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    Dec 29, 2022 -YES - ITS BEEN A WHILE

    'Propheta' Marellis Severin

    This co-star is a member of the Vatican Inquisitor team comprised of @Salvatore Avara and Kosta De Cerbo. Every team is comprised of all three of the Magus classes, she is the Eye Mage or Profeta as she and her fellow Italians prefer.


    Born in Rome, Marellis like many of those prominent in the Order can trace her bloodline to the very root of the ancient sect. It is rumored that she may be a direct descendant of the original blood-line.


    She embraced 'Resonance' like a lover, her true self emerging, chestnut curls spilling red across her pale skin. Her powers of sight are rarely matched and those aware of her reputation are wise to fear the flaming haired beauty. In short, she can best be described as 'despiser of men'. It is not specifically known from where this hate originates but the fire has burned within her for some time. There are only two men she respects or perhaps simply tolerates and those are her two trusted partners, Salvatore and Kosta. Men representative of brother (perhaps lover) and father (or crazy uncle).




    Marellis stands six feet, an imposing woman, strong and statuesque. Rarely does a smile crack her porcelain features, her blue eyes are cool pools of invasive hostility that burn orange when using the 'sight'.


    Her trademark feature, her long red hair flows down her shoulders and is often tossed upon a peculiar wind when using her abilities. It contrasts strongly against her black attire. She always wears black or dark grey, as if attending a funeral and it is because of this common garb that she acquired the nickname, 'The Mourner'. This and the fact that she enjoys psychically attending the funerals of her victims.


    Her first language is Italian. She speaks English fluently but with a heavy Italian accent. Like her fellow Inquisitors she speaks Latin. She can also speak Spanish.



    As Marellis can best be described as an 'Event Sub-character' her powers evolve through story. What is currently documented may further develop.


    She is possessed of exceptional skills in Clairvoyance / Clairaudience, in fact she can project all of her senses across great distances. Basically able to project 'herself'. A power of course that may leave her physical body defenseless but in her case, Marellis is able to concentrate on being two places at the same time. She is rarely defenseless.


    Her mental attacks are vicious and numerous but of course there is naturally a need for some many as not everyone is as vulnerable to the same assaults. She can, however, sense a targets fears and exploits them through illusion but such tortures are for pleasure. Marellis just often inflicts pure pain on a target, mentally peeling off their skin or setting them aflame and if this doesn't seem to have an effect she attacks their nervous system with paralysis.


    Countermanding her abilities? Of course there's ways around them. It all ends up a battle of will or magic, or both. This is a sub-character and meant to be used to enhance a story with believability. A member can choose how they wish to deal with Marellis' powers. She is supposed to be a frighteningly strong adversary but she is not 'all powerful'.


    One of her most attractive abilities is being able to share her powers with others which she does with Salvatore and Kosta. Through touch he can project them great distances and allow those projections to employ their magic. A powerful skill, one only defensible through magic or common warding charms if one is knowledgeable enough to utilize them. Your average person is not going to know how to whip up magical defenses from basic elements and gylphs.


    Zero-thought — Marellis can hide her own thoughts and those of her team from other 'scryers' and 'telepaths'. It is simply like they do not exist for those who can sense brain patterns and the like. She is able to combine this power with Kosta's invisibility making them all virtually undetectable.


    Naturally Marellis is gifted with the 'sight'. She possesses exception powers of precognition and ESP. This combined with her Clairvoyant abilities makes her one of the most strongest 'tracers' in the world. There are few people she cannot find, and there are not many with the strength and knowledge to countermand her scrying skills. (Though obviously there are members of the New York Order able to do this otherwise the enemy would know everything).

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