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    1. Her eyes had glanced at his face a few times, noticing him glance around her apartment. She wondered for a slight moment at what he was searching for, but shrugged off her curiosity and went right back to work working on his new wound. If there was one thing Boone knew how to do it is to keep me busy, she thought. "I'm actually an accountant. Started in the Motor City. Came here after shit went to hell. I just collect things for fun." Her left eyebrow went up ever so slightly at his words. "Uh huh and I've been killing people on my nights off for the fun of it," she smi
    2. “I can do that." That reply to her words weren't really that surprising. She could see Boone fixing things that needed fixing. So far nothing had broken in her apartment though, but then again she had been living her for a while and it was probably only a matter of time before a pipe burst. If push came to shove she probably would consider asking him to help. That felt all too weird though. Asking a handyman to come over and "fix" something. Stop thinking about that, she thought to herself. At first when they got inside her apartment she was half self-conscious with how
    3. The wince she heard through the phone was most certainly a confirmation of what she thought was really going on. He had been hurt again and of course as always Boone was being Boone and had to act all manly and tough. It was times like these when she missed running into him at his bar. In a setting where she didn't have to worry about healing him from injuries that were somewhat life threatening to him. This was her life though. This was who Boone was and even though every single time he got hurt she absolutely hated it; she'd never want to change who he was. “I’m sorry."
    4. “Hello Miss Altheia speaking." The food wasn't even able to touch her tongue after hearing his voice. She'd know that voice anywhere and she knew that him calling her this late could only really mean one thing. Instant worry began to settle into her mind as she placed the fork with food still attached onto the plate. "I'm guessing this isn't a friendly check up call, is it..." she said matter of fact tone of voice. “Where you at? I have beer and I’m bored.” If there was one thing that really bugged her about him was the fact that he always had to play it so
    5. The hospital had always been somewhat of a safe haven for her. Granted for most people it was a place that they didn't want to go to. More so for those who were in dire need of healing and medical attention. To Altheia it was the one place where she knew with out a doubt that she could help people that were in need of it. 90 percent of the time anyone who came through those ER doors were innocents that had either been caught in crossfire or had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was never any drama at the hospital. Unless you wanted to count the love
    6. “The trouble I deal with is fair penance for my crimes. This though, was unprovoked.” The first sentence kind of made her hesitant about her thinking it was okay to trust him. Then her mind went back to the fact that everyone had a past. Everyone had skeletons in their closet and things that they weren't proud of. She figured he was no exception and if he was trying to turn over a new leaf it wasn't up to her to judge him on things that he might have done in his past. However bad those things he did were. It wasn't that she couldn't really tell there was anything out
    7. “I heard that.” "Oh no he heard that," she whispered to herself in a hushed tone and giggled softly. She couldn't help it was the truth. Boone could drink her under the table in a heartbeat. Sometimes she wished she could handle her liquor a little better, but if there was one thing that she was certain of it wouldn't take much to have her feeling awesome and tipsy. “Well we do like to eat but there are other ways to our hearts.” Her eyes looked over at Brandon and she nodded slightly. "You are right about that too..." she stopped talking and blinked a few t
    8. "They tried to kill me, I did what was necessary." She couldn't help but study him. She was curious about him. About who he was. How a priest could end up being hunted after. Then it sort of clicked. A light bulb going off in her head. He must be someone dangerous. There was no way someone would go after a priest. Then again morals didn't really matter much anymore. "Then that is even more of a reason to not be blaming yourself. Survival is important. If someone goes after you it's only fair that you protect yourself," she said softly to his words. “Then who would walk
    9. “My fault, I should never have landed here in the first place.” Her head shook a little before she spoke, "Don't be blaming yourself because someone else beat the crap out of you. That isn't any way to live. Things happen and you just have to go with the flow," she said softly before taking the gauze that he handed her, wiping the blood away from her nose. She sighed once more and placed the used gauze down at her side as she stayed on the ground and said her next words. Her eyes stayed on him as he got the blood off of himself. The blood on his knuckles she had noticed and she won
    10. Her eyes had been stuck on Boone over at the jukebox. She couldn't for the life of her figure out why he was so angry at a thing that gives so many more people joy. Music was something she'd always loved. Her mother and father would always play anything from opera to classic rock. They had been a very diverse couple and it had leaked from them to her. She could listen to anything and find the joy or beauty in it. Boone, does not seem to think that way, she thought. Brandon was distracting her from her thoughts and her eyes blinked a few times as she looked back at him, hearing him
    11. “Rhome.” Now that is an interesting name, she thought to herself. "Well, my name is Altheia," she said while deliberately withholding her last name. She replied to him as he went quiet, thinking that that was probably all she was going to get out of him conversation wise, but she was surprised when he spoke up again. To her though it sounded a little off. "Times are so bad that people are willing to attack a priest," she asked mostly to herself. "These really are shit times we're living in," she said softly and in a sad tone. It was the truth though. Times were rough and more often
    12. The notice of his brow cocking at her words made her realize just how much she should have kept those words to herself. She didn't want this man thinking that she was some sort or any kind of threat to him. In all honesty she wasn't. She was the furthest thing from a threat, but she wondered if he had had much contact with anyone who wasn't a threat to him in some way. Well, she thought, that's a fucking heartbreaking thought. Also the fact that his brow had raised made her stay her ground and for the moment not move an inch closer to him. “…and attention for me is a problem, so th
    13. Her eyes stayed on Boone pretty much the entire time that he spoke. Her left eyebrow went up as he pointed at her and then her eyes narrowed slightly. When Boone didn't want to tell her something it usually meant that however he had gotten hurt involved some events that she probably shouldn't really know about, but the need and curiosity of wanting to know almost always weighed on her. It wasn't that she wanted to go beat the poop.... like she even could.... out of whoever had done that to him, but maybe she could find a better or safer way for him to do what he does. “No.. and we’
    14. “I’m not even claiming the first part of that.” His reply had made her laugh and that made her happy. Being happy nowadays was hard for everyone. All the time bad things happened. People died. Things were either sad or angry. Neither emotion Altheia liked very much. So she smiled at him and watched as he dug around in the clothes bin. "So what you're saying is that you ARE a psycho killer," she asked and laughed again. "Well, just to let you know. I don't just heal people. There's a completely opposite side to my abilities. Now. I don't use that side of my abilities very at all. I'
    15. There was one life lesson that she had been taught early on in her schooling and that was to be as observant as possible when it comes to your patients. Things like noticing their movements, listening to them as they talk about their either existent or non-existent problems, and making sure that they don't do anything to harm themselves while under her care. So when she slightly noticed his cheek flinch it should have been her first clue to perhaps back the fuck off, but that side of her that had to help every single person who was injured was telling her to ignore the movement. The sound of w
    16. The ER hadn't been too busy in the afternoon and she knew better than to say anything like, 'It's quiet tonight.' Those were typically the words that always brought something bad into the ER, ranging anywhere from people being shot up badly to car accident after car accident. It was nights like this that she was most thankful for. The quiet ones when there were hardly any injuries coming in at all, which for the most part in the city were few and far between. Altheia had decided to take a bit of a break before her night would more than likely get busy. Daytime was always pretty much calm, but
    17. Her eyes looked at him and she sighed softly. Then shook her head slightly before replying to him, "You don't have to bring it back. Trust me that more often than not when people forget something here they typically don't come back to get it. It's a very rare occurrence. Plus, who doesn't like free things?" She smiled and giggled softly at herself. “Let’s do this before you change your mind.” She nodded at his words and then turned on her heel and went through the door of the trauma one room. She glanced around for a second and spotted a nurse, nodding to her for a s
    18. In the back of her mind, even now, she kept wondering if things were going okay at the hospital. It scared her so much to be away from that place for long amounts of time. There were always people getting hurt and there were always people that needed the extra healing care only she could offer. Well shit, that sounded sort of dirty, she thought. Crap, I'm turning into Boone, she thought again and then shook her head slightly at herself. “I can get that way from time to time.” She smiled at his words and nodded in agreement. "I'm sure at some point in their lives everyon
    19. As Brandon pulled out his belongings from the bag she couldn't help but notice that the shirt that he was supposed to be wearing seemed to be non-wearable. She sighed inwardly and thought for a moment then smiled at him. "I do believe we might have a shirt that you could borrow in the lost and found," she said as she moved toward the door, standing next to it as she still looked at him. “The offer still stands Altheia, let’s get something to eat, right after I get another shirt.” She looked at Brandon and sighed inwardly one more time, still feeling somewhat tired from
    20. As she saw Brandon's face light up it gave her hope that he was doing good. It was hard to tell how people were doing nowadays. For the most part she had a feeling that pretty much everyone was having a rough go of it. She was fair off, but some people had it a lot worse than she did. After she heard his words that confirmed her suspicions she smiled brightly at him. "I'm glad," she replied happily. Her eyes had moved over to the bartender who had answered the phone and was speaking in a hushed tone into the phone. She wondered who was on the other end, but she lightly shrugged her
    21. Altheia watched him sit up on the bed and was relieved and happy that he seemed to be feeling a lot better. How many people is that tonight that I've healed, she silently asked herself. It has to be up there and that must be why I'm so exhausted, she thought. His first words she found that she could completely relate to. Most of the time when she healed someone they were already under and unconscious. That meant that they didn't tend to remember exactly why they made such a miraculous turn around. Then there were the few odd cases, like Boone, and Brandon when she had to use her abilities the
    22. The night shift had been very long, but for her she was thankful she only really needed to heal two people. That made her have a reason to have a lunch out instead of eating in the hospital cafeteria. She never really minded the food there, but anything was always typically better. The only reason she ever ate in the cafeteria was so that she could be close to work as much as possible. Maybe she also felt like she had been a bit over worked. That's why she had decided to go to Slainte for lunch. Maybe have a beer with her food and then head to her apartment. With a push of the door
    23. The words that came from him made her hesitate for a second. Was this guy really hitting on her, she thought. I mean it wasn't something that she wasn't used to. It was just that after her brief time with Boone she had hoped that something would become more between them, but he had been busy. Though so had she. Working at the hospital was no walk in the park. Still. It almost felt wrong. This interaction that is. However. Life is short and nothing had been set in stone between her and Boone. "Well what happens to be your favorite food? There are lots of rest
    24. “Easy,”...“I’ll be fine now so please don’t overdo this.” She heard his words and blinked a few more times. He was almost fully healed and she was sure she could finish before letting him go on his way with a concussion. Though she was sure even if she didn't fully heal his head that he would be fine as long as he stayed awake. "Just a second more, at least," she said and closed her eyes for even a few more seconds which actually turned out to be 30 seconds. Her eyes opened and she looked down at him as she lifted her hands away from him. All at once she felt dizzy once
    25. Everyone at some point, or even all the time, were stubborn. Altheia even had her moments of stubbornness and she was sure that there would certainly be more of them to come. It wasn't one of her most liked traits about herself, but it kept her morals in check and seemed to help keep a level head. Sure sometimes being extremely stubborn had it's downfalls and tended to land her in situations which she'd rather not be in, but those situations mostly tended to lead to friendships. Her hands still stayed on him, feeling that she was almost done with healing him, but also feeling that
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