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      From the album: Resonance II

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      From the album: Resonance II

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      From the album: Resonance II

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      From the album: Resonance II

    5. UNDER DEVELOPMENT Play By: Sam Elliot Recently appointed Chancellor of the New York Branch with the "disappearance" of Avara. Many speculate that as quickly as Avara was replaced, the Order knows that he is not merely "missing". Appearance At 6'3" the man is an imposing image despite his age which people guess to be in his 70s, they are about a decade off though. The long white locks started turning that way already in his 40s and a life has simply etched its path on his features. Personality Soft spoken, Lucas was known for thinking before speaking in the Order. Abilities Lucas was a teacher of the arts as well as an Archmagus expected to be named High Magus before he became the Chancellor, and thus among the world's most skilled and powerful magi. He is capable of using his low level abilities with very little effort, and even mid level spells can be used several times in an hour without incapacitating him. He is one of the very rare (ie. you cant play one only for canon use) magus that seems not to be limited to a specialty study, He has low, med and high skills in multiple genre of abilities. SUMMONING TELEPORTATION PROJECTION PROTECTIVE FIELDS ELEMENTAL MAGIC (fire and water) History Rumor had it he was slated for position in the Vatican as a High Mage but something happened. No one knows for sure what, but Lucas was suddenly moved to New York in early 2020. NOT PUBLICLY KNOWN BY ANY AT THIS TIME:
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      Changed Date to 01/23/2022
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      Changed Date to 01/16/2022
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      Changed Date to 01/08/2022
    9. ALTERED DIVISION - GRAND OPENING MATCH Thomas Gallo Level 3 - Lycanthrope Logan Detrich Level 3 - Physical Enhancement
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      From the album: Resonance II

    11. Lasts from Nov 18,2020 - Dec 20, 2020 You think the Outworlder struggle doesn't affect you?.... think again.... Early September, I'rial left Ireland with a promise by her mate to follow soon. He had information of a larger vessel that could take many of their Outworlder brethren away from the horrors they had grown accustomed to in Ireland. She left September tenth on a small personal vessel, he was to leave September eighteenth, just a week later. She made New York harbors....... her mate of nearly four centuries..... did not. ((His Ill Fated Trip....)) November - the ship came in and she immediately knew her mate was on it and had not survived the journey. The ice fae's grief was inconsolable. Her power magnified on the crossing ley lines of the city in an ill fated spell as the creature released her entire spirit and power in one fatal eruption, body disintegrating into flakes of snow... melted and lost to the world. It might have ended there... no one noticing......... it might have....but it didn't. It started almost indiscernible. The winter winds beginning to pick up to drastically drop the temperature in the large city, not unusual for the time of year. But soon it became clear this was more than simple winter winds. The very climate patterns had been disrupted as nights began to consistently reach temperatures that could kill in less than an hour of exposure. Days, while sunny, were not much better as the footprint of ice spread out from New York, blanketing much of the North American continent including places that never saw ice or snow before. The world now lives inside its walls and doors desperately trying to stay warm. Vehicles struggle to work as they freeze in place, the demand for "charmed" clothing to keep people warm has grown immensely, yet supply is scarce, the few mages that know how to enhance fabric unable to keep up with the demands. Scientists are baffled by the climate change and currently blame the Nevus as they do with all things they can not explain. No one is sure how long the "ice age" will last. Every sunny morning there is hope, but every dusk as temperatures again plummet that hope grows thinner. (( Time to huddle for warmth in the bars and offices! Temporary site event to encourage new stories between strangers! ))
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      From the album: Resonance II

    13. Created by: @Gavin de Luc What is this Character needed for (include any existing or upcoming plots): The initial idea, which could always be edited, plays on the fact that my character ( @Gavin de Luc) is desperate to know whether his wife is dead or not to have that sense of closure that he never received. I want him to get wind of an Altered who can track anyone, and I want this Wanted Ad to protect that Altered for some reason. This Ad has a power set that while not super powerful, completely and utterly counters my character's and will ideally have a resume that includes plenty of hero credentials. I want my character to slowly and painfully realize he is the bad guy and how far he has fallen by being put up against a person that he can find no moral fault in individually and cannot just cut down in frustration when he realizes this. I also want a character that is mine's opposite in many ways. Where mine is hyper-masculine, I want femininity. Whereas my character has broken in the face of tragedy, I want someone who had the personal willpower to avoid letting it damage her soul. Whereas my character prides himself as being a poor kid from Georgia, I want an aristocrat. I want to force my character to realize that his way is not the only way and force him to deal with some long held prejudices that have been allowed to sit there for quite a long time all in character. The frustration and angst will be delicious. Possible ship later on, which would be terrible for both of their professional careers, but amazing drama and very much one of those star crossed lover situations that I enjoy so much. I love causing my characters pain and destroying rigid perceptions of the world, and this ad is a great way of doing that for one of my most stubborn characters. Age: 27 Personality: Fundamentally, believes security is more important than freedom Believes self to be charged with abilities by a higher power in order to do good in the world, and intends to cause that good to happen. Refuses to lose sense of self, despite all that has happened Deeply prideful, both of heritage and of ability. Privileged life before and arguably after the Resonance means that despite her efforts to connect with the 'common citizen', she has a fundamental disconnect because she simply can't understand the daily struggles of poverty, homelessness, and helplessness that so many struggled with even before the Resonance. Deeply emotional with both motivations and judgement processes. Will 'go with her gut' rather than deal in hard facts and logic when pressed into quick decisions. Genuinely tries to see the good in even the worst people, but once a determination is made that a being is irredeemable that decision is near impossible to reverse. Internally motivated on a consistent basis and intensely energetic at most times. Plagued by the self-doubt that she uses to fuel herself to new heights underneath a mask of being the model magus. History: Raised in London as a daughter to a very wealthy family and had elite grades and prospects when the Resonance hit in 2010 Ended up fleeing England before the Order recruited her, a cowardly decision she regrets to this day Was thrown to the wolves early on like many other mages and at first simply survived Eventually grew to learn how to use and abuse personal strengths like natural charisma, intelligence, and becoming more and more proficient with her own power set Worked for years across Europe as a Sword Magus, essentially protecting the human world from the monsters of darkness and hunting magical relics to bring back to the Order of Light to ensure they would not be abused by a rogue mage or infected. Took promotion to 2nd Class and transfer to New York Division around June/July 2020. Despite horrific experiences, still a relentless idealist and optimist. Probably does some humanitarian type volunteering stuff, maybe medical training at some point Owns some sort of smaller contract type business for a generally innocent hobby. Photography? Filmmaker? Interior design? Costumes? Fashion? Tailoring? Horse competitions? True believer that the Order of Light is an organization that has the best interests of humanity and Earth at heart, and that it is the most effective means of using her powers to help the people that she has sworn to protect. Skills: Excellent people skills/charisma Possibility for combat medic training by OFL Distance running Investigation/Detective skills Smart // Quick Learner Abilities (adopter to add more details and include limits): Light and Sound creation/manipulation, with sound being stronger. Can amplify existing sound or light but has to have at least a small amount to work with so spund based abilities typically start with a clap, stomp, or snap and light based abilities start with either existing light or a small creation of it like a flashlight, phone, or fire. Low Drain Minor light creation to the level of a weaker level flashlight Minor noise creation to the level of a loud phone alarm Light creation to the level of a floodlight but no noise and the ability to direct that light to a specific location Noise creation to the level of a car horn but no light and the ability to target rhat noise to a specific location Photokinetic Invisibility, manipulating light waves to effectively cloak oneself by a distortion of light particles. Medium Drain Explosion of noise and light that is equivalent in effect to a flashbang in terms of visual and hearing impairment. Targeted effect over a small area 10-15ft. Sonokinetic flight, ability to propel oneself through the air using sonic waves. Creates a significant amount of noise and is not "flying" more than propulsion. Sonokinetic blasts, the ability to fire off sonic energy from hands and mouth in a form that can physically throw someone back and disorient them due to the specific noise it creates tailored to induce vertigo in humanoid creatures. High intensity ultrasonic sound causes organic eyes to vibrate and disrupts the fluid in the ear to cause this vertigo. Flash Step, or using a burst of sonic energy to propel oneself forward so fast it almost cannot be tracked by the human eye, combines with light ability to create a still afterimage lasting two seconds at initial location to deceive and disorient enemies. Limited to 35ft travel distance at once and can only travel in a straight line in the direction that the user is facing at the time. 3x limit without rest. High Drain Wave Motion Blast: Basically a large discharge of power that unleashes all sonic energy in a violent and uncontrolled fashion in a 360 degree direction. This ability has no regard for friend or enemy as it goes out in all directions. (leaves user unconscious) Created By: Gavin de Luc
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      From the album: Resonance II

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