Short, maybe 5'5” and a nice ass. She's either a pissy socialite looking cause a scene, or a potential customer.


    Exiting his office, he straightens his jacket and tie and he descends the short staircase to the floor. Admiring her backside still, Mythos slides the lightly tinted sunglasses off and replaces them with needless eyeglasses and fixes the platinum cuff links on each sleeve. His approach to bar brings him up on her left side and past her, almost brushing her shoulder and definitely close enough for him to catch a whiff of her perfume. Though he knows she's the one who wanted to talk him, he looks to Rico and receives a subtle nods from the bartender to indicate Eris standing behind him.


    Turning to face Eris now his face changes slightly, going from business to pleasure. A sly grin breaks across the Gypsy's face, and those too blue eyes fall on Eris. Spreading both hands out his sides, he bows deeply at the waist. Righting himself , he steps a little closer and speaks. The words dripping with honey, and filled with innuendos. “Madame, I am the owner of this humble establishment. What, may I ask has offended you? If it is was one of my staff, trust it will not happen again. Please, Join me for a drink so we may discuss this?”


    Motioning with his left arm, he indicates a small out the way corner booth that is obviously his. “ Please, it's the least I can do to help erase this black spot on your fist impression of my club.” 

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    Dark pupils wandered around the room.  She hated places like this, and at the moment, she hated being the one in charge. She HAD asked for it after all, by being efficient, and unwilling to put up with bullshit…  but… she also cared about her kind, and people knew it.  Whatever the deal was here, she was going to figure it out and at least keep an eye on it.  Hair bristling on the back of her neck, she sat at the counter and crossed her legs demurely, waiting patiently for something to catch her attention.  The first fiddle with cufflinks fought a hard battle to scrunch the perfectly manicured eyebrows down.  She was playing the nicey nice here after all, had to be nice, even when she didn’t want to be nice.


    Playing with cufflinks she’d found was about right up there in her eyes with adjusting one’s crotch.  Pure ego.


    Sigh was soft, fingers resisting the urge to tap on the counter and get the bartender back over and get her something stiffer to drink.  But, she did refuse the first one after all, wouldn’t look good.  Ahanu stepped behind her quietly, not yet having been dismissed, a bit out of place in her lack of formal wear. She looked all business though, high end bouncer business. Eris loved that about her, but wasn’t going to tell her to go sit in the car. If she had to deal with this, so did her mage assistant.


    Fighting the urge to growl at the man’s proximity, dark lashes flicked to Ahanu, whose hands just tightened a bit at her sides.  Good grief, the big amazon needed to relax.


    Smile when the pompous ass finally decided to grace her with his attention was tight. 


    “Madame, I am the owner of this humble establishment. What, may I ask has offended you? If it is was one of my staff, trust it will not happen again. Please, Join me for a drink so we may discuss this?”


    [eris]Madame would assume I was a lady, don’t get into the habit of thinking I am one.[/eris]


    “ Please, it's the least I can do to help erase this black spot on your fist impression of my club.” 


    [eris]I hate clubs, nothing you can do to fix that,[/eris] tiny form made a graceful hop down from the seat at the bar.  It definitely gave the impression that the dirty glass was a sharp piece of bullshit to get him out of his ivory towers.  [eris]But I’ll take you up on that drink, we have  things to talk about,[/eris] purposeful strides were already on their way to the booth, Ahanu hanging behind at the bar.  She knew protocol.  If the vicious little vampire hadn’t known any better, it would seem she was looking right at what Toby had sent her here to check out.  Granted, she couldn’t come right out and ask the man.  Vampires didn’t exactly have a radar that figured it out, so she was going to have to do it the hard way.  She highly doubted he would want the hard way… only a few moment to figure out what she was going to do instead. 


    She didn’t wait for an invitation, settling into the booth and leaning back to fold her hands in her lap of already crossed knees.


    [Eris]Eris London,[/eris] she offered simply, watching for any inkling of recognition to flicker across his face.  It was possible he had no idea who she was… maybe he wasn’t the one she was looking for. Dark eyes moved through the club again, this better not be a waste of time.

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