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    Dec 29, 2022 -YES - ITS BEEN A WHILE

    'Difesa' Kosta De Cerbo

    This co-star is a member of the Vatican Inquisitor team comprised of @Salvatore Avara and Marellis Severin. Every team is comprised of all three of the Magus classes, he is the Centurion, but refers to himself as Difesa (Shield).


    Kosta was born in Rome but grew up in Chicago. He got out for government deep-sixed the place during the zombie break out. After that, his emerging abilities called back to his birth place where he took his place alongside Salvatore, a cousin of sorts and now a trusted brother in arms against the insurgents that threaten the sanctimony of the Order of First Light.


    He is like a father for maybe a wise uncle to Marellis. He tries to quell her rage against men and people in general, aim her blood lust for purpose so that it doesn't blind her. He's definitely not your short-sighted kind of hitman and that's just what he used to be.


    Kosta was a mob hitman and a damn successful one, so much so that as time went by he became a 'cleaner', the guy they called to make all problems go away. This is what he now does for the Order, assists is Inquisition Team in making problems go away and damn if New York hasn't become a problem!


    American raised, when people here Kosta speak there's no doubt he's from Chicago. He can speak Italian fluently, but not perfectly. He can also speak Latin, some Spanish and French.



    Kosta would describe himself as 'Five foot fuck all'. He's not a tall man, but for his age he's ripped. He eats pain like candy and knows how to use his hands, feet, teeth, whatever it takes to win a fight. He's a vicious fighter and endowed with a supernatural strength to even the odds.


    He likes a slick suit and keeps his dark hair well groomed. He likes to play at being refined but his origins are the street, it's what he knows. Make no mistake in thinking of him as brute though, the man's self educated and well versed in the classics, the art of war, just about anything that made him a better killer.


    Kosta is basically a mentor to Salvatore but he wisely stands back and let's his more charismatic partner call the shots. You get more done that way and don't have assholes poking at you with their problems. While Salvatore is taking care of the public relations, Kosta is working behind the scenes and getting work done.



    Kosta's powers are all about transportation and defense. Through the use of magical circles he able to protect and teleport his team but he not limited to this role. While he usually stands back and let's Salvatore and Marellis do the talking he is more than capable of dishing it out. His circles, however, also have the ability to crack wards and traps of magical and non-magical nature. If he has the time, he can work his magic and decipher the magic, unraveling it to reveal a way through. Sometimes, however, he doesn't have the power alone to penetrate the defenses, thus he relies on Salvatore and Marellis to work with him and add their talents and powers to the infiltration.


    He is able to summon supernatural strength, allowing him to lift a car above his head if required. This makes him more resilient against damage as well but his offensive powers don't stop there. He's also a trap master, able to place sigils here and there which can execute violent traps of his design. These are of course not just whipped up on the spot. This NOT his imagination gone awry! Every trap has been pre-designed and intricately woven in the magical sigil, which is a circle that measures no more than thirteen feet across. It takes him a while to lay these traps as well, but he's crafty and thinks ahead. Naturally some components are needed for these traps and once set, it's very difficult to detect them.


    Other powers associated with his magic circles are invisibility and noiselessness, allowing all within the circle to be unseen and unheard so long as no other magical spells or sudden movements are made.


    Kosta can also 'extinguish idle mana', one of if not his most powerful skill. Unless the 'mana' is being used to trigger a distinct ability he can snuff it out. Those who simply manipulate mana have no power around him. Raw mana simply recoils at his presence if he so desires it, and it is this rare ability that makes him an effective 'cleaner' for Rome. He can enter a room and remove all traces of magic.

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