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      Lyndsy Fonseca
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      37 (3-13-85)
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      ARMA: Knight Division, Captain
    • 'SHIP:
      Alec Walker
      Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
      ARMA: Member; one of the original founders; sister of original founder.
      OFL/Vatican: Due to past history; does not like them and the stuff they do.
      Alistair Greene: Brother; original founder of ARMA; current MIA Commander
      Alec Walker: Boyfriend; BFF; Work Colleague
      Wesley Evans: Awesome friend and colleague
      Rhome Del Santo/Matthias: Ex-boyfriend, Retired Assassin sent to kill her by Vatican/OFL
      Petite and curvy; standing at 5'5" in full, Cassandra has always been of a diminutive stature much to her consternation growing up. Shy, quiet, little she was more a wallflower than a social butterfly and preferred sports to more girlish pastimes like shopping. This love of sports including gymnastics left her with a more athletic figure than most young children her age and even as she grew up it remained that way though she began to bloom late after puberty hit. Gaining the curves that most thought would never come though it'd not be until early adulthood that she came into her own completely.

      Cassandra had never much focused on her figure, her looks, though beyond the athletic and healthy aspects that came with training especially after she'd started gymnastics at age six. It was important as well to stay in shape and eat right for the other sports: tennis, field hockey, -- especially as the years passed and everything became more rigorous. Dance was another love, mostly allowed by her Mother as it was a form of exercise, but was more a hobby than anything else; yet it added to her physique and eventually would become more once she reached her later adult years, that broke her into a more feminine aspect of the world. It didn't mean that she ever became one of those girly girl types, no, though it did introduce her to the fact that it was alright to dress in a feminine manner just as it was alright to dress in a comfortable one, and that it didn't mean you didn't love yourself or have confidence in yourself cause you chose to wear make-up or dress a little more sexy. Her appearance became more a method of self-expression to a point as it was her choice what to wear, what to do, what to think.

      Now, she might some days wear baggy t-shirts and comfortable pants or a skimpy dress and heels or a classy suit depending on what she feels like wearing. Casual or dressy? That's her choice. Her brown hair might some days be worn down to brush her shoulders(or sometimes below or a bit above depending on how its cut) or pulled up in some fashion, and sometimes it might be brown or it might be treated by highlights or hair coloring. She wears make-up in a tasteful fashion with colors depending on mood, outfit, and so on that compliments her usually fair, slightly tanned skin and blue eyes; these sometimes shifting color depending on various things so that they might look green some days, yet still makes sure to take care of her skin as well by using various products and rinses.

      Her appearance is not important to Cassandra due to vanity or a lack of confidence, but it is instead a sign of the worth she sees in herself. An expression of self-love and care for her being.
      Independent, distant, strong, vulnerable --- Cassandra's personality over the years has been easily labeled as troublesome by many of the people that knew her. Growing up in an environment filled with arguing, hatred, instability never made it easy. Much of her life she felt ignored; an unwanted child whose existence created more problems in the already troubled lives of her parents, and passed aside which made her lash out in rebellious attempts for attention when she wasn't doing the complete opposite by doing whatever it took to please them. The only person whose love she felt she didn't have to fight for or win was her brother's, and it is only thanks to him that she didn't mess up her entire life during her later high school years and she began to change. While the incident of possession; the torture that led to it, has left her a mess she's also more together than she had been becoming just before The Event occurred. Suffering and committing unsavory acts while possessed has a way of changing a person, your priorities, your wants, and more while opening your eyes. She still finds herself dealing with moments of weakness and fear though; nightmares plaguing her sleeping hours of the things that she experienced, so that sometimes she's a little more jumpy than she'd like to be. The aspects of slight PTSD are not easily overcome.

      What she went through has left her thinking a lot about the things she didn't do in life and there's a lot of regret to handle on that front to accompany the guilt. Now, she aims to make up for the wrong she did while being manipulated by the demon that possessed her and to improve her life by changing it. While she was once described as a tease, and a flirt, with a more outgoing personality she tends to be more withdrawn now. Keeping herself protected by walls and distance from others as she still feels quite vulnerable. She knows the demon is gone, her brother saw to it, yet she lives in fear it could happen again. However, Cassandra is making progress in this regard where it concerns opening up to people and trying to overcome her issues.
      JEWELRY: A locket necklace with a golden chain and a jewel on the front that is her birthstone. This was given to her by her brother, Alistair, after she moved in with him. She never takes it off. Even when the demon had control, and she lacked her memory, she couldn't allow herself to get rid of it. Recently it has obtained a rune engraved behind the picture inside. This rune helps ward off possession of the demonic type. She carries four other items, of varying sizes, hidden on her person at all times.

      A cuff bracelet made of enchanted leather, to protect it from wear and tear, that has a couple linked circular silver designs on the top, and that buckles under the wrist to secure it [pic under Other Ch. Images]. The silver on the piece helps to channel and focus her abilities, and can cut down on the exhaustion that most spells cause, but mainly its advantage is in helping her to manage in forming multiple constructs at one time. While it may not be on her wrist at all times, it is on her person at all times whether in purse or pocket so that she can slap it on when needed.

      RESIDENCE: (Prior to Sept. 5th 2021) While the apartment that she resides in is one she rents and doesn’t own, Cass considers it to belong to her. It is the only place she has had that she can really say that about and takes pride in the fact — even if she has to occasionally ask for a little aid from her big brother. Given the situation with the Vatican and Order, and her fear of potential possession again, the place is warded with symbols done in invisible paint on walls, floor, etc. She even has come to a point where curtains and blinds hold these markings. They have to be re-done every couple months when the mana behind their power fades, but she finds it worthwhile. Plus Alistair is good help to figure out ways to ward given his own apartment’s secure state. [pic under Other Ch. Images]

      (After Sept. 5th 2021) Moved in with Alec at his apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

      WEAPONS: As a backup option she carries a Sig Sauer P239. Chambered for .357 SIG that was a gift from her brother and is usually on her person at all times.

      OTHER WEAPONS: Hook Swords, Falchion + Knife/Dagger or Buckler, Rapier + Dagger, Dual Cutlasses or Cutlass + Buckler, Varying Staves. These are not weapons that she uses in combat or carries on her person. They are kept in a safe space at the ARMA HQ for practice. She may, on occasion, take them between ARMA and her home if she’s feeling the urge to train when not in the building; usually letting herself into Alistair’s apartment to use his own training space/gym he has there.

      ARMOR: Two enchanted coats for protection: One a sleeveless, gold-brown leather jacket that reaches the knees and has two evenly spaced double rows of buttons and belts at the waist. The other is a deep green military coat with gold buttons made of heavy material — primarily for colder climates and seasons — that reaches the knees. They’re used to offer a little extra protection during fights/attacks though are not a perfect defense, and she doesn’t always wear them though she should. Both jackets are reinforced with ballistic M5 fabric and enchantments which render them significantly more resistant to small arms fire than say a standard bulletproof vest; stopping most any round short of .50 BMG or high grade armor piercing rounds. However, they’re not proof against kinetic energy, and like with any ballistic vest bruising and cracked bones can easily result from impacts. [pics under Other Ch. Images]

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      Cassandra Greene
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      Keeley Saunders
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      Reading, writing, coding, video games(playing & watching others play; longest played MMOs - FFXI Online[former] and FFXIV Online[current]), music(listening), tv show binging & movie watching(Netflix, Hulu, Prime), etc.
    • Typist's Role Play History
      Almost 20 years of roleplaying via forums, journals, chatrooms, IMs, etc. I can give name specifics, but the majority of those groups I either don't recall or they're gone. I've played a wide-range of genres as well.
    • Role Play Sample
      "What the HELL do you mean you don't know? You realize that you can lose your badge over this and that Internal Affairs will have to be called in? Either start talking or say goodbye to your career right now Reynard!" Tristan wasn't in the most pleasant of moods as he stared across from the man that he'd called into Interrogation Room 12B.

      After his discussion with Ms. Nola Mack he'd went off to find out what happened to the body of Andrea Mills. That day he'd been mildly frustrated before talking to Ms. Mack then slightly disgruntled upon learning of the missing body, and it ended with him extremely pissed off as he found out that they'd cremated her. The documents he'd been given, with permission from the parents and Marshall(surprise, surprise!) made him make a call to the parents.

      Andrea Mills's parents had been beyond words, their anger and grief unable to be expressed, as they explained that they had never signed any documents consenting to have their daughter burned. They had planned to have a funeral and burial. Apologizing profusely, explaining that he'd find out who had done this and that he'd have her ashes sent to them soon, he had then went home to try to get sleep.

      Today though he was questioning Reynard about the incident at Potomac Park. Tristan had taken a jog there this morning and gotten someone to identify Reynard and Stevens as the cops there that day. The man had kindly explained he told them about a prostitute he'd seen selling herself on the corner near the park and had been apalled by that behavior. The jogger had even identified the prostitute as Andrea Mills from a newspaper photograph. Since he had proof from someone other than Keenan Lacy, not wanting to drag his name into this just yet, he'd happily went to interrogate Reynard and Stevens.

      Both men were in different rooms. Tristan's own partner, Martinez, was handling Stevens and he'd taken Reynard. Staring at the young man with cold coffee brown eyes, he waited quietly for him to say something. They'd been here for an hour and all the man had been able to say so far was a measly 'I don't know' which had sufficiently angered Tristan.

      Slamming both hands down on the table, knowing that behind the one-sided glass someone kept an eye on him, he leaned forward to look right in Reynard's own nervous green eyes, his voice a low growl,"I know that car 702 belongs to Stevens and you. I have a witness who puts you two at the park talking to Andrea Mills the day of the shooting. Explain to me why the hell the report states Parker and Henry were there that day. I want answers NOW!"

      He punctuated that 'now' by slamming a fist against the table just a few inches from where Reynard's hands were clasped together. It succeeded in making the man jump like he'd hoped. Tristan wanted answers and since talking reasonably hadn't gotten them yet he'd decided to scare them out of him.

      Moving away from the table, a shake of his head given that made the ponytail he'd pulled his black curls into sway, he gave an ashamed look toward the young cop,"You know Reynard the first day you joined the force I thought there's a man with potential. He's going to make one damn fine cop. Now I look at you and all I see is someone who doesn't even know what it is to be one. Sad excuse for a cop. Might as well let Internal Affairs have their way with you..."

      Turning on his heel as though he was headed for the door to call Internal Affairs he heard Reynard shuffle in his chair nervously before he called out,"Wait! I-I'll ta-talk..."

      Pausing with his hand on the doorknob, a smug grin on his lips, he turned around to look at the man,"Then talk."
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