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1300 PM

Cassie's Office



Kelly left a little gentle rap at the door that she thought Cassie was behind. In her opposite hand were two very diametric things, a SUBWAY sandwich bag and a pair of nude velvet ballet shoes. It was an old habit of hers when she was younger and doing the dance circuit as many a middle school and even teenage petite girl would do in this city. It always felt to Kelly that dance was as prevalent in suburban households with daughters as football was for sons, and she met many a friend through her runs within various companies and studios throughout the city.


She wasn’t an amazing ballerina by any stretch, hell she was at best mediocre at pointe, but she was always what one of her instructors called a “tryer.” They would point her towards stuff like modern, but even then, stuff like Martha Graham or Isadora Duncan wouldn’t gel compared to the highly energetic and physically taxing stuff of ballet. It was just in two different spheres. And even ballet didn’t compare to the gauntlet that came from the Irish Tap lessons she got in her youth. Sure, she could have tried Alvin Ailey, but even that didn’t feel right to Kelly. Eventually though, she just got too old and track started taking more of her life and soon, all those lessons just became nothing more than a pleasant memory to the girl.


Sure, she had always meant to go back. Whether it was during college, or later as she jumped around post-grad work. That all kind of got lost wayside when the Shift happened and later when she joined the Order. But now she had found herself with a strange gap in time with the lack of Joce and a relative slowdown after the events of the harbor. In fact, she would even note that things were even a little boring, especially for her.


So, why not get back into it? She had a world-class teacher just down the hall?


So that too was also why Kelly, normally the queen of jean shorts and jean jackets, had been in, instead of her normal punk girl look, a pair of tights and leotard that threatened almost to snap her back in two from how snug it looked against her body. It was in all black with a nude unitard beneath, ready to be used for this dance education.


Honestly though, despite looking the part, she just wished the dance belt under all of that didn’t feel so snug either. At least her little bun looked cute!




She was going to soldier through and be awesome at this. This was a great opportunity for her and she did want to get to know Cass a bit better, so why not share this with her? Plus, there was always a small little incentive in the back of Kelly’s mind with all of this.


Dance, especially ballet, tended to made your legs incredibly muscular. It was probably that youthful training that helped her ditch Eris in the dust a few months back. Plus, not to mention, maybe a pair of muscular legs might be incentive enough for when Joce saw them again to make her stay a little longer than a few weekends at a time.


A girl could dream.


Smiling, she knocked again, eagerly waiting to see if Cassie was home to teach.

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Things were going well — relatively.


Something that always left Cassandra a little on edge as she waited on the other shoe to drop. These days things rarely went well let alone this well. While the usual day-to-day requirements of working for ARMA kept her busy it seemed a little of the post-Resonance world insanity had taken a break for a couple weeks. A welcome change of pace. On top of that the nightmares were behaving, therapy going smoother, and. . . her relationship with Matthias continued to bloom. Of course, there was still that nagging voice that pointed out how Alistair hadn't been introduced yet. Something she did intend to eventually remedy, but right now this was a bond that was growing and made her want to keep it herself a little longer. That aside though, Cassandra was finding it easier to open up and trust the man she'd been seeing for months; another one of those things that made her wait for the worst to happen.

Nothing about any of those particular things prepared her for what was on the other side of the office door.

Rising from the large desk after scrawling a hasty signature on the bottom of a field report that would be scrutinized later by her superiors, and tossing it on a growing pile, she swiftly opened the door to a jaw-dropping sight.

[cassg]Ke-Kelly?[/cassg] Both hands flew to Cassandra's mouth to hide the growing curve of full lips as she fought the urge to laugh aloud. [cassg]What. . . are you doing here?[/cassg]

And in that outfit!

She left out the words that followed in her mind. Every bit of willpower was being used not to ask about the outfit as she motioned the other woman inside the office and closed the door.

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Kelly gave her the blankets expression ever to blank once she was inside, but not before adjusting the wedgie underneath her tights.


"I'm here for dance lessons, silly."

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