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July 15

Cassie's Apartment

2000 PM




A small pink-haired girl walked up to Cassie’s apartment with her head down. Her hands were stuffed sketchily into the heart of her bright pink peacoat as if trying to hide some.


Moving quietly to the door, she knocked rapidly at the door, as if she were going to get spotted. [Kelly]Psst. I got the goods. Do you have the tape?[/Kelly] She asked in a hurried whisper.


Out of her pocket was revealed to be a nice and red canister of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. Along with the sugary treat was what looked to be a bright, clear bottle of Skinny Girl vodka. [Kelly]Cassie, come on. I don’t know how long it has before it melts.[/Kelly]


She came running from the bodega near the apartment honestly, using the most of her powers to get there while the ice cream was still all well and frozen. 


They had decided on this meeting after one practice/sponsorship session and Kelly thought it was a good idea. Being around Ali brought out some internalized stuff that she had thought she lost so long ago, and she didn’t know if Cassie had any experience with well, insecurity.


Plus, Panda flipping out on her left something stunned in her.


She couldn’t tell Joce about any of that, but Cassie. Why not? Cassie knew Kelly swung that way, because duh, Joce. So this might be a lot easier to tell her because there wouldn’t be much shock. Plus, she was sure Cassie had guy problems too. It could be an old classic bitching fest over ice cream, and well, Kelly was a little stoked.


It wasn’t as if she had many girl friends. Most of them ditched town or it got too weird too quick for her to feel comfortable. The rest were, well, she had dated them, so those were out of the question for sure.


So, Cassie was like absolutely perfect for this. She was straight, relatively normal and with a hopeful collection of tasteless DVDs that they could watch and snark at. Plus, they had a shared stake in the Alison thing, which probably weirded her out or left her with the same sibling complex Kelly was getting. Or both? Maybe both.


Yeah, probably both.


Okay. Definitely both.


[Kelly]Cassie, come on. Meltinggggg. I’m melttinnnggg.[/Kelly] She whined, tapping her foot rapidly. It was one of the side effects of just being her. She had endless energy, just no outlet.


You’d be surprised how awkward that made most interactions with people on an every day basis.

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Alistair was turning into a woman. . . being erased moment by moment and replaced by someone else.


Nothing was right in the world at this moment.


Cassandra was doing her best to keep a level-head when it came to the matter of Alistair's curse by that awful Inquisitor, and the Vatican by extension, but it was hard to think positive with the extent of the spell. This wasn't just a case of him physically looking like a lady — something he had experienced before due to mischievous individuals — but instead the mind was being altered as well. In the other incidents he’d still been himself. Now he was being changed both physically and mentally into something else, and the thought that if they didn’t stop it he’d be completely gone by the end was. . . tearing her up inside. While around her brother she was constantly reminding him of who he was in as many ways as possible and making light of the physical form situation, but when alone there wasn’t any distraction.


Taking a drink of the juice in the cup gripped between her palms, Cassandra stared out the window that led to her balcony with its little garden. It was nothing more than a fancier version of a fire escape seen on some other buildings, but it had enough room for her small garden and a chair when she wanted to sit outside to read. At the moment though she was thinking about the situation taking place in her brother’s apartment. If not for Alistair’s insistence that she get some rest and go about the rest of her life like normal, she might’ve still been up there; obsessively keeping an eye on his every movement to see if there were any changes occurring that were more alarming than what had already happened like any good sister. It was already getting incrementally worse compared to the first day that he’d changed and it felt like there was less chance of this ending positively given their failed luck at tracking down the Inquisitor responsible.


It was a whining noise that yanked her out of the deep hold that her thoughts had over her. Brow furrowing, glass of juice sat down on an end table, she moved to the door and gave a glance out of the peephole: Kelly.


Oh no!


The hour, the day, had completely slipped her mind.


[cassg]One minute![/cassg]


Hurriedly, she tossed some magazines into a cabinet, cleared off the coffee table, and threw some dirty laundry taking up space on the couch into her bathroom hamper. The place was a little messier than she usually let it get, but that was what happened when she was hardly in this space these days. Heading back to the door, she tugged her brown hair up into a loose bun and then unlocked the door; pulling it open with a smile on her flustered face to greet Kelly.


[cassg]I am so sorry. I was ah. . . well, I just lost track of the time. Come in, come in. Get that ice cream into the freezer.[/cassg]


Cassandra motioned with her hands for Kelly to get inside quickly, but there was a brief moment where that casual, excited look dropped as she gave a look along the hallway while waiting to close the door behind the other woman.


That famous Greene paranoia.

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