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  • And two became one....

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    He glanced over his shoulder to make sure she was following as a bare foot hit the first rough wooden step of the old cabin. Nostrils flared a bit with a huff as he noted the scent of the fish was too potent. Dark eyes fished around before frowning and muttering half under his breath.


    [gabriele]…didn’t eat again.[/gabriele]


    Fresh salmon gone to waste - did he have a clue what a rarity it was to get fish from waters this pure anymore? Probably not. Chest grumbled softly in complaint as he pushed open the rustic door, beautiful wavy old glass catching the moonlight as he held it open for her.


    Well worn thick beamed floors were padded over as he led her back to the bedroom, sleeping again? They had just gotten up but Bo was so exhausted these days. Pushing the door open he immediately blocked the opening and cleared his throat, a flush of pink daring to stain the pale Spanish pallor.


    Naked!... he wasn’t allowed to be naked!!... not with… her!.. here.


    Clearing his throat the Spaniard looked downright shy and embarrassed, very uncharacteristic as the vision of the Czech naked was normally one of his favorite things. Hand rubbed the back of his neck as he made sure he was blocking the view from the den, voice soft.


    [gabriele]…um… Bo you need some clothes on…. we have a um… guest.[/gabriele]


    His discomfort was silly, they were siblings… TWINS for fuck's sake. Didn’t matter. It was a woman in the house and Bo naked, it made Gabriele flush. Perhaps it was BECAUSE she was his twin. Perhaps the Spaniard was more embarrassed at the thought that he couldn’t shield his deep affection and she would realize just how smitten he was.

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    • 4 months later...

    A guest.


    A guest?


    Who the hell would he bring out here?  Nobody.  That was the problem that pinged a sense of panic in his chest.  A tub on the porch, him wandering through the house with no clothes.  This was supposed to be their sanctuary for Christ’s sake!  The only people with enough balls to just invite their asses out here were from that shitstorm in Glamis.  Hackles immediately went up. 


    God damn it.


    Ginger temper started to spackle freckles across his nose.  Face frowned, glaring at him for a moment as the older man rubbed the back of his neck.  Gabe was obviously bothered. It pissed him off even more.  Who the hell had that authority to make Gabe so self-conscious?


    [bodhan]I thought I made myself absolutely fucking clear.[/bodhan]


    Words were hissed under his breath particularly to himself, ready for a fight.  He snapped on a pair of jeans over still damp skin, zipper sharp and button quick.  Fingers rifled through the curls that needed to be cut while his bare feet padded to the door, trying to find a shirt along the way, tongue lit in a dozen curse words in his own language. 


    [bodhan]Why would you bring someone here?[/bodhan] he hissed quietly at the man.  [bodhan]To our space?  No more of this Glamis bullshit.[/bodhan]


    He looked past the Spaniard slightly.  Finger pointed viciously into the den at the intruder, then glared back to Gabe.


    [bodhan]This is supposed to be ours, get them the fuck out of here.[/bodhan]


    Trek was in the other direction to make an attempt to eat what Gabe had left him, uncrumpling the teeshirt with a jerk before starting to put it on.  He halted in mid pull, curls popping from the neckhole, the pause an odd silence.  Body twisted around toward the den as the shirt came down, ankles making the turn and almost tripping himself up.


    Eyes flicked to Gabe.








    The normally temper lit Czech was unreadable, and seemingly unresponsive.

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    He watched the expression dissolve into ginger fury. Lips parted to explain only to be "assaulted".


    [bodhan] I thought I made myself absolutely fucking clear.[/bodhan]


    There was a distinct comparison to the tall Spaniard and a deer in headlights as lips clamped shut and eyes blinked wide. Stepping into the doorway further as the Czech began to angrily pull on some jeans he tried to calm the storm only to find himself in the middle of the cyclone, the language of swears tripping from the ginger's tongue surely meaning things the protector didn’t want to know.


    [bodhan]Why would you…[/bodhan][gabriele]…but..[/gabriele][bodhan]..bring someone here? To our..[/bodhan][gabriele]..no I didn’t…[/gabriele][bodhan]..space? No more of this Glamis..[/bodhan][gabriele]..its not!..[/gabriele][bodhan]..bullshit.[/bodhan]


    The angry gesture towards the den and the "intruder" caused the Spaniard to glance over his shoulder at Maree, expression helpless as he looked back to Bodhan, his chest seizing, he had never considered that Bodhan might not be ready for this. The Czech had been searching for so long, perhaps the reality of finding her was too much for the mind that thought deep down it never would.


    [gabriele]..Bodhan[/gabriele][bodhan]This is supposed to be ours,…[/bodhan][gabriele]..wait..[/gabriele][bodhan]..get them the fuck out of here.[/bodhan]


    He was all but pushed aside as the ginger had every intention of walking right out without even acknowledging the intruder. Turning the dark mahogany orbs were pained as they seemed to plead with Maree a moment to make it better. He didn’t know what to do.


    Two strides nearly caught up with Bodhan just as he spun, nearly tripping himself as he finally looked at the man that had pledged eternity to him and then to the "intruder" he had brought him. Lower lip pulled through his teeth as the expression on the Czech's features became unreadable. Spanish lilt was thick on the soft words…


    [gabriele]…. mi corazón…[/gabriele]


    Hesitant fingers reached out, afraid of the fury that might come and yet forbidding himself to not show his affection as the back of callous ridden fingers gently brushed down the side of the t-shirt clad shoulder. Husked tones betrayed the extent of the affection.


    [gabriele]…I will take her away if that is what you want….[/gabriele]


    The distance was painful to the chest that swelled with air. The last step to bring him standing just behind the younger man's shoulder taken with gentle affection as the chin lowered so lips could be closer to the faintly red tipped ear.


    [gabriele]….but….is that what you want…?[/gabriele]


    He would do anything for him…even send "her" away. He would protect her for the rest of his life, but if Bodhan wanted it to be as though she never existed, he would make sure their paths never crossed again.

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    "…. mi corazón…"

    Head tilted slightly, finally… finally looking long enough to realize who he was looking at.


    ............giggle soft, a sharp whiff came from between his lips to get the strawberry curls off his face. Her warmth was so comforting, snuggled against his chest in a blanket, their noses touching as they basked in the thick heaviness of the morning. She’d jumped into bed next to him, seemingly only to annoy the piss out of him. It never worked, even when she kept tickling his nose. He never felt complete unless she was close, sharing a womb together could do that…

    Sometimes their affection was mistaken for something other than siblings... it didn't bother them. People who weren't twins, would never understand anyway.

    He whiffed at the curls again.


    Hand snapped up to tighten on Gabe’s hesitant fingers that were reaching to either comfort or elicit a response from the conscious comatose ginger….acknowledgement that he’d heard him, but was unable to muster anything else.  It was so fresh.  Years and years of misery had flown by before finding any semblance of happiness.  It still all came back with flooding accuracy.


    “Wake up silly,” Maree whispered, “it’s 7am. It’s the last day of your assignment… then we can go somewhere cooler for a vacation.”

    His pale eyes snapped open frantically before the blanket was thrown off.

    She openly laughed as he scampered around the room trying to find everything he needed before bolting to the shower, but not before taking the time to boff a pillow directly at her face.

    Bacon was already sizzling before he got out of the shower in the LA apartment he shared with his twin sister. He came tripping into the kitchen, half in a suit, half still getting dressed, reaching into the fridge to gulp milk from the carton.

    “Stop that,” she hissed.

    "…I will take her away if that is what you want…."

    He hadn’t heard, finally registering movement as he felt the cool heat closer to his ear.

    "….but….is that what you want…?"

    Hand tightened to a death grip on Gabe's fingers.


    “It’s so good like this,” he grinned like a fool. “Long day today, have to turn in all my ID’s.”

    He took another gulp, and returned it to the fridge, tucking in his shirt and crunching on bacon as he tied his tie. Suitcoat was thrown on, a muffled “bye” through toast stuffed between his lips.

    “Get back soon, then we can pack,” she smiled brightly. “I can’t pull our tickets up yet for some reason. Internet is down. I’ll get that figured out while you’re gone.”

    He smiled his pearly teeth at her over the toast and closed the door.


    He knew she was alive.  Had heard her voice, but the view of her standing there looking as if she'd been crying just couldn't be real.  He even remembered what his expression felt like the last time he saw her.  The smell of bacon, the mess of her hair pulled back into a pony tail.  For some reason at that moment he couldn't find the strength to move toward her.  Free fingers flattened his hair and quickly ran across his jaw. He was a mess.


    [bodhan]You changed your hair…[/bodhan]

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    He wasn’t sure what he was waiting for, but breath held and he waited anyway as the ginger head tilted slightly assessing. Everything froze when his fingers were captured, thumb pressing over the Czechs hand to interlock and assure him he was going nowhere. Glancing up, Maree didn’t look much better than Bodhan.


    How long since they had seen eachother? The Spaniard wasn’t entirely sure, Bodhan and him hadn't talk about it much. If they had been separated right after the resonance it was over eight years now. He couldn’t imagine how either felt to be reunited, he only knew the devastation he would feel if he were ever separated from the Czech. He would set the world on fire to get him back, and even Ausar knew it.


    There was still nothing from the Czech. The Spaniard was convinced now that he had gone too far. He should have asked. It was too much for Bodhan to drink in. But as he asked if the ginger wanted him to send her away, the clasp on his fingers became a death grip. Instinctively the older man stepped closer to the younger back. His free hand laying gently against the small of the Czech's back as his clenched fingers responded in kind to ensure Bodhan could "feel" all his support.


    [bodhan]You changed your hair…[/bodhan]


    It was as though he was finally given permission to breathe again. Dark eyes lifting to Maree with a gentility that seemed contrary to the strong features. Chin moved forward, lips pressing firm and affectionate against the side of Bodhan's head, the soft words lilted heavily in his heritage.


    [gabriele]…told you…Sheut can't follow us here. They don’t know about her. The only one that does… I trust.[/gabriele]

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    Body prickled in a wash of goosebumps, following the man into the house and hearing movement.  A request to put clothes on.  Then… anger.  She could feel it, washing over her in waves until the first glimpse of her brother chilled her blood.  This was not the gentle soul that had left her on that day, the goofy grin over a mouthful of toast.  Aggression radiated from him, launching her heart to a twitter when he seemed to glare at her and demand Gabe get rid of her.


    She stood, hands awkwardly at her side like a wallflower in a middle school dance, watching him stalk toward the door… swallowing the second he turned back to stare at her.


    She offered a pale smile as Gabe seemed to follow him to smooth things over.


    It was strange. Taught. Tense.  They were never strangers, but she felt at that moment they had never met.  He looked so different, so… not the innocent brother she remembered.  He had seen so much, been through an incredible amount of hurt.  They both had.


    [bodhan]You changed your hair…[/bodhan]


    Face finally relaxed, the quiet affection always on her face warming back into her features.


    [maree]Had to for work… [/maree]


    She crossed the distance with quiet footsteps, only inches from the man she’d come into the world with.


    "…told you…Sheut can't follow us here. They don’t know about her. The only one that does… I trust."


    Fingertips reached to touch the side of his face the same moment he did the same with his free hand, hers gingerly trickling over the scruff and tanned skin that had erupted him in freckles.  There was so much tension… Forehead thunked against his, at that moment he sighed, and the years were forgiven.  One hand fell away, her small digits wrapping around the deathgrip he had on Gabe.  She could feel it, running through both of them like a river, an odd trinity of emotions her abilities gave her privy to.  Gabe was not lying, and Bo… he was so angry.  So lost… and now sobbing, letting go of everyone to envelop her in an embrace that was mirrored by her own.


    [bodhan]I looked for you… I looked for you every day.[/bodhan]


    [maree]I know…  I wasn’t there.  It was nothing I could control, I don’t blame you.[/maree]


    Sobs quieted after a long moment, pulling back to look at her.


    [bodhan]Where did you go?[/bodhan]


    It was her turn to sigh, lashes blinking slowly as she looked at Gabe for a long moment.  The scientist turned to look at Gabe.


    She could feel the anger thrumming from him again.


    He rubbed his the heels of his hands against his eyes to eliminate the evidence of moisture.


    [bodhan]Where did she go?![/bodhan]

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    As Bodhan railed, the Spaniard could not help but notice the heat in his blood mimicked by the rapid fire acceleration of Maree's heart, warming her blood into something that smelled as heavenly as her brothers. Nostrils flared as the cabin filled with the scent of ambrosia that only he could detect. He was thankful he had bothered to drink at Glamis and that he had brought some supply out here. He would need to be sure he used it tonight to take the edge off.


    Dark eyes watched Maree look as helpless as himself. Heart ached for both of them as Bodhan fought to come to terms with what stood before him. When he finally commented on her hair, she seemed as relieved as the Spaniard felt. Her approach would have had the older man step away to give them their space, but the grip on his hand seemed a desperate plea for him to stay close and he would never deny the Czech anything. Dark eyes were unreadable as the two gently touched eachother. He was an intruder in a secret exchange yet he remained locked in Bodhan's grip which became their grip as her hand joined the desperate clasp. Swallow was thick as the eyes cast down as though that might give them some privacy…. so warm... so deliciously warm.


    The Spaniard wobbled a bit when he was released and the siblings fell into eachother's arms. Dirty bare feet quietly stepped back until the strong shoulders pressed against the log wall of the cabin, thankful for the support as nostrils exhaled slowly to cleanse them of the ambrosia lingering.


    Swallow was thick as the twins began to sob and apologize and explain to eachother. Lower lip drug through his teeth as thick mahogany lashes picked up the moisture that bled over dark orbs. In the few years they had been together, this moment was something that Bodhan had always been seeking, a heavy shadow that lingered over every happy moment. That was why the Spaniard had known they needed to be together before he pledged his life to the Czech. He risked much bringing them together, but it was a risk worth taking… this precious moment confirmed that for him. Back of a hand quickly moved to erase moisture that never fell from dark eyes. No real men cried, the machismo of his childhood had driven that into him long ago.


    [bodhan]Where did you go?[/bodhan]


    Dark eyes looked up through the rubbed lashes wondering what she would say, her gaze meeting his. He had kept her secrets. Would she tell them now? The pearlescent greens seem to ask him what to say before Bodhan's own gaze hit him.


    [bodhan]Where did she go?![/bodhan]


    Lips parted before closing, the faint furl on his brow clearly displaying the internal fight of what to say before tongue slid over the dry lips. He had never lied to the Czech, but there were things he had left unsaid. Spanish lilt was heavy as the words came softly.


    [gabriele]….she was hunted… like you….and caught….like you.[/gabriele]


    Dark eyes flicked to her unsure how much she wanted shared so quickly.


    [gabriele]….she was held for quite some time.[/gabriele]


    He knew it was only going to fuel the ginger rage, but Bodhan deserved to know.

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    Fingers reached for him slightly as the Spaniard retreated.  She didn’t want him to go.


    "Where did she go?!"

    Not now.  Not that insatiable curiosity of his now…. He’d always tried to be the big brother and protect her when he felt she was being bullied.  What the hell would he do now?  He had the expertise to rain fire on anyone he deemed a threat to people he loved.  Before, she would comfort him to a point of complacency. Now, she wasn’t so sure… there was a fire in his eyes that had never been there before, almost wicked.  She recognized it, because she had it too.

    "….she was hunted… like you….and caught….like you."

    Nod was quiet as the dark eyes found hers again.

    "….she was held for quite some time."

    Jade eyes flew back to her, the darkness in them something that startled even her.


    [maree]Rome.  I was taken to Rome.[/maree]


    She did not want to talk about this, realizing it really was all they essentially could talk about.  What had happened in each other’s absence?  They had to talk about it.  He would not stop with the questions until she gave him something to divert the brilliant mind of his, a shred of information that could throw off the anger until they settled enough to discuss it in a more rational state.  Something that could deflect the horror…


    [maree]I’m altered, bratříček,[/maree] she said quietly, brushing the damp curls off his face like a mother would.  Protector mode.  She had always taken care of him, now he was aggressively trying to take care of her.  [maree]I was taken to Rome because I was altered.[/maree]


    She could see it, the wrath turn to genuine question… then confusion.  She’d pacified it for now, and she could reveal the awful truth later on calmer terms.  Opening her hand in between their bodies, the air began to quiver over her palm like scorching heat on parched pavement.


    His hand slid over his stomach at the warmth, the heat from her very real.  Curiosity had been captured and he went to touch it, but she closed her fingers.


    [maree]I was learning what I could do.[/maree]


    It was the truth, but not the entire truth.


    There were so many questions starting to popcorn in his mind.


    [maree]It’s been a long trip, and I’m starving.  What do you have to eat around here anyway?[/maree]


    She had successfully deflated the impending atomic bomb from her brother, something she was quite adept at, the quick wink in Gabe’s direction inviting him to grab some food so she could stuff it in her little brother’s mouth before it started asking the flood of questions she knew was going to come.

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    The Spaniard was silent against the wall as she tried to explain away what she had been through. Bodhan was no fool, but perhaps he also wanted desperately for no bad to have happened. Amber tones were hidden in the dark gaze as it flicked to her as she confessed her alteration. The name spoken so deliciously from her lips caused his chest to ache, he felt an intruder on this precious family moment, eyes cast aside as if he could disappear.


    Rome. He had been to Rome. He had done things in Rome. Things he would never repeat to Bodhan.


    Sheut sensitivities were pulled out of dark memories as gut flinched at the warmth that flooded the cabin in a way unaltered wouldn’t sense. Looking up in time to see her close her fingers once more.


    [maree]I was learning what I could do.[/maree]


    She was full of partial truths. The Spaniard was all too aware of what she was doing and knew it would not last long. Bodhan's mind was far too intricately wired to be misdirected long. Even in the misdirection the Executioner of a nation could see the percolation of questions flicker in the twitch of the muscle in the Czechs cheek and flutter of his lashes.


    [maree] It’s been a long trip, and I’m starving. What do you have to eat around here anyway? [/maree]


    He suddenly had a purpose for being there again. Swallow was thick as the faint smile pricked at the corners of dark eyes, nod slight as he pushed from the wall. Soft words lay thick with lingering emotion which weighted the spanish lilt.


    [gabriele]…my fish… which your brother is not a fan of….. let me see what else I can whip up.[/gabriele]


    Feet still tracking dirt through the cabin padded quietly to the rustic kitchen. He had told a fib to Bodhan. He hadn't gone to the farm to fetch some other goods. He would tomorrow, he just hadn't had time to get Maree and the food without having been gone far too long, or risking Eris flying back off with her. Wooden handle was pulled on the pantry door as eyes scoured through it. Dusty shelves were full of a whole lot of nothing. He had never brought anyone out here so there had been no reason to keep food.


    Pulling together the few things in the kitchen he flopped open his duffle still sitting on the counter. He at least had thought to stuff a few things from Glamis in it before they left. He pulled a large plastic bag of grapes and three bananas, setting them on the small wooden table for the siblings as he picked up the rest of what he had gathered.


    Arms full he padded out to the stove on the deck welcoming the cold night air and escape from the twins intimacy. He didn’t want to waste time getting wood and starting a fire in the kitchen with the deck one already good to go.


    Knife was pulled off the counter, clean towel wiping the remnant of fish from it before stabbing into the can of beans. Can opener would have been a good addition to his haul. Next time.


    One small pot was set on the furthest burner as the green beans were dumped into its belly. Dark eyes only looked at the expiration date afterwards. This year but last month. Nostrils sniffed inside. Seemed fine. Good firing and they would be fine. Bread from Glamis was pulled out of the plastic bag and tossed on the sides of the iron stove, away from the burners they would toast without catching fire as the second can was opened as violently.


    Soon a pot of corn was warming next to the green beans, bread was turned over to toast on the other side while the fish was laying on a pan in the middle off the fire to heat up once more without overcooking. Furl on his brow could be mistaken for concentration but in truth he was trying to figure out if being a "vampire" was something he should have shared with Maree. The two bags in the small fridge under the rustic counter next to some bottles of water were all he had smuggled out of Glamis and he needed to feed…. soon. The scent of the twins warmed blood as it flushed with emotions was a cruel dagger in his chest as dry lips were lightly passed over while he flipped the fish to warm the other side.


    Feed them first…..Bodhan always first…..

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