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    1. “Day off or subtly working today?” Brow barely lifted at the man. Exposing a cop that wasn’t dressed in their blues was something that could get people locked up these days. Fortunately for the Bakkhos Champion, the detective wasn’t a blue…. and she had made her presence known in the city so many times it wasn’t like her occupation was a secret anymore. She was good at what she did… and she had a reputation. Just here for the caffeine…. Hint of a smirk played at her lips as she waited for her cup, acutely aware of the exchange between the two men. Bakkhos Ch
    2. The faint look of disinterest softened as he apologized. "No, my apologies. Seems like this place has enough money to pay someone to build it properly. Maybe with doors that open inward away from crowds." Head tilted slightly to glance into the room just as the door was closing, much as she expected it to be except for the fact that it was vacant. Had he bought the box for just himself? Hazel returned to meet the softened gaze, a light shrug lifting the well worn Bean jacket. Outward is safer for those inside the box. Physics of kicking in a do
    3. Fingers pulled the weathered baseball cap a little further down over her forehead as she wandered the light traffic of the second rotunda. The fight was heating up to an inevitable crescendo so people were in the stadium and gathering close to the large displays in the bar and club... not in the rotundas. It looked like the higher levels had even more security, likely because the club was up here and it was the first floor of private suites. She suspected the floor above with the really expensive boxes had even more guards and cameras. Bakkhos didn’t mess around. Again… something o
    4. Gun and badge were hidden at the back of her jeans. The worn black ball cap pulled down over the raven hair that was left to wildly cascade over her shoulders. She was invisible in this crowd. Tan weathered LL Bean jacket hardly smelled of cop as she leaned on the rail of the first tier rotunda to watch the crowd more than the fight. She wasn’t interested in the upper decks and the elite boxes. She wanted to watch the "working man". Most thought this venue was a powder keg waiting to happen. She still was on the fence. Truth was, people were testing their powers against eachother all the time
    5. She couldn’t help a faint smirk as the man snapped his fingers back in mockery of the Pharos agent. Perhaps it really was time to work with the Order instead of Pharos for a while. "I'm the fucking Order." She was liking him more and more. Hazel keenly watched the flicker of blue flame. Magus. Not exactly unexpected from the Order. Though when she had crossed his path at the coffee shop she would have first guessed a lycan from the brooding demeanor. “Projectile changes the direction, explosive is probably not hot enough to impact its speed like I just did.
    6. While her partner made the call to the Order, under her breath the array of languages continued to growl nasty expletives at the Pharos inept who stormed back to his people like a sulking child. If he knew what was good for him, he would walk out and not look back. Next time she got a hold of Gale he was going to get an earful. If this was their service, she was done calling Pharos. MRO-A rocket was slammed into the barrel of the small shoulder launcher as the hammer made another devastating impact half demolishing another pillar. Soon the concrete second floor was going to come cr
    7. The guy was green, that much was clear to her as he didn’t hold his ground when she stepped closer. Where the fuck was Gale? Her agreement to call Pharos first was with him, not the actual Pharos organization. Come to think of it, she wondered if Gale didn’t keep some of those for himself rather than share with his company higher ups. As the greenhorn started to speak the artifact was again whipping around dangerously close to skulls. It shattered concrete when it embedded itself just behind the old steam pipes. You’ve got a lot of nerve, lady, begging Pharos for help,
    8. As Pharos nearly got their heads sliced off, her eyes rolled, huffed frown betraying she wasn’t impressed. Wonderful… more "civilians" to save….. Murmur was under her breath but elicited a chuckle out of Lance who had used the Pharos diversion to get back to her side, blood trickling down his cheek from his temple. NPC:…we got a plan..? Ya…. Let the hammer kill them for a while and see if any of the team…... Voice trailed off as the head of this farce was suddenly there and yapping at them. “Agent Kayne, Pharos. I need the
    9. Anger was fueling action as she sprinted across rubble covered floors, scowling as she leapt over a blue clad arm sticking out from under a chunk of second floor concrete twitching. Dead blue. Fuck. Knee dropped and skidded along the floor as body momentum let her pivot the slide, back against the wall as her hand snatched the large duffle one of the cops had walked in with. Zipper was yanked open as she slammed her hands into it searching. Where…..where… Muttering to herself she sought the small shoulder MRO-A rocket launchers. It was usually us
    10. It seemed an eternity. Where the FUCK was the Pharos agent? The thought zipped through her head as she dodged behind a concrete pillar for the hundredth time. The party was down to her, Lance and two in blue. The other two had gone down with their counterparts, one was bleeding profusely from his temple and was going to need medical attention soon. Pharos didn’t get here soon, she was going to be heading over there to threaten their asses. She had no qualms pitting them against ARMA and the Order who all wanted first dibs on new artifacts. She didn’t give a shit who came so long
    11. February 7, 2021 - 3pm @Darius Kayne She dropped to the floor for the third time, swearing in several languages under her breath as she watched one burly man in blue get knocked on his ass, thrown completely across the old Manhattan clothing warehouse. This was getting ridiculous. Pushing into a seated position she pulled out her phone, hazel carefully tracking the blunt force object jetting around their crime scene. The minute it was answered she didn’t wait for a hello. Detective Seiko… put me through to Atticus Gale. Eyes kept tracking, a
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