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      Writing, reading, music (I'm a musicaholic), and a smattering of tv shows. Also have kids and a husband that demand attention here and there.
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      10 years of roleplay in various mediums including Table top, LARP, and forums. Not including various chats and play by mails. I got into rping mainly as a way to help me flesh out character for a novel I'm working on and the bug has stuck. I love making stories with people and seeing where the characters take themselves. Pretty much open to whatever and have no problems mangling my characters if they go off and do stupid crap. I can always make another character. XD
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      Ardal's icy colored eyes flicked about the alley way. There was blood and his contact was missing. That was almost never a good combination, at least not for the contact. To him it meant he was on the right path, closing in on the bastard.

      It just also meant he needed to actually make an effort to get a hold of his contact.

      With an annoyed sigh Ardal pulled out a ziploc bag, taking a pitch of dust and scattering it over the blood. It would help to give the spirit something solid to hold it together while they spoke since there was no body. The tall man knelt down, his leg protesting a little for he had been walking on it a lot today but he ignored it, muttering under his breath as the spell took hold.

      The silver head of his cane rapped out a rhythm in the middle of the blood pool, sticky on the ground. He waited a moment before repeating the words and adding the name Eddie before he rapped again, knocking on the proverbial door to speak to the ghost he wanted to.

      Eddie swirled into existence, the bone dust sticking to his appearance like sand to wet flesh. He was dressed as he usually was when Ardal saw him; ripped jeans, hoodie pulled low, and scarred sneakers with rings in his nose, eyebrow, and lip. The stain over the body was new however, a chest wound that obviously had been lethal. Ardal could not tell the type of injury as it but he might find out from the spirit as they spoke.

      The ghost looked around in confusion as all dead did when called. It took a moment for them to process things. Ardal could only hope that Eddie did not take things to hard or this was going to take longer than he thought.

      "Ardal!" Eddie said, his voice having the strange echo sound to it that all spooks had. It was something to do with death and the soul effectively being somewhere else and only coming back as a literal echo of themselves. "I don't...what happened? I remember....I remember....How are you man? You know Kathy wants you to hang around more, says you got style."

      The mage cringed a bit in his suit. One time he had needed to meet Eddie in some of the more unscrupulous areas of the city. Ardal could not say he appreciated having to walk into a whore house to drag Eddie out so he could talk to him but it was hardly the most horrible thing that had happened in his life. It still however made his skin crawl and flush a bit that one of the prostitutes had taken such a shine to him.

      What worried the necromancer was that Eddie was repeating a conversation they'd had weeks ago. That meant he was still processing what had happened to him and Ardal had his work cut out for him unless he figured out a way around things.

      "Hello Edward," Ardal said, "Did you have the information I was requesting?"

      "I...I don't know," Eddie said as he struggled to remember things. "Did I?"

      Ardal clenched his teeth and reminded himself that yelling or upsetting a ghost was likely to cause issues. That was usually when things started flying around and while he could handle himself he did not want to cause issues with others that might come into the alley. "It was really important. I asked you to see about a black market deal for an artifact passing through the area. You were going to get back to me about that?" he offered, hoping to jog things without touching on the painful subject of Eddie having died for that information.

      "Now," Ardal said standing up and pulling a handkerchief from his pocket to clean off the pen and cane. "You had some information for me?"

      "Yeah I do, and I'm dead now for it," Eddie snapped apparently remembering a bit to much from Ardal's prodding. "Dead cause of you! You owe me here Order hound! How about you see about getting me a body here to move into and I'll-"

      Already cold colored eyes went colder in mere seconds of the words leaving Eddie's lips. Ardal's expression tightened in anger and his cane snapped down into the blood with a hissing word from the mage. Eddie let out a howl as he twisted and turned in agony for a moment before Ardal relaxed the spell. Trash cans and such rattling weakly from the ghost's emotions and pain before they settled. Eddie not being strong enough to cause such havoc worked well in Ardal's favor at least.

      "I...I thought that only worked on the living!" Eddie said sounding shocked.

      "Only takes a slight modification to the wording. Trust me though when I say I have other ways of dealing with the dead that make such idiotic suggestions to me and expect not to suffer something for it." Ardal stated, a bluff of pain to get the ghost to crumble under his will. His tone stayed low, unchanging and his face an uncaring mask as the spirit stared at him. "Information. Now."

      "Gimme a body first!" Eddie snipped. "It doesn't have to be you there, just get me someone normal. Just a bum off the streets anything! I'm cold...that's all that's here man is the black and cold."

      Ardal's face did not so much as twitch. He waited, feeling the new spirit starting to crumble under the pressure of the spells and Ardal's will. Newer ghosts always did, the older ones were far more challenging in matters such as this. Months and years of denying that they were dead causing them to be more jumbled in thought than someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease. Getting them to focus long enough on you was hard enough, then getting them to remember what they needed to, and tell you.

      Maybe it was really a good thing Eddie had only died hours ago.
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