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Cassandra's Apartment

August 20th, 2017

9:05 AM


This was stupid. And worst of all was that it was Jocelyn's idea. She groaned again for the fifth time since she had arrived at Cassandra's house. "I can't believe I even agreed to do this."


Joce shook her head and gripped around her body as she stepped out of the bathroom with a dance leotard on. She had only been joking originally that maybe Cassandra could show her how to dance sometime in payment for being taught some of her abilities and how to fight. Joce never thought they would actually do this though. 


She glanced down at her light pink and black leotard and just laughed at herself. "I look ridiculous. And..." she glanced over to Cassie's direction with a glare. "I swear if you tell anyone I wore one of these, you'll die. I will murder you, do not care if you are Dresden's sister."


She finally just dropped her hands away from her body though and sucked in a breath. The only reason she was even doing this was because she wanted to learn to dance, because... well... she wanted to learn for Kelly. She had been thinking about her future lately and she wasn't going to spoil it, or even let Cassie hear an ounce about how she was considering marriage of some kind. 


"Alright, let's get this over with then." Joce sighed out her deep breath, sounding almost like she was heading to her execution. She didn't even know if she would be any good, or if dancing was something she could do. She knew a few people that fought mentioned dancing helping with learning fighting movement, and Cassie did better with learning to fight because she was a dancer. But that didn't mean Joce had ever considered wearing something ridiculous like this and learning any amount of dancing. 


She did have to wonder if Cassie was just teasing her though with the leotard and everything. Joce had meant just learning something like ballroom dancing, but apparently Cass thought learning all the dancing was the best way. 


Like Joce said, this was stupid.



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Oh, this was gold.

That Jocelyn had shown up in a pink-and-black leotard was amusing considering how Kelly had shown up in her office only months ago. When she'd mentioned the leotard it hadn't been serious as much as just a teasing comment after recalling Kelly's outfit. Clearly the joking had not come across cause here she was.


[cassg]Oh, I wouldn't dare.[/cassg] Holding back a snicker, she cleared her throat and made a mental note to sneak a picture later for blackmail purposes.


Her own choice of practice wear was a simple, white tank over a yellow sports bra with matching yellow yoga pants. Nothing extravagant or fancy or necessarily dance outfit about it. Just something comfortable that would allow for ease of movement. Her feet were bare and she'd cleared her dining area of any furniture so it could be used as a practice space. Table and chairs, and anything else, nudged into the living room for the time being. She knew that Jocelyn just wanted to do ballroom, but the idea was to get her used to the strenuous requirements of dancing in general. Once that was out of the way then they could move forward. For this purpose there was a large yellow yoga mat on the floor and a bright blue stretching ball sitting in a nearby corner. She'd also filled two water bottles full and sat them on a little corner stand for the time being.


Hitting a button on the remote, the TV in the living room came alive with noise and began playing relaxing music; soft and soothing piano tunes that would be suitable. Cassandra dropped easily to the mat, laying down on her back with both legs completely stretched out and hips planted before reaching down to place right hand behind the right thigh and began lifting it into the air while keeping the left flat. She lifted the right leg slowly until it was pointing up the air with her toes pointed toward the ceiling. Looking at Jocelyn, she used her free hand to pat the empty space beside her.


[cassg]First, we do some stretching. You should be able to manage. I've seen you fight.[/cassg]


She grinned wide now, motioning to a little chart on the wall and continued to do the leg stretches; the first of many before they actually danced though she didn't expect Jocelyn to get through them all. Chances were they'd only do so many before taking a break and trying a little dancing. Though out of them all, it was the splits that she wasn't envisioning the other woman to get done. The other stuff shouldn't be too much for any ARMA trained magus especially one trained by the Order first. Cassandra was used to doing these types of stretches in preparation for dancing and moving through the stretches would be as easy as breathing.

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