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    Oct 9 - Along with the upgrade of software and some site changes, any character that has not logged in within the last 8 mths will be turned "inactive" to more accurately capture the live characters on the site. As always the profile is not deleted so if you decide you want to use them again all you will need to do is post a Help Ticket to reactivate :) . Inactivations will start Oct 23 to give everyone a week to login with their characters. Looking forward to reigniting the next chapter!

    Major Software Update

    Oct 5 - a major software update to the site is underway. This means portions of the site may look strange or not act correctly until the update is 100% complete. Thank you for your patience as we enhance the experience at Resurgence!


    You are cordially invited to the event of the season. Bakkhos is hosting a winter masquerade.
    Did you get your exclusive invite? or are you fighting for the few seats left open to the public?


    More than 10 years after the Resonance Event.... our fractured world has found its new "normal" stride.
    Survival is no longer the name of the game - now its all about power - who has it - who can keep it.

    The Timeline

    All newcomers and veterans alike must keep themselves apprised of these events. The world changes. Iconic landmarks may not exist as they do now, political leaders and policies change. It is YOUR responsibility as a member of this site to be aware of the setting as it has been documented. In short, our characters do not exist in a vacuum. Back-drop provides continuity and inaccuracies in the grand scheme of things can have serious repercussions to the reality of this world.


    Anytime a member depicts a significant event that changes the landscape, a landmark or the effects will be noted by a large body of the general public IT MUST BE DOCUMENTED. If a neighborhood in Boston, for example, is destroyed site-staff need to know because the after-math of this event will become the back-drop of future stories. It will also most likely warrant a News Article as depicted from the perspective of general public.


    WE all live and write in the same world, and WE have to maintain that reality. If you have anything that you feel should be added please place a ticket.




    Prior to the Resonance Event the last few centuries were void of magic. Anything ‘paranormal’ in the world resulted from the impending appearance of the Nevus which may have been building up for last two thousand years, nobody knows. What people do know is that any strange encounters were due to unseen/undocumented small scale celestial events that allowed the barrier between our realm and the ‘other worlds’ to become transparent for a short time. Some theorize, some conclude, that these events were precursors to the Nevus.


    Not known to the general population so dont just suddenly know this!!! : The last Vampire died in 1629 and the one remaining line of Lycanthrope passed away in 1845. This does not mean that prior to these dates these monsters prowled the night in full force. No. Magic has been dying on this planet since 2010 BC and there is no mistaking the significance of that date. Before then man-kind struggled to make sense of that mystical realm residing somewhere between reality and dreams. The Veil danced upon the winds of magic, sporadically opening and closing, ever so slightly altering the world. Spells had power. The Egyptian Book of the Dead, a series of magical texts were able to effect the physical world and few questioned this reality. A century later, however, as magic began to fade so too did this belief and it is surmised that ‘The Human Will of Disbelief’ itself destroyed magic and mysticism. This explains, how, in those few hidden corners of the world some forms of magic lingered on, but nothing as grand as what may have existed in 3100 BC and beyond that time would ever exist again. Even then, the magic unleashed by the Resonance now is a hundred times more potent than anything that ever existed in Earth’s past.


    Stories of real events merged with fantasy until none could tell truth from fantasy. Magic became myth and then the myth’s themselves faded. Characters based on these legends are either Metahuman or Veil Crossers. Naturally as magic dwindled, those beings dependent upon it were pulled back from whence they came. Those that remained slowly lost their power. Most died out but some lived on until all that remained of their line was hidden away in their blood and called ‘mutation’ or ‘disease’. These ancient blood-lines awakened in what are referred to as Metahumans. They are the rebirth of mythic beings entwined in the legends of Earth’s history. Many worlds touched upon Earth and so the blood of myth lingered on in the populace awaiting the Resonance to become reborn in it’s Human descendants.





    The Nevus event mars the planet. What is the Nevus? No one really knows for sure. Scientists postulate that it is definite proof of the multiverse, a tear in the very fabric of space and time through which other realities spilled through, mixing together like the multi-coloured hues of oil upon water. The frightening reality is that we simply don’t know what this ‘rift’ is and what it spells for our existence. We are utterly and hopelessly at the mercy of the cosmos, but perhaps this is how it has always been? The Nevus has simply reminded us of just how powerless we really are.  Most media outlets including television and the Internet are crippled by the widespread damage and chaos – as such, little is initially documented, what information is retained is thanks to eyewitness accounts and some amateur video taken. The world is a little slow to realize that beyond the dead in their streets, millions, perhaps billions, have simply; vanished.


    Most of the world is plagued by the morteximius-virus. A zombie-apocalypse terrorizes the world for years to come.


    The landscape of Africa has been dramatically altered. The bulk of the populace, after the appearance of the Nevus, was simply 'gone'. Whether they were obliterated or transferred to another universe is unknown


    June 10th

    In a hasty decision to destroy the morteximius-virus in North America -  Chicago, Illinois wrongly identified as the source of the zombies is nuked. It does nothing to curb the spread of the plague and now that area is a hazard zone to this day.




    The United Kingdom is invaded by the forces of the Dragon Empire, led by the black dragon Azazel. Over the course of the next eight months, the Empire will completely devastated the UK, razing much of it to the ground and so scarring the landscape that even in 2017, few plants even are able to grow. In April, another force of dragons under the command of Aura hits Azazel's forces in the flank. This provides the pressure needed to extend the razing of the UK as long as it was, and also allows a large percentage of the civilian population and even a large portion of the military to escape. They are, however, unable to save the land itself.


    RUSSIA — In March of 2011, all but consumed by the zombie morteximius-virus the three remaining Russian cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk) had gone from slaying mindless undead zombies to battling Lycanthropes. It would seem that the Slav's in general seemed highly susceptible to contracting the first wave of the super-viruses but for the most part the transformations had been retroactive. Two months after the RESONANCE, the new menace emerged, vying for power and blood in true Russian fashion and what remained of Human and Altered Human alike were lost in the strife of war.





    The Purge - known only to the Sheut Nation and the Order of First Light, the growing evidence that vampires were real in Europe was squashed when the Order massacred what they believed to be every last vampire. Thousands died, but what was not known even to the Order, was those slain had been picked for elimination by the Sheut Nation itself.



    By May of 2012, Russia was on the verge of becoming a radioactive hot zone. It seemed hopeless and indeed it would have been if it would not have been for the timely arrival of The Order of First Light. This new power for a new age lent their talents and knowledge to the three remaining cities. With their assistance the allied forces were able to reduce the population of the Lycanthropes.




    At the onset of the NEVUS Russia's population was an estimated 142,946, 800 persons by February of 2013 it had been cut to an estimated 50 million. Over half of Russia's people had been infected, their undead remnants hunting the streets. The Russian winter leant it's frigid hand to the survivors, freezing the older and starved aberrations. People had a chance to escape but do little else, the country was lost. Only the three most populated cities remain intact: Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Novosibirsk protected by magical barriers created by the Order of Light to ward the radiation spewed by their many nuclear reactor melt downs.


    March 16th

    South America — another Nevus burst localized to this region. When they awoke, the continent had been changed. Parts of the landscape had been transformed. Over half of the already decimated population was gone. Taken away or rather transferred to another realm by the Resonance. What has left behind were confused Elves and Faerie, among other creatures from beyond the Veil, cut off from their own realms forever.



    January 7th

    A rally for altered humans meant for peace turns into a bloody massacre, as an explosion results in many Pharos and NYPD injuries, along with multiple Order mages. The public largely comes to blame the Vanguard for Humanity for the attack, though no information is found.



    November 1st

    The Statue of Liberty stands at the bottom of the Hudson River, only part of her arm and the torch rising above the waves. The devastating event of a great spire rising from the depths of earth partially destroyed Liberty Island before the collective efforts of several factions rid the world of this other worldly relic. It is believed the spire was a fragment of the Nevus that had ended up on earth thousands of years before and now was suddenly drawn upward again. It called to people, its energy killing many before it was obliterated.



    The big event in 2016 was the war within the Order of First Light. The New York division,  began to suspect that the Order was corrupt. In an unprecedented move,  they broke away from the Order along with a fair number of the New York contingent to form ARMA.



    At the end of 2016 after the Order of First Light was ousted out of the Federal Reserve Building those who remained in New York congregated at the holding of the self proclaimed Chancellor Salvatore Avara. His family owned the Delmonico Building for which they resurrected an old name and began calling it the Citadel.



    March 20th

    New Alcatraz Prison is open. Four years in the making it was built to contain and rehabilitate Altered Humans.



    November 2nd

    THE RESONANCE WAVE — The Nevus up until this day had remained relatively idle beyond the event in South America. On this day, the Nevus acted up, glowing violently throughout the night. The next day, another small percentage of the Human population had been altered and from this point on, the Nevus "burps" on a more regular basis, the outcome completely unpredictable though some are trying. All evidence points to the Nevus causing random fluctuations in the very fabric of our reality.



    November 11th

    Blood Moon Event - An uncalendared blood moon rose over New York and set the city into a state of panic as thousands of Lycanthrope descended in all their fury on the city. The city most recovered since the Nevus event was suddenly plunged into an all out war against the brutality of those lost to their curse. Untold thousands perished and well into 2020 the city is still trying to recover.


    December 1st

    Outworlder Registration - Ireland becomes the first to pass a requirement for outworlders - those not born of earth - to register themselves. Tensions rise as the world is divided on which side of this battle they plan to fall on.



    The Commander of ARMA, Alistair Greene goes missing, now presumed dead. This is the beginning of the destabilization of the faction.



    February Onward

    Ireland for Earthborn - this has become the new battle cry in Ireland. Rioting has plagued the country as Outworlder killings become commonplace. Several outworlders from North America have begun an "underground railroad" in efforts to get the veil crossers out of the region but the efforts struggle against the tide of violence that has not been seen since the German genocides.


    Bloodshed reaches NY Shores - the first real evidence that the violence in Ireland is spreading came in early July. Ships of human cargo, outworlders trying to escape Ireland and surrounding countries to North America start showing up in NY and often they did not survive the journey.



    The Head of ARMA, Aura Elder goes missing, now presumed dead. ARMA begins to fracture with the void in power.



    The great freeze. An ice fae looses her mate of 4 centuries to the Outworlder Registration riots. Her grief was inconsolable. The winter winds begin to pick up to drastically drop the temperature in New York City.  The very climate patterns disrupted as nights began to consistently reach temperatures that could kill in less than an hour of exposure. Days, while sunny, were not much better as the footprint of ice spread. Nearly three months in the deep freeze and the continent emerges shaken. The fae of South America had been warned it was spreading and fared the best, while the Vanguard, spread thin over the southern states fared the worst, losing chunks of their territory to the Fanya to the South and the EAA to the east.




    The underground railroad has built a direct line to Fanya Niasa. The faction in South America is seeing unprecedented growth during '21 as the Outworlders flock there in the hopes of escaping the racial violence. 



    Infighting grows stronger in the Order of Light. Ever since the fracture of ARMA from its ranks, there has been an undercurrent of discord that now is becoming more publicly known. Late in 2020 it was found that people were experimenting with the super viruses, atrocities of all kinds being "designed" as another form of warfare. Nothing seems to have succeeded yet but there is fear it will soon. Publicly the Order are "investigating" but rumors have started that they, or an offshoot of them, is behind it. The faction continues to destabilize, having lost all their South America branches to the growing Fanya Nation.



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