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      While of South Korean Descent, Keeley was born a 2nd generation American and therefore her standards of beauty differ largely; only compounded by the fact that she was raised by a non-Korean family once adopted. Though the older she got the more she’d occasionally introduce aspects of that culture into her lifestyle and fashion. By middle school it started to become a sign of several things including her constant confusion on where she fit and her fledgling confidence as she grew into herself, and it all started with the love that grew for her monolids and the way they displayed her coffee-colored eyes. Perhaps to some small, but for Keeley it was the start of loving herself instead of hating herself cause of those differences.

      The occasions of coloring and perming her black to match better to that of her adoptive family slowly tapered off; the preference to keep it natural, healthy, and long; hanging down around her shoulders except when pulled up during work. She might fix it up when she goes out, but even that isn’t often. For the most part her choice of clothing is about comfort, durability, and what sits well on the build of her frame given her 5’6” height. Usually the wardrobe being comfortable jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and things along those lines. When working it’s usually professional looking tops, slacks, and shoes that don’t limit movement while also being easy to wash. She doesn’t wear anything to work that she wouldn’t want damaged or lost. When she’s out for a fancy and fun evening then she might wear a little something sexy like a short dress or pair of heels with her make-up done up more than the casual stuff she wears at work to only subtly enhance her light olive skin — which tans more with time spent in the sun she gets an opportunity to be in when outside the morgue — and other features.
      Doting. Protective. Instinctual. Crafty. Pragmatic. Fierce Mama Bear. Perceptive. Wounded. Guilty.

      There are plenty of words to describe Keeley, but it’s important to know that first and foremost she’s a Mother. This has become an even stronger aspect of her personality since thrown into the post-Resonance world; becoming the sole protector of her only child with the intense experience of protecting him from the man she loved — her husband — when after returning home from a night out with friends began to behave differently and eventually tried to hurt their son. Striking her husband in the head with a fireplace poker seemed to be the best idea and leaving him for dead she took her son, called her Aunt, and ran to Los Angeles. This motherly attitude has always been a part of Keeley and only became stronger the more years passed. It contributes heavily to her doting, protective nature toward those that need help or that she cares about, and most definitely makes her a fierce mama bear where her son is concerned.

      Keeley is a pragmatic soul, and has been since her early childhood years; something about the no-nonsense and straight-forward aspect of things appealing to her. This was something that didn't always go over well for her during her school years as she tends to be quite frank when it comes to conversation preferences — beating around the bush never appealed especially with flirting — and she was also a blunt person where her thoughts were concerned. Of course, she didn't come to accept this more about herself until her high school years as the well-mannered, polite aspects taught to her as a young child by her birth family made her feel shame for behaving in this manner and overpowered her for some time until she could overcome that part of herself. Those same feelings of shame about what is right and what is wrong still come to the fore on occasion where her sexuality is concerned, but she refuses to cave and will continue the rest of her life to fight those feelings. This pragmatic attitude also leads to her being quite professional and practical where her work is concerned. She’s not one for discussing theories of what might've happened.

      The work she does as a coroner, and forensic medical examiner, is almost instinctual; as if she was suited toward it from out of the womb, and her perceptive nature helps as well. This instinct bleeds into her love of do-it-yourself crafts and love of fixing, and building, things. The need to use her hands is always strong especially when she’s stressed. As far as her perceptiveness goes, it has become more of a skill when utilized with her ability, but she’s always noticed things and while she is proud of this gift there’s still that small, inner child who knows it’s this aspect of her that was responsible for turning in her birth parents.

      She has overcome the overwhelming need for idealized perfection, and the distaff and contrast that she dealt with early on during the adoption by the Saunders as well; all of which has led to her being a stronger person. Yet there’s still guilt for turning in her birth parents, the abandonment of her blood relatives when she was only doing what was right, and — in a way — for so easily moving on from them and that part of her life after being taken in by the Saunders even before the adoption happened. They always sought to make her a better person, a stronger person, to soothe the wounds and guilt left behind from that part and in many ways they've succeeded though on occasion it’ll crop up during weaker moments. Now, she moreso deals with the invisible wounds created by grief and self-blame: for possibly killing her husband, or at least for leaving him for dead without checking on his well-being, and for not being able to better help or protect her son. The destruction of her small family is a failure she puts squarely on her shoulders and it’s a heavy weight. Being tied to certain organizations with poor, or outright criminal, reputations makes her feel worse, but she buries that under the justification that she’ll do whatever it takes to help and protect her son. Unable to properly deal with the grief, or to fix the situation, she deals with it by throwing herself into her work or into bed with another no-strings partner.

      All that aside, Keeley is a not a harsh person, though she can come off cold and unfriendly at times, but in truth she’s warm once people get to know her. She’s also an open-minded, intellectual individual who loves sleigh rides and music and board games and swimming among other things. Oh, and wine and liquor. She does like to go out and have fun, let her hair down, on occasion. She has been said to be a bit of a romantic, but her ideas about relationships are quite modern.
      — TOOLS —
      For work purposes, so during work hours, she carries things that are useful such as a small wrapped loop of paracord, a multi-tool, a Led Lenser P2 flashlight, an old Sony ICD-SX712 digital voice recorder. She also has a carabiner with multiple retractable strings attached to keys, flashlight, a pocketwatch that she keeps attached to the pocket of her shirt where she also carries a small notebook and pen. Given her practical nature this means that on some of her accessories/jewelry there can be found paracord to be used for any emergency needs.

      — WEAPONS —
      Keeley carries on her person a black Taser either inside a pocket in her purse or in a holster located at the back of her left hip. She also carries a Glock 33 in a holster in the designated compartment of her concealed carry purse which is usually a large black one where she carries an extra magazine in the extra pocket for it unless she has a special event when she carries a different bag that requires her to keep the magazine in a sweater/coat or pant pocket.

      — MEMENTOS —
      These are items that Keeley managed to grab from her home on the night she fled: Certain pieces of jewelry given to her by her parents, her siblings, her husband; her son’s baby book, first pair of shoes, the outfit she brought him home in from the hospital; several photo albums; her not even half-filled first family album.

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