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      Dika picked the book up and shook it slightly while shouting "Aha!" It was a book he had asked about from a colleague of his that worked with supernatural creatures, who sent him a copy of a book published about the creatures found in Australia and its surrounding regions. He had found what he was looking for in the section about reptiles, trying to find out more information about the lovely gecko he had won from the festival. There it was, with a picture to boot, under the bold italicized section title. Rhacodactylus Gemmatisque, the jewel-crested gecko. Dika knew that what the shopkeep had told him was all correct, but he wanted to have a quick-reference guide available just to be safe, plus extra reading never hurt anyone. Dika set the book back down and began to read. He scanned over the sections about population distribution, reproductive cycles, and the like. He stopped when he hit the small section on captivity notes. He read the section thoroughly and made a few notations on sticky notes as he went, so he could put them on the vivarium so he could learn as he did.

      The rhacodactylus gemmatisque requires relatively similar captive care as other rhacodactylus species. A constant temperature of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter the time of year, requiring well-maintained climate control.

      Dika made a note about the temperature, and the shopkeep had already shown him the small blacklight heating lamp in the lid of the vivarium, designed to keep one corner of the space warm while letting the other be cool, with thermometer stickers on both corners. One was reading 77 degrees and the other was reading 75 degrees. Dika put up two sticky notes with the temperature range on them.

      Even though common rhacodactylus are always nocturnal, rhacodactylus gemmatisque can be diurnal or nocturnal depending upon their personality and care should be adjusted as necessary. Any gecko in captivity, whether nocturnal or diurnal, should be kept in an aura with plenty of natural light so as to retain a natural cycle.

      The shopkeep explained the blacklight was not visible to the gecko, so that her nocturnal activity, if any, could be easily seen if desired, with the power cord tucked back against the corner without stickers.

      The environmental humidity must be maintained between 50 and 80 percent, less than 50 percent and the gecko will have problems shedding and staying comfortable, while more than 80 percent will invite infection. Twice daily misting is the easiest way to maintain this humidity, with the added benefit of hydration, as the rhacodactylus gemmatisque will drink mostly from the dew that collects on the plants. A small dish of water should still be cleaned and filled daily.

      Dika noted that there was a third sticker, opposite the power cord, and it was labeled as a hygrometer. It was reading 60 percent, and with the time of day Dika made a note of the range and to mist the vivarium in the morning and the evening, with the water dish being changed just before the gecko got up, whether that was evening or morning, he would figure it out.

      Feeding a rhocodactylus gemmastique is very similar to the feeding of any rhocodactylus in that the best and preferred feeding method is a live cricket, 2 to 3 times a week, lightly coated in a powder made from semi-precious and sometimes even precious gems, depending upon taste.

      Dika sighed at this, knowing that he could get crickets from any pet store, but the powdered gems would prove to be a bit more difficult, at the very least more expensive.

      Several climbing surfaces should be provided, as well as basking surfaces near the heat source, the easiest method to achieve this is with a low-water tree, the misting will be sufficient water for it to thrive while the bark and branches have shown to be preferable.

      Dika smiled at the fact that the shopkeep had already planted a small tree called a jade plant like that inside, with some kind of moss, sand, and coconut fiber matting on the ground to make it easy to water and grow, and he recommended keeping the extra growth controlled and therefore keeping the size and shape very manageable.

      Cleaning a rhocodactylus gemmastique should be done weekly with a nub-free 100% cotton cloth to maintain health and shine.

      Dika chuckled at this, as it was the same cleaning process for jewelry and gemstones.

      Captive rhocodactylus gemmastique should be allowed 3 to 4 weeks for acclimation to a new home environment as well as a new owner so that they may become comfortable. Often, they will stay withdrawn until they adjust, letting their personalities shine through.

      Dika finished the section, scanned past the other parts, and closed the book with a sigh. He looked over at the vivarium and sighed again. He smiled again, hoping that she could see him and it helped her feel more comfortable. He stood up, put the book away onto the bookshelf with the rest of his supernatural creature books. He took a longing look at the vivarium, smiled again, and left the office.
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